JULY 13???19, 2007
Saturday's new moon in nurturing Cancer coincides with
Bastille Day, so if you need another reason to celebrate, to feast divinely or
simply feed your face, there it is. Cancer protects, but it also encourages change.
Once you outgrow your shell, when it feels too tight, it has to go. Also on Saturday,
vivacious Venus leaves the lush surroundings of Leo, with its glam and glitter,
for a short stay in discerning Virgo. On July 27, just before the moon is full,
the planet of beauty, romance and the NYSE goes retrograde for the next six weeks.
And you think Mercury retrograde sucked!


Call it infatuation, call it fun; whatever is making your heart race could become
the kind of physical and emotional challenge a courageous Ram is glad to rise
to. But perhaps not right away: Venus suggests that you play hard to get when
she leaves lusty Leo for virginal Virgo. However, early in August, the goddess
changes her mind and returns to that other playful fire sign. You could also be
in flux then, more mobile than you are right now. But right now, for the Cancer
new moon, it's Home Sweet Home Life.


Try not to con yourself into believing what you want instead of what's really
going on. Fantasy fulfillment and/or successful visualization come later in the
month. Focus instead on reaching out to a different audience than the one you
already have in your pocket. This attempt at expansion can be accomplished with
relative ease if you wait to make the Cancer new moon your point of departure.
Also if you use local politics, shared memories, musical tastes and comfort foods
as bait – the typical Cancerian attractions.


Some Twins are eager to delve into a tricky money matter as they would a puzzle;
others prefer to avoid it like the plague. Nonetheless, it would serve both types
well if everyone took a moment during the Cancer new-moon period this weekend
to think about a financial situation that needs to be updated. Just like the proverbial
bolt out of the blue, thrown by unpredictable Uranus in your Pisces career zone,
a novel solution could land at your feet. This is an opportune time to take stock
of all your assets, the obvious and the hidden.


It may seem like you're finally off the hook, and that once Venus leaves
Leo this weekend for a visit to thrifty Virgo, you won't feel obliged to
pick up every check. However, the goddess isn't letting go for long. She'll
be back in your luxury-loving Leo money house during August and September, squeezing
every nickel out of your kindhearted nature. Therefore, unless you have a steady
stream of income, try to save as much as you can as soon as you can. Mercury,
finally direct in your sign, takes only baby steps for another week. Not a lot
of progress.


The Cancer new moon may feel mysterious because the area it energizes can be seen
only in your dreams. Keep a notebook handy so you can record what happens during
your sleeping hours this weekend (starting Friday night). Chances are those issues,
people and places will be important all month long. Adding to a growing sense
of insecurity is Venus' exit from your sign on Saturday. Nothing to fret
about: The planet of popularity and pleasure returns in August to make you feel,
as it has for the past six weeks, that you still are the favorite flavor of the


The good news is that amiable Venus enters your sign this weekend. The bad news
is that the fickle goddess changes her mind and turns retrograde before the month
ends. Venus officially vacates Virgo on August 8 and doesn't return until
October 8. Therefore, whatever happens, whatever promises and pleasantries are
exchanged between the Cancer new moon on Saturday and July 27, which is when Venus
flips, probably should be taken with many grains of salt, limes and tequila shots.
Even a trustworthy colleague may not be able to deliver.


Try to maintain that enviable sense of balance during what could wind up being
a tricky weekend for the Scales. That's because your Venus ruler leaves
cheery Leo at the same time that the Cancer new moon initiates a lunar cycle that
focuses on your reputation and career. During the next three weeks, while Venus
is in Virgo, you're likely to be a lot more critical of everything that
passes your way, including a job offer. Then Venus returns to Leo, and a more
optimistic state of mind, for most of August and September. Take the long view,
be patient.


A month devoted to exploring your higher mind? The Cancer new moon inaugurates
new activity, either more brain waves or better waves at distant beaches. Travel,
be it physical or mental, is what's indicated when your ninth house, the
one ruled by the water-friendly Crab, is highlighted. Meanwhile, your Leo career
zone is also in the spotlight. Although magnetic Venus leaves the sign of entertainment
on the 14th, it'll be back for most of August and September. By then, your
creative juices should be flowing, warmed by the heat of the sun. Uncomfortable?


How about investigating or investing in a foreign country? This way, you can combine
the initiative that the Cancer new moon brings to your house of joint resources
(e.g., mutual funds) with the recreational spirit of Leo, the sign ruling your
house of travel, philosophy and life goals. Consider taking a vacation that offers
drumming in Tibet, pasta making in Italy, etc. Some people (e.g., journalists)
call summer the “silly season,” but while your expansive Jupiter ruler
is in your sign, whatever you do in 2007 can be seriously significant.


No, it's not over and done with. Whatever took place while Venus was up
close and personal with your Saturn ruler two weeks ago comes back for a reprise
in mid-August. Only this time, Venus will be retrograde in Leo, reviewing and
revising, perhaps reviving, your appreciation of what was happening. Their third
and final coupling is scheduled for mid-October. By then, Saturn, finished with
the lush Leo lifestyle, will be in virtuous Virgo, as will the goddess. There's
your summer, in a nutshell.


Since the Cancer new moon takes place in your house of work, service and the daily
routine, it should be safe to assume that, over the next four weeks, there is
where the most interesting action will be. After this lunar cycle is complete
in mid-August, the Leo new moon will instigate fresh activity in your house of
significant relationships. In between, during the last weekend of July, is when
you'll be starring in the Aquarius full-moon experience. Want more information?
Read for Capricorn, Libra too.


You might feel blessed after loving Venus enters your Virgo marriage house this
weekend. However, this infusion of sweet concern and good fortune won't
last very long. In two short weeks, Venus goes retrograde, eventually returning
to your Leo work zone, where she's been since early June. Not until October
8 will the goddess again cross the threshold between the two signs. Plan ahead;
from then until November 9, romantic, artistic Venus will be busy spreading a
full spectrum of benefits over all your close relationships.

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