The emotionalism of yesterday's second Cancer-Capricorn
full moon is still with us, so don't be surprised if you respond to the phenomena
taking place this week with tears and cheers. On Friday the sun crosses from
Cancer (sob) to Leo (smile). Then in the early evening, affectionate Venus switches
modes of expression, from open-hearted Leo to picky Virgo. Don't expect a hug
unless you deserve one. Mercury in Leo goes retrograde Friday night until August
15 and throws every sign off stride for a few days. On Saturday the first of
the sun-Saturn conjunctions takes place, possibly providing a clue to what the
next two years will bring. Saturn in watery Cancer gave us water-based miseries
– the tsunami, hurricanes and floods. In fiery Leo? Your call. The outlook is
fairly mild until Wednesday night when Mars enters Taurus for the next six and
a half months. A very long transit with two months in retrograde! The times,
again they are a-changin'.


Charge-ahead Rams may think that Mercury going retrograde in your Leo house
of romance and other creative pursuits will hamper the progress you could be
making. But if you look at the development process another way, you'll realize
that your project could probably use some fine-tuning. The three-week retrogression
will afford you opportunities to re-evaluate and redo the glitches you uncover
along the way. Another change in the works: Your Mars ruler leaves Aries on
the 27th for patient, pragmatic Taurus and your house of profitability.


If not quite a time of trial and tribulation, solar Leo often proves to be
a challenge for Bulls who expected to have fun in the summer sun. Also beginning
on the 22nd, your magnetic Venus ruler crosses from Leo, where your ruling planet
has been drawing admiration and affection, over to the critical sign of Virgo.
Artists should benefit from Venus' insistence on excellence rather than exuberance.
Hard workers may notice that they'll have energetic Mars in their sign from
midweek through the rest of the year, and then some.


On Friday your Mercury ruler goes retrograde in the sign of the Lion until
August 15; after that you'll have another two weeks to refine the adjustments
made during this period. Relax and let the creative, good-hearted Leo vibe solidify
your popularity with the people who are paying you and those you want to impress.
It's also an appropriate time to acquire gold items for yourself, because if
not during sunny Leo, when? Around Thanksgiving, when Mercury next retrogrades
in not-very-ornamentally-oriented Sagittarius, the focus will be on what your
partners prefer.


From July 22 through August 15, Mercury retraces the advances it recently made
while transiting your Leo money house, thereby putting a financial matter you
thought was over and done with back on the table. Don't push for a resolution.
Take as much time as you can and wait for new information that should appear
around the new moon in early August. Meanwhile Mars' move into Taurus, a productive
but realistic earth sign, eases the pressure applied by your employer, perhaps
by a pushy parent, to go further faster. Whew!


You win some, you lose some. The loss is lovable Venus vacating Leo for Virgo
on the 22nd. There goes the popularity contest. The win is having your cheerful
sun ruler back in your sign again, even if it has to conjunct serious-minded
Saturn this weekend. If you don't feel especially glad, you shouldn't be terribly
saddened by the sun's contact with the planet of roadblocks and detours. Not
only is this meeting an annual reality check, it can also be quite constructive.
Another incentive: Mars enters your productive Taurus midheaven midweek.


After so many times around the block, by now a resourceful Virgin has probably
figured out what's best to do while your Mercury ruler is retrograde. Make the
most of the next three weeks by clearing out closets and files, checking the
medicine cabinet and pantry for expiration dates and editing what you once considered
written in stone. This shouldn't be a particularly stressful retrogression,
so why not focus on art, romance and your social life instead. Until August
15 lovable, delectable Venus in Virgo has you looking good enough to eat.


If you were running for office this weekend, you'd be a shoo-in. Nothing says
leader of any organization like the sun's merger with respectable Saturn in
your career midheaven. But if you're looking for an exuberant celebration, forget
it. Your inner parent has taken over, and it is determined to succeed where
your inner child slacked off. Adding to the restrained, refined mood is your
Venus ruler's entrance into Virgo where she'll help you pick up every stitch
and iron every seam until she gets to Libra in mid-August.


For some Scorpions, Mars' entrance into your Taurus complement on Wednesday
suggests that you're about to embark on a passionate physical relationship.
The others are about to take on an assignment that could last much longer than
anyone anticipates. Your horny co-ruling planet will spend the rest of the year
in your house of life and business partnerships, retrograde from October 1 until
December 9. Not until next Valentine's Day will Mars finally finish what it
begins this summer. Forewarned, forearmed and fortunate.


Mercury retrograde can keep you poring over travel books and college course
catalogs for the next three weeks. If you haven't already booked your trip or
registered for a class, a pure adventure of the mind – no cancellations, no
commuting – could be surprisingly satisfying. Meanwhile charming yet relentless
Venus venturing into your Virgo midheaven calls up the image of an iron fist
in a velvet glove. Who is the ambitious woman or the influential artist who'll
have such a significant impact on your career?


An excellent week for earth signs such as yours. First agreeable,
well-mannered Venus enters value-conscious Virgo this weekend and provides a
sense of satisfaction, a feeling of accomplishment about something you and significant
others have been pursuing. Then midweek, passionate Mars enters Taurus, the
sign governing your house of romance and risky business where it'll remain for
months on end. This could well become the most active area of your life because
desire-filled Mars will advance, retreat and slowly recover lost ground from
now through Valentine's Day.


While Mercury is retracing steps it recently took as it traversed your Leo
house of partners, step back and literally, musically, let it be. Variations
and commentary on what occurred, what is about to occur, what should occur instead
may drive you slightly nuttier than you already are. Over the Labor Day weekend,
after Mercury has cleared out of Leo, you can eliminate the tired conversations
and get on with a new topic and a fresh approach. Meanwhile assertive Mars in
your Taurus domain of family affairs and furniture won't make those departments
any easier, just a lot busier.


Even though you're not an earth sign, Fish will benefit this week from Venus'
entrance into Virgo and Mars' move (or is that an invasion?) into Taurus. Having
luscious Venus in your Virgo marriage house is bound to be an improvement; if
nothing else, the people you become involved with will be attractive and well-mannered.
Courageous Mars in Taurus for the rest of the year, and then some, forms a supportive,
opportunistic liaison with your natal Pisces planets; thereby allowing you to
become more adventurous about financial matters, travel and education.

LA Weekly