If it was a successful hookup and the happy memory of yesterday's rewarding trine between affectionate Venus and horny Mars lingers on, then you can probably withstand whatever difficulties today's Mars-Saturn square brings. This challenging aspect could frustrate males of all ages, but if it's a generational war, then, because paternal Saturn is set to turn retrograde on Tuesday, youth might actually triumph. The sun enters Sagittarius Monday night and heads toward a reunion with retrograde Mercury Thursday morning. Pay attention not only to what you hear, but also to what you tell yourself.


Don't expect to see much progress while informative Mercury, your Mars ruler and, as of the 22nd, constructive Saturn are retrograde. You may as well get into the holiday party mood sooner rather than later; however, continue to keep an eye on a somewhat stagnant money matter that'll eventually take off. Also keep an ear out for gossip traded across the Thanksgiving table you weren't supposed to hear. It's the secret, arcane stuff that turns you on, and this time can prepare you for an adventure you'll be eager to undertake once December begins.t you want, you may have to give up
something precious in the process.


The trip down memory lane you're on while incisive Mars is retrograde in your sign could become even more meaningful as Mercury, also retrograde, and the sun merge on the 24th. People who haven't made a difference in your life for years might appear out of the blue and have an impact on what you're currently going through. Think of their arrival as a gift from the gods, fortunate Jupiter and futuristic Uranus, to be exact. The support these planets offer is a relatively rare cosmic event whose effects can last through next summer.


With the sun in your Sagittarius house of partnerships, the main focus shifts from your everyday routine – going to work, walking the dog, hitting the gym – to the people who are important at the present time. Information you didn't know you needed could be transmitted when your retrograde Mercury ruler meets the sun and retrieves a tasty tidbit from your past. Although all sorts of messages will be conveyed on Thanksgiving, if there's a crowd around your table, carefully sift through their conversations until you get a gut reaction.


It may not seem fair or seasonally appropriate, but while the sun transits Sagittarius, the Moon Child's main focus of interest switches from vacation to vocation. So much for the intense Scorpio pursuit of romance and recreation (no doubt nice while it lasted); it is during Sagittarius that you get to expand your work ethic. First things first: Mercury's meeting with Sol on Thanksgiving Day brings up an idea you filed away some time ago. Second: A push-pull relationship can exert pressures you'll be damned if you'll succumb to.


The generous-hearted Lion is usually delighted when your sun ruler finally gets to Sagittarius, a fire sign that's as eager to spread the wealth as you are. Such compatibility makes the pleasures of the holiday season worth whatever effort it takes to order gifts and make reservations. Listen well to what a little birdie tells you over turkey, because, when Mercury and the sun get together, you often learn something you really need to know. Probably how to deal with the surprise rebellious Uranus intends to spring as the month ends.


Something even the most conscientious Virgin may have missed shows up when your retrograde Mercury ruler bumps into the Sagittarius sun on Thanksgiving. Although the tendency is to store miscellaneous information along with the leftovers, keep your discovery on the front burner, because, sooner rather than later, you'll need it. Possibly around the 28th, when individualistic Uranus in your partnership house prepares to stage a palace coup. But before you raise a ruckus, consider the potential for profitability.


A little of this, a little of that, a taste of the rest: not a description of your plate at the Thanksgiving feast, but an idea of just how scattered your attention can get over the next few weeks. A financial matter, especially if it's old business, may need to be reconsidered once the sun and retrograde Mercury meet over the holiday. Give it time to ripen before you act on it. And Saturn slowly turning retrograde could further delay a career decision you've been waiting on anyway. Ready to escape the same old holiday routine?


Footloose Sagittarius energy can move money matters forward faster than a circumspect Scorpio would like, but because Mercury and your Mars co-ruler are still retrograde, relax; there'll be time to breathe and think things through. What you should carefully consider, despite the apparent speed, is how to maximize the opportunity prosperous Jupiter, in your sign for the first time in 12 years, can bestow when it and barrier-breaking Uranus form the first of three rewarding trines. This is as good as “good luck” gets.


Access to other people's money, insurance payments or bank loans could be delayed now that slowpoke Saturn is turning retrograde. Patience may be the key to heaven, but it's hardly the Sagittarian's strong suit. Instead of twiddling your thumbs, waiting for a break to come your way, use the innovative techniques media-savvy Uranus adds to the mix as it favors your Jupiter ruler. They haven't been this friendly since June 2001. Another birthday gift: a secret germane to your well-being that is revealed when Mercury and the sun merge on the 24th.


You're in a position to reap appreciable benefits from the favorable trine between Uranus in Pisces and Jupiter in Scorpio. For Goats born in January, the rewards should provide opportunities for career and financial growth; for those born in December, a platform to air your views and affect a wider audience. While influence peddling can work wonders, so can good looks. As long as Venus, planet of beauty and artistry, is in your sign, capitalize on the magnetism this irresistible force provides. You know it won't last forever.


Read for Capricorn. If you were born in January, chances are you'll also benefit financially from the favorable relationship between your Uranus ruler and prosperous Jupiter. If you have a February birthday, then it's likely that you'll suddenly become so much smarter than you were last month, also that you'll find the world of academia much more appealing. Wise Jupiter could awaken the “natural-born teacher” in you. Or convince you that you're ripe for an adventure that may take you halfway around the globe.


It seems that the signs at the tail end of the zodiac are receiving most of the goodies from the trine between revolutionary Uranus in Pisces and enthusiastic Jupiter in Scorpio. If the truth be told (and when it's not exaggerating, Jupiter insists that it is), Fish could cash in both financially and personally. Other people's money is poised to come pouring in about the same time that you decide to reinvent yourself. You'll have almost a year to complete the change; however, the process could begin as the month ends.

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