JUNE 22 – 28, 2007
Still celebrating the summer solstice? Toss in a toast to inventive
Uranus, turning retrograde on Saturday for its annual five-month sabbatical. Mars
switches out of crusading Aries into grounded, productive Taurus on Sunday. Saturn's
opposition to Neptune, exact on Monday, might expose yet another illusion projected
by the establishment, plus more fraudulent practices. Further revelations as the
Cancer sun and retrograde Mercury cross paths on Thursday, a prelude to the Capricorn
full moon on the 30th.


A matter that has been ignored or simply forgotten about could resurface while
the Messenger strolls down memory lane, through the womb-to-tomb area of your
solar chart. Since retro Mercury's meeting with the tenderhearted Cancer
sun doesn't happen often, handling the subtleties, mainly the subtext, of
the situation could be tricky for a “strike while the iron is hot”
Ram. Remember that the Capricorn full-moon period, while good for business, can
focus too brightly on your reputation, dirty laundry included.


An infusion of physical energy and Martian aggressiveness can have a noticeable
impact on the smooth course your life has taken. While the red planet travels
through Taurus over the next six weeks, be sure to use any opportunity to take
charge of both your personal and your professional life. This is also the optimum
time to get into beach body shape, because, once the transit ends, it'll
be another two years until Mars rides the Bull again. Decorating? Since your present
taste level is remarkably high, buy now, pay later.


A good deal of the time, you're on top of your game, well aware of what's
going on. However, when your Mercury ruler joins forces with the sun, you're
liable to recognize another point of view and, if Mercury is in reverse, realize
something about the past. It's more likely now, since their conjunction
takes place in Cancer, the sign with a soft spot for childhood. At the same time,
unpredictable Uranus turns retrograde in your career midheaven; although there
may be a flurry of activity, don't assume you'll be making progress.


The financial restrictions imposed on you since stern Saturn entered your Leo
money house two years ago may finally prove advantageous, if not totally admirable.
Thank the merger between affable, artistic Venus and Mr. Traditionalist for bringing
something beautiful to the table or, since we are visualizing, to your wrist.
A byproduct of all the money you've saved? The Cancer-Capricorn full moon
focuses even more attention on your partner's role in your relationship
and how it can affect your career. Who's coming to dinner?


Consult with your counselor or another colleague who is in the know. While your
sun ruler bumps into retrograde Mercury, there's a good chance that a piece
of your past will have an impact on your future. Although you might be able to
uncover this information by yourself, anybody but another imperial Lion will have
easier access to it. Besides, with magnetic Venus dominating your sign, you could
be too busy basking in or warding off the attention that others, significant or
marginal, are showering you with. Try curbing the enthusiasm.


While your Mercury ruler is retrograde, you'd do well to recall a few highlights
from the past and apply them to your current career objective. Both your curiosity
and your cleverness can peak around the 28th, when Mercury and the Cancer sun
meet, but retrieving only one precious memory won't end the quest. You'll
be on this case for at least another month. Also, remember to mind your manners;
you need to nurture the contacts you make now so that the same folks will continue
to play a supportive role in your crusade.


You could spend the summer enjoying a relatively smooth-sailing career success
or reveling in a hot social scene made even more appealing because your luxury-loving
Venus ruler is parading through luxurious Leo. When the goddess meets up with
establishment-friendly Saturn, the connections you make to cultural lions won't
be merely coincidental but, as we stargazers say, synchronistic. Use these liaisons
to further an artistic project, to add substance and structure to what has been
an ongoing romantic fantasy. Hurry, tempus fugit.


There's a certain amount of sex appeal coming off of an attractive associate,
not enough to be obvious or embarrassing, but, for those whose antennae are aquiver,
palpable. If you pick up on the vibe and follow through when desirable Venus favors
your Pluto co-ruler, you'll be justified in saying it's only natural.
But if you ignore the warning signs your boss is sending, what might that cost?
One more consideration: Your action-packed Mars co-ruler is visiting your Taurus
marriage house for the first time in two years.


What now? A legitimate concern as disruptive Uranus in your Pisces home zone changes
direction for the next five months. Outer planets usually don't infringe
on our personal lives, but when one settles into your nesting place, you can't
help but feel stressed. Thankfully, the empathetic Cancer sun can soothe those
nerves for the time being, probably with an infusion of other people's money.
Assets and resources, your own and those you share, are the two areas of your
solar chart featured during the Capricorn full-moon period.


The annual Capricorn full moon often serves as a turning point for the agile Goat;
however, Luna's opposition to the Cancer sun entails other elements. There's
your Saturn ruler's opposition to the fantasy created by imaginative Neptune
in your money house, intensified by the romantic pie-in-the-sky Venus opposition.
Retrograde Mercury is adding its two cents to the realizations the sun is reaching
concerning work, the people you're working with and those you're living
with. For some, a health matter as well.


The self-sacrificing aspect of romantic love could transport you to dramatic heights
when Venus in Leo, your warm-hearted marriage sign, has to confront Neptune the
martyr in your own sign. Venus may be able to soothe some of the harshness realistic
Saturn has imposed on close relationships during the past two years, but since
she'll soon be moving on to Virgo, the benefits the goddess bestows, although
substantial, may be short-lived. That's not to say that you shouldn't
enjoy them while you have them.


Two fish bound together but headed in opposite directions, the Pisces glyph is
hardly a symbol of stability. Since erratic Uranus entered your sign in 2004,
the times you've spent riding on an even keel have been few and far between.
Which way will the tide turn now that Uranus is retrograde until Thanksgiving?
And how will you deal with the frustrating opposition to your impressionable Neptune
ruler from straight-laced Saturn? This week, add another confrontation, a challenge
from affectionate Venus. Who loves whom now?

LA Weekly