Faith and fantasy set the tone for the weekend as mystical, musical Neptune
and the Gemini sun align. But the major event of the week has more astronomical
than astrological significance. While you may be able to track Venus' path
across the sun live on the East Coast, those who can't could log on to Also on Tuesday, possibly upsetting news as Mercury
challenges ornery Uranus. On Thursday, Uranus turns retrograde in Pisces until
Veterans Day in November; it's also the day that transiting Saturn hovers
over the USA sun in Cancer. Uh-oh. Will there be a confrontation between the
Gemini press and the abusive power mongers or illegal steroid users when the
sun opposes Pluto next Friday? Or is that the least of our problems?


A former classmate might turn up, a neighbor may cozy up, when the Gemini sun
and retrograde Venus meet this week. A trip, even if it's only down memory
lane, follows. Other opportunities to evaluate key relationships while Venus
is retrograde could appear, but try to keep those you've established with
your editor, repairman and mechanic on an even keel – you don't want
to flip them off during these tricky times. Meanwhile, the closer we get to
Father's Day, a household matter, perhaps even a parent, may become a source
of contention.


Busy planetary activity in your Gemini money house suggests that you'll
be paying more than your usual amount of attention to what's coming in
and going out. Try to postpone an important financial decision until your Venus
ruler flips out of retrograde on the 29th. Until then, it's likely that
your sense of values will undergo a slight modification, your customary spending
habits may change, or – if you sell a photograph, romance novel or screenplay
– you'll become a more glamorous figure than you were last week. Art


The transit of Venus across the sun on June 8 can have a remarkable effect
on you personally. Not that you'll become that much more of a prima donna
than you are now, but something may occur to send your self-confidence soaring.
It's also likely that you'll get a truly brilliant idea and actually
entertain a concept so foreign to your way of thinking that it hasn't crossed
your mind before. With changes like these in the offing, you'd be wise
to prepare your significant other. Have that “what if?” talk soon.


It's out of your hands. Much of what's taking place right now is
centered in Gemini, the home of your unconscious and other behind-the-scene
maneuvering. Still, you could find yourself in an awkward position as militant
Mars, advancing through Cancer, runs across abusive, power-mad Pluto. However,
you have the experience and endurance (courtesy of Saturn, also in your sign)
to make whatever adjustment is necessary. Try to relax; the present period of
trials and tribulations eases up around the summer solstice, when Mars marches
into Leo.


An association you have tenuous ties to can become the focal point of your
thoughts, hopes and social life for far longer than anyone intended. That's
because the conjunction of Venus and your sun ruler this week is a lot different
from the ones that have come before; this one is visible, at least on the East
Coast. Although you may entertain fantasies about the ideal romantic relationship,
the real one may not be nearly as tender. Things can turn nasty if one partner
feels obliged to accept the other's demands when the sun confronts coercive


What occurs this week, while retrograde Venus meets the Gemini sun, can affect
your career and reputation until the sun enters Leo in July and Venus has returned
to this special spot. Even if the events seem inconsequential or are primarily
social encounters, don't discount their importance. Other indications that
you're negotiating a path to greater success: Your busy Mercury ruler connects
with protective, prosperous Jupiter in Virgo as well as popular Venus and arty,
mystical Neptune. You're the beneficiary.


This is a good time to go someplace else, somewhere somewhat exotic or at least
educational. Maybe across an ocean to watch the Transit of Venus? While your
ruling planet is retrograde, even brand-new experiences tend to echo ones you've
had before. Not a bad thing if you need to learn a lesson about relationships
and why you keep attracting the same sort of person. If there's one you
want to get rid of, oust him or her when the adaptable, mobile Gemini sun opposes
Pluto around the 10th.


If you managed to avoid a big brouhaha during the full moon, when Venus was
opposing Pluto, then you should be able to sidestep the next big confrontation
– the sun's opposition to your co-ruler on the 11th. But if you think
that a showdown is inevitable, do something to make it less traumatic: Stage
the altercation at someone else's house, in front of witnesses. Although
you may have the physical and emotional strength to get through a down-and-dirty
scene intact, you might not have sufficient financial resources to recover from
the aftermath.


Another round of bad behavior or denial is due when the Gemini sun opposes
Pluto in your sign. Are you being banned from the Olympics for using illegal
substances? Is your partner taking off for parts unknown? While some possibilities
are definite downers, there are other planetary liaisons that suggest you're
especially brilliant right now and about to receive good reviews. You might
even collect cash or a pretty prize for your contribution to the arts. Might
that be the art of bullshitting?


Free and clear. Seriously, nothing on your chart raises a warning flag right
now. You could or should be collecting lots of information, especially if you're
in a service profession or the healing arts. While the Gemini planets are doing
their thing, disseminating and dispersing, your best bet is to log on to that
energy and let it carry you through to Father's Day. Think of the next
week or so as a semispiritual excursion, preparation for the relationship issues
you'll be dealing with after summer officially begins.


You're currently in a good spot, almost ready to accept the rewards offered
by the life-giving sun and loving Venus in your Gemini house of recreation,
risk and romance. If only you wouldn't deny your mystical, spiritual leanings.
Are you simply being a contrary Aquarian, or do you know something we don't?
Since this is a relatively pleasant and productive period, try to make more
than a half-assed attempt get all the joy out of it you can. Concentrate on
the creative and romantic possibilities, ignore the risk.


Assume, despite the maelstrom whirling around you, that positive energy is
getting through, that somehow your higher self, your Neptune ruler, is benefiting
by the changes at home, within the family (can we still call it a circle, or
has it become an armed camp?). The information you get this week might serve
other interests than your own, so take all conversations with a grain of salt.
And when unpredictable Uranus in your sign turns retrograde on the 10th, remind
yourself that you'll be far less excitable from now through October.

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