AUGUST 3-9, 2007
If it's easy come, then while the celebratory Leo sun
and generous Jupiter trine in fire signs, it's sure to be easy go. Not as
easily, probably after an extended struggle, Saturn and Pluto, the heavy-duty
planets, form their long-awaited supportive trine this weekend. Jupiter comes
out of retrograde at 10 Sag on Monday, but doesn't inch forward for another
two weeks. Meanwhile, Mercury, after almost 10 weeks in watery Cancer, begins
two weeks in Leo drying off. Militant Mars advances into Gemini late Monday; retrograde
Venus beats a hasty retreat out of Virgo on Wednesday.


Anticipate a change of tone and technique as your Mars ruler switches signs. Come
Monday, the red planet exits from trustworthy Taurus and enters Gemini, the sign
of the generalist. While slowly and steadily may have described how you approached
matters during the past six weeks, in the sign of the Twins you'll tend
to take a quick look at both sides of every issue, deliberating the pros and cons
with everyone you know. Gathering information can be important, but you shouldn't
let all that chattering get in the way of a romantic encounter midweek.


Relax. Shortly after the weekend is over, macho Mars leaves your sign, not to
return for another two years. So much for the surge in productivity you've
enjoyed, not to mention bossing other people around. Now you can go back to being
the artist and gentle soul we know and love. But with Mars moving into your Gemini
money house, you could assume a more active role in financial matters over the
next seven weeks, while your retrograde Venus ruler revisits your Leo house of
domesticity, redecorating as she goes.


You might need the boost of physical energy or increased motivation you'll
get after Mars enters Gemini late Monday, but some Twins are already antsy enough.
They may have to curb the urge to undertake more than what's on their plate;
otherwise, slash-and-burn Mars could do them bodily harm. If you're known
to be accident prone, you'll need to be even more aware of your surroundings
and the tools you're using. On the other hand, sometime during Mars'
seven-week transit is a good time to have elective surgery, dental work, laser
resurfacing, etc., done by someone else.


Get ready to reassess your assets. After Venus returns to your Leo house of values
and valuables on the 8th, you could wind up spending the next two months focusing
on what you have, what it's worth and what you want to do about it. Acquire,
divest or trade? It all depends on how you feel, which is what changes whenever
Venus changes signs and direction. Just keep in mind that the planet of love and
beauty will leave Leo in October, during the same week the Libra new moon presents
the Moon Child with a fresh family or housing concern.


The weekend starts on a high note as your sun ruler and enthusiastic Jupiter perfect
a rewarding trine in heartfelt fire signs. After you milk this joyous connection
for all it's worth, shift your attention to the power inherent in another
supportive trine, this one between ambitious Saturn at the tail end of Leo and
persuasive Pluto in Sagittarius. With these two potent forces at your beck and
call, you literally can move mountains, e.g., the mountain of crap piling up in
the basement. Midweek, retrograde Venus revisits Leo to redo your current “look.”


Three of the personal planets change signs this week, and they all could affect
you. On Saturday, your Mercury ruler leaves watery Cancer, where it's been
since Memorial Day, for a quick two weeks in cheery Leo before it reaches your
sign. Late Monday, energetic and, when necessary, abrasive Mars enters Gemini,
the sign governing your career. More work in the next few weeks, perhaps more
aggravation as well. Next Wednesday, affable, albeit retrograde, Venus exits Virgo,
backtracks through Leo for another two months and doesn't return until Columbus


You get to be both the judge and the guinea pig. Take notes. Are you a more erotic
creature when your Venus ruler teeters on the edge of Virgo? Or is the goddess's
proximity to Saturn in late Leo the cause? How hot and bothered were you during
the July Fourth holiday, when the two planets first merged? Might there be a repeat
performance this month when Venus crosses the cusp between Virgo and Leo on the
8th and meets up again with Saturn on the 13th? Will you report back to us after
Venus and data-driven Mercury conjunct on the 16th?


It might be a little late in coming, but the rewarding trine between prosperous
Jupiter in your Sag money house and the Leo sun in your career zone can make this
week more profitable than you imagine. Plus, there's a backup trine involving
your Pluto co-ruler and Saturn that's less about money than power and position.
Either way, not too shabby. Meanwhile, Mars, your other ruling planet, leaves
earthy Taurus, where it's been stirring up allies and opponents, for Gemini,
the knowledgeable air sign that could get you airborne.


The closer to the winter solstice you were born, the more you'll benefit
from the positive trine between transformational Pluto in late Sag and constructive
Saturn in Leo. Monday is also the day that your optimistic Jupiter ruler comes
out of retrograde and turns direct. And before you wake up Tuesday morning, sexy
Mars will have entered Gemini, the sign of your cosmic mate, hell-bent on juicing
up significant relationships until September 28. If you're still looking
for that summer romance, keep your eyes open and take off the shades.


Read for Sag. It's your Saturn ruler that is finally forming a favorable
aspect with regenerative Pluto. Goats who've been asking for their guardian
angel may feel its divine presence all week long. Although the rewarding trine
has been a long time coming, its effects can last a long time as well. Also this
week, Mars enters your Gemini house of work, service and health to invigorate
that part of your life. If you haven't been exercising, now would be the
time to take up an activity that's both good for you and good fun.


If patience is the key to heaven, a door may crack open during the rewarding trine
between powerful little Pluto in your house of colleagues and status-seeking Saturn
in your Leo house of partnership. Lord knows, it's been a long two years
since Saturn started overseeing the course of your significant relationships;
however, that stewardship is coming to an end. Over the Labor Day weekend, the
not-so-gentle giant will move on to Virgo, not to darken the Leo doorstep for
another 29 years. But before then, another romantic encounter with loving Venus
next weekend.


It's the old, traditional rules and rulerships that mean a lot this week.
Before Neptune was discovered in 1846, Jupiter governed the Fish. So as the jolly
giant changes direction on Monday and faces forward once again, you could feel
that your fortunes are changing as well. Another indication that there's
a payoff in the works for your consistent approach to a career matter would be
the supportive trine to Pluto at the top of your chart from industrious Saturn
in Leo. At long last, approval from your co-workers.

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