JULY 20-26, 2007
A summer-weekend dream come true; not much happening to engage
either your brain or your body. Perfect for lying out under the last days of the
Cancer sun, thinking about your next feast and, come Tuesday, fantasizing about
your latest desire. The Mars-Neptune square midweek is the only challenge you'll
run into, but if you don't get too loaded, too carried away by that desire,
neither noxious Neptune nor militant Mars will hurt you.


Make hay, in your case money, while the sun shines. Having your Mars ruler in
earthy Taurus adds muscle to your determination to rake in the big bucks. Remember:
This is a once-every-two-year transit, not a benefit you can rely on indefinitely.
Come early August, Mars moves into airy, intellectual Gemini and exposes you to
a different set of circumstances – more choices, more deliberation. Right
now, seriously consider offers from associates and acquaintances, even the ones
that seem too vague, artsy or overly idealistic.


Think about teaming up with an Aries. While Mars, that sign's ruling planet,
is in Taurus, the independent, impetuous Ram might be willing to take instruction
in the game artful Bulls play so well. Even though this window of opportunity
is scheduled to close in a few weeks, the additional burst of energy you receive
right now could be all you need to seal the deal, the one that'll put a
spiffy shine on your good name. Athletes and artists have the best shot, but candidates
for surgery (an activity ruled by bloody Mars) also do well.


Solar Leo is usually a good time for Twins; starting Sunday, four weeks to relax
and enjoy the playful vibes the generous fire sign gives off. The celebratory
Lion also lets you think about other topics than those in your financial zone.
However, because your Mercury ruler will be in Cancer for another two weeks, one
money matter could still concern you. Let's hope that during Mercury retrograde,
you received new information, so that by now, you've revised your opinion
about your options. If not now, perhaps next weekend.


The birthday-celebration season comes to an end Sunday night, but until the sun
actually switches over to Leo, feel free to hog the spotlight. You'll also
be encouraged to speak your mind as long as Mercury remains in Cancer, another
two weeks. After that, it might be difficult to trust your gut reaction; that's
when you'll have to be absolutely, positively certain that you know what
you're talking about. Right now would be a good time to gather some fact-checkers,
the folks who'll stand by you as you've stood by them.


Yes, Your Highness; your subjects are aware that Lions think the entire summer
is a part in their domain, even though solar Leo doesn't officially begin
until Sunday night. It must have been the recent six-week trip Venus made through
your sign that pressed the point home. Well, if your appeal seems to be fading,
not to fret. The goddess will be back, retrograde in Leo on August 8, and she
won't leave you in the lurch again until October 8, when she re-enters Virgo
and reactivates a money matter you're involved with now.


Only the August-born Virgin will miss the attention flirtatious Venus has been
heaping on you the past week. The rest of the crew will have to wait until mid-October
before they can benefit from the good loving and good luck the goddess bestows.
What to do in the meantime? Take advantage of the activity being directed toward
your life partner and/or co-workers from masculine Mars. These are the folks who'll
gladly cut through crap so you can have a cleaner shot at achieving your own career
success. Mostly work for a while, not much play.


Because nurturing Cancer rules your career midheaven, summer might be vacation
time for some signs, but not for Librans. Your job is to go to parties and network
like crazy, especially after your Venus ruler turns retrograde on the 27th. That's
when the notable names and faces you were involved with in June show up again.
Invitations to participate in group efforts, be they purely social, purely political
or a combination of the two, may be harder to turn down than you think. No arm-twisting,
but appealing inducements nonetheless.


It's not you, it's them; them being the people who are in partnership
with you this week. They are the ones bringing physical energy and a down-to-earth
attitude to the arrangement that your Mars co-ruler has forged. While the red
planet transits through your Taurus marriage house, i.e., until August 6, you'll
continue to rise to the challenge, the high bar these partners have set. Will
it hurt? Only if you're out of shape or, because it's summertime,
you insist on lazing on the grass, sitting on your ass by the pool keeping cool.


An easy week best spent in the shade, out of the spotlight and the sun. An ambitious
co-worker could come up with a plan, but it might be too far-fetched for serious
consideration. Unless it concerns sports. Fantasy football, anyone? Macho Mars,
guardian of the athletes, and Neptune, protector of the fans, form a provocative
square aspect that tests your faith in that “take it for granted”
Sagittarian good fortune. Since this is the last autumn, for a long while, that
lucky Jupiter will be in your sign, what do you have to lose?


Feeling frisky? Having horny Mars in your Taurus house of romance, risk and recreation
is incentive enough to get out and sow some wild oats. However, this week Mars
raises the stakes when it tweaks imaginative Neptune in your money house. What
are you going to buy and who is going to enjoy it more? Understand that even hard-working
Goats are to be envied, if only because sensuous, artistic and earthy Taurus rules
the territory where you make love and have fun.


The only planetary interaction worthy of attention this week centers on the sociable
Water Bearer: Visionary Neptune in Aquarius is under attack from take-action Mars.
Whether or not you're ready to accept a challenge, assertive Mars is insisting
that you do. Because the red planet has invaded your Taurus home space, there's
a good chance you'll be hanging artwork, digging in the garden or coming
up with an excuse that'll satisfy a belligerent relative. Or worse, the
landlord. The money spent will not be wasted.


Only because it's your Neptune ruler that is being tested would you recognize
that a neighbor or sibling wants something you're not sure you can deliver.
It's a tricky situation: The hints may be too vague and the requests, because
they're coming from militant Mars, too harsh. However, a Fish may do what
only a Fish can do which is dive deeper into your own milieu and swim away from
a troublesome matter without making waves. You've perfected the art of avoidance
and the rest of us are justifiably jealous.

LA Weekly