A week of transition as Saturn moves out of maternal Cancer,
where it's been since June 2003, and into Leo for the next two years. Respectability
and responsibility for the cheery fire sign whose anthem has been “Forever
Young.” Maybe we'll all grow up in the process. However, this weekend “adult”
signifies an R-, maybe an X-rating as Venus, Mars and Pluto, the planets of
attraction, horniness and release, form an enormously satisfying grand trine
in fire signs. Hot? You betcha! The second Cancer-Capricorn full moon occurs
on the 21st and brings into focus what started with the Cancer new moon on July
6, George W's birthday and the G8 conference. The next day, solar Leo begins
and Mercury goes retrograde.


Rams born in mid-April will be relieved to learn that on the 16th, Saturn,
a.k.a. the Great Satan, leaves Cancer where it has been testing your resolve.
Rams born in March around the equinox will soon discover that while it is in
Leo, a compatible fire sign, Saturn's determination can be a blessing in disguise.
It'll help you accomplish what you set out to do without the customary fear
and trembling. Meanwhile, since popular, romantic Venus embraces your Mars ruler
this weekend, you could have access to whatever and whoever is hot.


This week home is where the heart is. If you get a chance to mend fences with
a family member, take it. You'll have help from the gods, particularly courageous
Mars and regenerative Pluto while both support your Venus ruler. But if a relative
doesn't warrant your attention and the house doesn't need a paint-job, feel
free to hide out with the sexiest partner you can rouse. A romantic tryst is
a classic way to use this enthusiastic fire-sign energy to your satisfaction.
Don't be hesitant; the gods are rarely this generous.


Exactly how cheap, or is that thrifty, are you? Blame restrictive Saturn's
two-year-long sojourn in your Cancer money house for the stingy, or is that
prudent, way you've been dealing with your assets. Although Saturn switches
signs on the 16th, for most Twins it'll continue to transit your financial sector
a while longer. However, Saturn in luxury-loving Leo is a different beast altogether.
Gemini and Leo, a supportive sextile apart, implies that even complicated, long-drawn
out financial matters will work out in your favor.


Moon Children born at the very beginning and the very end of their sign get
to experience two emotion-filled Cancer-Capricorn full moons this summer. Pay
attention to the nuances leading up to Thursday's lunar event, especially the
relief you feel knowing that strict Saturn is leaving Cancer on Saturday and
won't be back until 2032. It may take a while until Saturn settles into your
Leo money house, so before things become ridiculously expensive and you start
to worry, go ahead and fulfill some of your material dreams.


How are you going to reconcile recalcitrant Saturn traveling through your gung-ho
sign? The contradictions in approach and attitude may astound us all, but when
the two-year trip is over, you will have morphed into a responsible human being,
possibly into the adult you have managed, so far, to avoid becoming. Unless
you were aware of your own maturation process 30 years ago, this will be the
first time you can consciously watch it unfold. The full moon next Thursday
will either shed light on a fairly important work-related matter or lead a needy
animal to your door.


Let the forces operating behind the curtain work their secret shtick on your
behalf. You don't have to do much more than prepare for Mercury's retrograde
session. If repairs and purchases still need to be made, you'd better get cracking.
Do as much as you can as fast as you can; Mercury's flip on the 22nd is closer
than you think. Besides, the romantic shenanigans due this weekend could be
more distracting than you anticipate. Thankfully, the Capricorn full moon benefits
Earth signs and players of all stripes.


While you're enjoying the benefits of the favorable Venus-Mars-Pluto grand
trine this weekend, take a moment to appreciate the ease with which you're getting
what you want. Two summers from now, when take-action Mars will once again be
in your Aries house of partners, the flow won't be as steady, the connection
with your Venus ruler not as close. How you react to the second full moon in
your Capricorn house of home and family on the 21st depends in part on what
followed from the first full moon a month ago. Is your reputation on the line?
Who's your daddy?


Is it time for an adventure? While Mars and Pluto, your co-ruling planets,
are rewarded by romantic, artistic Venus this weekend, you could welcome more
relationships than were possible a month ago. Although the attraction may be
evident, the tension is not. This is a good thing; if you need to feel anxious
before making your move, then strict Saturn's transit through Leo should keep
you on your toes. Meanwhile, the Cancer-Capricorn full moon on the 21st increases
your curiosity about places and people you've never seen before.


This weekend Saturn, the ruler of Capricorn and your second house, shifts modes
of operation from maternal Cancer to childlike Leo. Such a dramatic change can
impact your attitude toward financial matters for the next two years. Leo likes
to spend as freely as Sagittarius does, is as quick to extend invitations, and
delights in the goodies and good times that exuberant fire signs relish. See
what happens during the Capricorn full moon on the 21st to get a glimpse of
how Saturn's shift can affect you or a money matter.


There's always something significant going on when in one year
there are two full moons in your sign. Such is the case Thursday as the 29+
degree Capricorn moon opposes the Cancer sun and, just two hours later, opposes
your Saturn ruler at the very beginning of its two-year transit of Leo. Two
major planetary events in one week! This, indeed, is the time of your time.
Feel free to take what happens personally, but don't take offense. Saturn in
Leo should encourage you to become more creative and playful, perhaps more egotistical
as well.


The latest, greatest change in your life could start right now as constructive
Saturn, your former planetary ruler, enters Leo, the sign of your cosmic soul
mate. You say you have a lot to learn? Well, over the next two years, while
Saturn makes its way through your house of allies and antagonists, you're bound
to experience one life lesson after another. But until Saturn actually opposes
your Aquarius sun and teaches you all you need to know about patience being
the key to heaven, enjoy the dreaming and scheming.


For the Fish, Saturn's change of venue from watery Cancer to fiery Leo might
not mean a whole lot until the planet of responsibility and restriction crosses
the border separating your fifth house of pleasure and creativity from your
sixth house of health, work and paying dues. If you were born in February, that
rite of passage occurs sooner rather than later; if you were born in March,
then you have plenty of time to make the adjustment. Purposeful Saturn is nothing
if not slow. You might get a clue from the Capricorn full moon and the sun's
entrance into Leo.

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