Unpredictable Uranus turns retrograde in Pisces on the 10th. That is a particularly
critical day, because it coincides with Saturn's return to 13+ Cancer,
the degree at which the planet of doom and gloom turned retrograde last October
and, more important, the natal-sun degree of both the USA and George W. Bush.
Check out “Hitting Bottom” at www.billherbst.com. More nastiness on
the 11th as the Gemini sun opposes abusive, subversive Pluto. Highly inspirational
vibes on the 12th as Venus and Mercury come together to support faith-based
Neptune, ruler of delusions, drugs and oil. Further revelations uncovered when
Mercury, on its way to a meeting with the sun, opposes Pluto next Tuesday. Let's
hope the Gemini new moon next Thursday introduces a fresh approach to the forces
of revelation, death and transformation.


Music all around you, crazy music that keeps you and your friends happy enough.
And if not music, then its affiliates – movies, potables and pot. Imaginative
Neptune is a significant player in this week's forecast, so give the deceptive
divinity its due. However, Rams born in mid-April could be wrestling with provocation
from your Mars ruler in Cancer, home of your ever-evolving domestic life. Take
the challenging situation as a sign that, despite resistance, changes are being
worked out. New moon: new neighbors or a visit from an old one.


Clever, creative and romantic. If you can sidestep the differences being highlighted
right now between your value system and those of significant others, you may
be inspired to produce seriously beautiful artwork. While your Venus ruler favorably
aligns with idealistic Neptune and Mercury, the broadcaster, folks beyond your
immediate fan base will come to appreciate your talents. Whether they reward
you financially depends on what occurred during the recent full-moon period
in early June; something similar repeats this week.


You're a hotbed of contradictory impulses right now – charming and
bankable, yet willing to sell out (or is that repay?) your partners. Isn't
there a company you should be heading? Don't you have a shocking secret
you're dying to spill? Power to and from the people could be the most compelling
issue you deal with this week; that's because the vocal Gemini sun and
your Mercury ruler both confront potent Pluto and the diseases the Lord of the
Underworld has generated so far. Pick the abuse you currently abhor and work
to correct it. No doubt there's more to come.


Erratic, inventive Uranus turns retrograde on the 10th for five months, so
matters concerning taxes, mutual investments and other people's money could
go on the back burner for a while. Just remember that as unpredictable as Uranus
can be, because it is in watery Pisces, it is basically working in your favor.
A reversal of fortune might not be a bad thing. The new moon on the 17th at
27 Gemini can sensitize Moon Children born near that cusp to yet another mystery,
an unconscious habit of thought, that so far may have eluded you.


Not only are you smarter right now than you think, you're also accumulating
information that can be crucial to your personal growth and future popularity.
Good to know if you intend to run for office someday. While Mercury and your
sun ruler are arranging to meet, you should make a sincere effort to align yourself
with someone who has a stronger spiritual bent than your own. Divine inspiration
is nothing to sneeze at; plus, in these iffy times, it's a pretty easy
sell. The new moon brings an interesting and diverse social scene.


This is another of those expansive periods when you feel that nothing can stop
you except your own subversive tendencies. Tripping yourself up just to ensure
that you're still on the right track is so Virgoesque, it would be funny.
However, because you could be caught in the cross hairs of the tense opposition
between the jittery Gemini sun and manipulative Pluto, it isn't. The Gemini
new moon in your career midheaven might add another alternative to your predicament.
Hope the answer comes when your Mercury ruler and the sun merge on the 18th.


You're quite suggestible this weekend, but you won't be a total pushover.
While your amenable Venus ruler is being doused with dubious but delicious Neptunian
vibes, it'll be easy to suspend disbelief, like the true romantic that
you are. But because well-informed Mercury adds its two cents' worth when
it merges with Venus, you'll tend to separate the facts from the fiction.
Feeling inspired, artistic and idealistic is not a bad position to be in. Thoughts
of faraway places and how to get there are a natural product of the Gemini new
moon next Thursday.


Innovation and stability are vying for your vote of confidence. Which alternative
will you choose? While a strong, supportive Saturn in Cancer can ease anxieties
about money, Uranus in equally friendly Pisces has you craving more excitement
for the summer – something more akin to a roller-coaster ride rather than
to a disruptive and potentially dangerous experiment in living on the edge.
However, the first hurdle is avoiding the attack the busybody Gemini sun and
chatty Mercury launch at your Pluto co-ruler this weekend. “Too much information!”
revealed is not your style.


This could turn out to be a very tricky week, as you clear away the debris
unearthed by the Gemini sun's opposition to rehabilitative Pluto in your
sign. What further crap surfaced, and where (or, more to the point, on whom)
should you dump it? More info (some call it talking trash) as Mercury picks
up on the particulars. Will the truth spill over during the sun-Mercury conjunction
on the 18th? Everything points to a fresh wind blowing in with the Gemini new
moon next Thursday. A perspicacious new partner, or a Nosy Parker?


Uranus, the Lord of Chaos, goes retrograde in early Pisces in either your second
house of assets and values or, for Goats born around Christmas, the third house
of communication and your immediate environment. Wherever this cookie crumbles
is what you should have less trouble with, fewer surprises and disruptions,
through the summer and fall. Meanwhile, Mars in your Cancer complement is heating
up a close relationship as it prepares for departure, leaving your trusty Saturn
ruler the sole occupant of your marriage house. But not for long.


Self-sacrificing Neptune in your sign is drawing favorable notices from Mercury
and Venus in your house of pleasure and creativity. You must be doing something
right to be the object of so much attention and affection. Keep doing it for
as long as you can; that way you might circumvent the weirdness that usually
happens when your Uranus ruler does its annual backflip for the summer. Try
to maintain equilibrium so you don't come across as a nut case when the
Gemini new moon introduces you to a variety of playmates.


The family member and the friend may reach an accord this weekend. Put them
together, perhaps at a yard sale, and see if they'll make each other happy.
Art and religion can be factors in their rapprochement, so check out a church
bazaar or museum show, too. What you don't want to do is bring up a family
scandal or a political smear campaign; these topics are still hot potatoes and
can damage your reputation. Also, squelch a sudden, inexplicable urge to throw
a monkey wrench in your future plans while Uranus flips in your sign.

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