JULY 6???12, 2007
This weekend, little green-eyed monsters may come out to play,
but for Lions, Centaurs and Rams, the sexy Venus-Pluto trine could turn out to
be favorable and fun. Mercury finally comes out of retrograde Monday night and
resumes its slow slog through watery Cancer. Tuesday night, the sun rewards Uranus
for its intrinsic kookiness, so if you're especially inventive that day,
that's why. Save your announcement to the rest of the world for a few days,
until we're out of the balsamic, do-nothing phase of the moon, until the
Cancer new moon clocks in on the 14th.


Go on tour. The hottest times could come while you're out there, far from
home, seeking a change of scenery or a different social scene. Trust that affectionate
Venus and passionate Pluto hooking up in the two other fire signs will direct
some of the heat they're generating to eager Aries natives. Meanwhile, since
the Cancer sun is nudging a domestic matter closer to resolution, you won't
have to hang around to see it through. Besides, your participation will probably
boil down to throwing some money at the problem.


It can't be emphasized enough: Having courageous Mars in your sign, if only
until early August, can provide all the nerve you need to take the next step,
to break through real, imaginary or self-imposed barriers. Shortly after Mercury
turns direct on the 9th is a good time to reconsider the financial ramifications
of the situation and budget accordingly. Just be sure that what you're trying
to achieve is rooted in the sort of reality, not a romantic or ideal-driven pipe
dream, a flower-sniffing Bull is comfortable living in.


Mercury's change of direction can provide a fresh perspective on a crucial
matter you've been mulling over while your ruling planet was retrograde
the past three weeks. But until the 24th, when the Messenger clears the shadow
it's been under and you receive new information from a fresh face, don't
count on taking a giant step forward. However, as the Cancer new-moon cycle begins
in your house of assets and acquisition, take a moment to envision what you'll
do when you do get permission (from the powers that be) to take that step.


One of the joys (and advantages) of being a Moon Child is that every new moon
gives you, more than the rest of us, an opportunity to drop what isn't working
and start anew. So if the wish you made at your birthday dinner hasn't materialized,
try again during the Cancer new moon. And at every other new moon until you get
what you want. Changing your mind a lot? While Mercury is in your sign (until
August 4), you're being urged to become familiar with the broad boulevards
and dark alleys the little guy is leading you down.


Summertime and the living is easy for Leos who don't have to juggle more
than one group of friends at a time. For the rest, the next few weeks could turn
into a three-ring circus, complete with the unexpected arrival of a carload of
clowns. If you're currently planning a birthday celebration, you'll
need more than excellent managerial skills; unpredictable Uranus, by concentrating
his attentions on your sun ruler, can suddenly change whatever you have in mind.
Let's hope it also inspires a novel use of your creative powers.


Sulking because your Mercury ruler hasn't taken you anyplace exciting, let
alone trouble-free, lately? Well, slow and same-old is what you usually get when
Mercury is retrograde. However, not only will the Messenger finally face forward
this week, but vivacious Venus is in the process of dropping the glitter she wears
during her trip through Leo for the tasteful wardrobe preferred by Virgo. The
goddess begins her on-again, off-again visit to your sign on the 14th. People,
get ready; the brain is percolating, the stylist is waiting.


“Just when you think you're out of it, they pull you back in.”
Sound familiar? That's the feeling you're liable to get as your Venus
ruler prepares to exchange the attention-grabbing behavior of Leo for the demure
demeanor of Virgo. However, just a few short weeks into the Virgo transit, Venus
turns retrograde and spends August and September revisiting old ground. That's
why what you've been doing and whom you've been doing it with over
the past few weeks are important. Chances are you'll be doing more of it.


Sensitive water signs are still getting the best deal, experiencing the easiest
transition, sharing the most heartwarming moment. Whether these benefits will
last past the sun's departure from Cancer depends a lot on your Mars co-ruler.
While the Warrior God marches through your Taurus house of significant others,
it motivates people you consider your allies as well as the antagonists. Since
someone will probably stir up a shit storm during this biannual transit, think
back. From August 2005 to February 2006, what were you up to?


Since a wise Centaur would never sign a binding piece of paper while Mercury is
retrograde, as soon as the Messenger faces forward again, you may ask, “Is
it safe?” It'll be safer to wait until the 14th, when the new moon
in your Cancer house of agreements, investments and other people's money
initiates a new lunar cycle. This is also the time that amenable Venus enters
your Virgo career zone and begins to offer the kind of opportunities you won't
find too hard to take. What you can't do, however, is ignore her offerings.


A new chapter in one of your close relationships begins with the Cancer new moon
in your marriage house. Wait to see what a significant (for now) other comes up
with before you jump to any sort of conclusion. It's going to be a long,
hot summer, with more rethinking beyond what comes out of the latest Mercury retrograde.
The Messenger will continue wending its way through Cancer, scheduling meetings
with lawyers and agents, future business partners, and ex-spouses for the rest
of July. Which is when Venus' six-week retrograde trip begins.


Don't assume that because romantic Venus is leaving your Leo house of partners
on the 14th, you're going to lose that loving feeling. Uh-uh. Venus makes
a comeback in August and September, thereby extending the issue being discussed
now between you and your partner almost until the day the next Mercury retrograde
begins. Meanwhile, be prepared to deal with a not-so-negligible amount of turmoil
created by Mars' visit to the house where you, or your parents, live. Because
muscular Mars is in Taurus, I would guess garden work or construction.


Once again, Fish may luck out because the Cancer new moon takes place in your
house of romance, recreation and risk. Since Cancer, another witchy water sign,
is ruled by the moon, your chance of succeeding with a brand-new venture during
this lunation is greater than the others. Well, maybe not the Pisces new moon.
Just remember to trust your creative impulse and gut reaction. The information
you might need to succeed should come after Mercury has resumed its forward march
through the Crab's corner of the zodiac.

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