Nov. 9 – 15, 2007
The Scorpio new moon on Friday demands as much as it promises.
Keep the story of the Pied Piper in mind before you set an agenda for the next
four weeks. Veterans Day falls on Sunday, the same day that Mercury (ruler of
the chattering class) returns to suspicious Scorpio. That night, the annual Scorpio
sun's square to impressionable Neptune becomes exact. Maybe your faith will
be shaken, your devotion doubted, or perhaps your favorite fantasy will materialize.
It's an iffy situation at best. Mars reverses direction on the 15th for
the next 11 weeks. Read Sagittarius for the itinerary.


The new moon on Friday takes place in your Scorpio house of money management,
sexual secrets and inheritances. If the grouping of sex, death and other people's
resources seems strange, rest assured, it's supposed to be. Don't
make the mistake of thinking that any opportunity you're offered during
this lunation shouldn't be taken seriously. Whether it's a deal on
an insurance policy, a readjusted mortgage rate or a porn site, be sure to use
Mercury's re-entrance into Scorpio this weekend to help you research the


If you've been mulling over the possibility of doing something brand-new
in concert with a significant other, starting out after Friday's new moon
in Scorpio would be an appropriate time to launch your project. Not only will
you have the energy of a fresh lunation behind you, the fact that the new moon
is taking place in your partnership house makes the inauguration twice blessed.
Divine inspiration is likely to follow on Sunday, when the confident Scorpio sun
highlights imaginative Neptune in your career zone.


Ready or not, a new gig is on the way. Since the Scorpio new moon occurs in the
area of your chart that deals with your daily routine, there's a good chance
you'll soon have another set of co-workers. Better them than more health-care
professionals, eh? Although the days before Thanksgiving might not seem like the
best time to focus on diet and nutrition, in the Twins' case it is. While
you're thinking up ways of foisting a healthy feast on the family, consider
buying new dishes to commemorate Mars turning retrograde in your Cancer house
of acquisitions.


Maybe, like your Gemini neighbor, you should also be buying stuff for the kitchen.
Or would signing up for a holiday cooking course be more to your liking? Crabs
will have to find something to do while energetic Mars is retrograde in your sign
until the end of the year – other than becoming a crusader for good nutrition
or a more militant parental unit. You could also use the planet that rules scalpels,
lasers and needles for cosmetic purposes, e.g., dental work or liposuction. Regenerative
Scorpio seems like a good time to envision who you'll be in 2008.


We are all aware that a goodhearted Leo likes to give everyone the benefit of
the doubt. However, while the folks you've been closest to are not necessarily
deceitful, there is a suspicious odor coming from your Aquarius partnership house.
Its longtime occupant, noxious Neptune, could become even more so when it is challenged
by your sun ruler in your Scorpio house of domesticity this weekend. Maybe you'll
simply have a difference of opinion about where to hang the mirror; maybe you
won't be able to get a straight answer no matter how hard you try.


One of the hassles of Mercury retrograde is that you need to take some time to
catch up to where you were and what was happening when your ruling planet first
flipped. You may think that because the Messenger is moving forward at a decent
clip, you can progress. Not so. Not until Sunday does Mercury cross from Libra
to Scorpio, a move it originally made at the Harvest full moon in late September.
Remember back then? Before you arrive at uncharted territory around the 17th,
there's more sifting and sorting to do.


Wow, now that your Venus ruler is in Libra – but only until December 5 –
you shouldn't let any opportunity to show just how lovely (and loving) you
are slip past you. Not every sign can pull off the romantic moment, set the mood
and get the music just so, as you do with such little effort. This is a gift more
than a birthright, so please don't abuse it. The rest of us are not that
blessed; if we're lucky, we'll manage to stumble across a situation
that maybe, with fingers crossed, will evolve into the real deal – a bona
fide love affair.


Give yourself a few days to figure out what should be started during Friday's
Scorpio new moon. If you have a project that's ready to go, the new moon
would be an appropriate launch date, especially if it bears your imprint. The
more personal the project is, the more effective it'll be. But if it concerns
a money matter, then you may want to wait until the Sagittarius new moon in December
adds financial clout. Sunday is special; the sun in your sign empowers idealistic,
artistic Neptune in your home base. House party?


It may seem a bit early, but since Mars is turning retrograde in your Cancer house
of joint resources, e.g., inheritances, taxes and mutual funds, on the 15th, and
will continue its regression through the end of the year, now would be a good
time to make charitable deductions and whatever else will figure into your 2007
return. Come New Year's Day, Mars re-enters your Gemini house of partners,
so there'll be a whole other kettle of fish or pot of beans to refry. Mars
won't face forward again until January 30 and won't return to where
it is right now until April 4.


The Scorpio new moon on Friday takes place in your 11th house of colleagues, casual
friendships and sociopolitical goals. This is good to know because something fishy
could be brewing when the suspicious Scorpio sun squares impressionable Neptune
in your money house. Are you being deliberately misinformed? Did you not get the
memo? Who is jockeying for position and using you as a steppingstone? Something
good may eventually come from this week's activity, but probably not until
the Sagittarius sun supports Neptune in mid-December.


A slight variation of the Capricorn forecast can apply to you, because ambiguous
Neptune is in your sign. While the matter might not revolve around money per se,
with Scorpio ruling your career midheaven, it could be about your job performance
or your reputation in the community. Because Neptune has been hanging out in Aquarius
since Thanksgiving '98, there can't be many tricks that you haven't
seen coming or bullshit stories you haven't already heard. Just be a bit
more careful if you sense you're being manipulated.


While you're probably the sign least threatened by the Scorpio sun's
test of your Neptune ruler, Fish might be the target of fanciful notions that
could undermine your self-esteem. No matter if they're coming from a person
of stature spouting high-minded ideals and offering a way to achieve a lifelong
goal; please be, at the very least, a little bit suspicious. Doubt can be a good
thing, especially when it's obvious (to the rest of us) that your faith
in something or someone is being challenged.

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