Going beyond the call of duty, offering more than what is expected, is a byproduct
of the challenging square between fortunate Jupiter and the concerned Cancer
sun. Since you're liable to get a lot more than you ask for, the good as well
as the not-so-hot, think before speaking up. The rewarding part of the holiday,
an easygoing flow, follows from the differences introduced by innovative Uranus'
trine to the sun on Saturday. July 4th itself could be less spectacular than
anticipated because the Gemini moon will be void most of the day. There's a
Cancer moon on Tuesday, but it doesn't catch up to the Cancer sun until Wednesday
morning. New moon = a new beginning.


July can be a tough month for Rams, especially if you're still hell-bent on
getting your own way. Everyone is either getting in touch with his feelings
during solar Cancer or getting hot under the collar. Rather than push for resolutions
and, in this unstable climate, deal with bad behavior, get together with a few
playmates who aren't harboring regrets or plotting revenge – preferably Leos
and Geminis who can handle with grace and good humor the intense vibes you and
almost everyone else are emitting.


This year, the July 4th holiday arrives around the same time as a boost in
income and a valid reason to share your newfound good fortune. Although all
the earth signs respond well to the care they receive from the nurturing Cancer
sun, the potential to grow financially as well as intellectually is reserved
for Taurus. This seasonal burst of good will, good spirits and a fairer sense
of fair play lasts as long as your Venus ruler transits openhearted, luxury-loving
Leo – i.e., until Mercury turns retrograde on the 22nd.


The Cancer new moon on the 6th may introduce a brand-new financial matter into
your life, one that will influence your balance sheet for the next 12 months.
It'll pay to pay attention and give serious consideration to whatever you're
being offered. Also, since your Mercury ruler is currently supported by expansive
Jupiter, you may have a broader vision of what the future holds and spot potential
growth where others don't. If the Independence Day holiday ignites your spirit
of rebellion, be particularly careful handling the fireworks.


Since this is your time of year, feel free to celebrate all things Crab – your
birthday, Canada Day, the Fourth of July and the Cancer new moon -??? for as long
as you possibly can. The sun in your sign makes you especially hospitable over
the holiday weekend; it contacts generous Jupiter for additional funds and innovative
Uranus for original ideas and interesting people. Despite the Moon Child's fondness
for traditions, the revolutionary Uranian vibe can introduce wacky elements
to your Independence Day rituals.


While it's not your habit to take a back seat, this week, while your sun ruler
is submerged in your reclusive 12th house, you could be invisible. But if you're
not feeling particularly shy or retiring, you could still run the show, from
behind the scene or even from your bed. Not that you won't be your charming,
clever self; while Venus and Mercury travel arm in arm through Leo, there'll
be plenty of occasions to express your thoughts – sometimes softly and sweetly
in private, sometimes like a Lion's very public, attention-getting roar.


How to be very, very popular? Hook up with Bulls or Scales who will gladly
add good manners and an educated eye for beauty to your joint appearances. Let
them dress you, coach you and introduce you to people you don't know but would
like to. Although you Virgins are rarely the babes in the woods you're purported
to be, there are some things you know precious little about. So while artistic
Venus remains firmly attached to your Mercury ruler, absorb as much as you can
from her sophistication and appreciation of the finer things.


If you get a brilliant idea or a vision of what your future holds while the
sun shines on prosperous Jupiter in your sign this week, act on it. Copyright,
register or claim the domain name; do whatever it takes to ensure that down
the line, you'll be adequately rewarded. You could also successfully strut your
stuff while your appealing Venus ruler and articulate Mercury traipse through
Leo, the sign of the entertainer. Who wouldn't love such a dynamic duo? With
the Cancer new moon in your midheaven comes a new career opportunity.


Finally, a grand water trine for the big holiday weekend! While the supportive
connection between the Cancer sun and Uranus in Pisces may favor innovative
ideas at home and non-traditional relationships, it's your natal Scorpio energy
that'll make the interaction so successful. Whatever happens will also reflect
well on you personally and on your ability to protect and preserve what you
feel is worthwhile. Wring all the benefits you can from this association, because
in a couple of weeks that nurturing Cancer solar vibe, along with stabilizing
Saturn, will be gone.


Your Jupiter ruler isn't going to be in charming, compatible Libra forever
– it leaves in October – so while you're still receiving benefits from this
easygoing connection, acknowledge and enjoy them. Since both Libra and Sagittarius
tend to take things for granted, try to make those benefits count for something.
A different partnership arrangement might interfere with the goodies you expect
to receive, so if you don't want to deal directly with a tricky situation, point
that person to a holiday celebration far from your madding crowd.


Whatever the sacrifice entailed, you'll be better off if you
relent and let your partner call the shots this weekend. Right now, he or she
is the one blessed with all that creative solar power, but in another 10 days
or so, you'll be back in command. Be thankful that patience is one virtue Caps
can freely claim. Since you prefer to be in a relationship for the long haul,
knowing where and when the rough spots may appear, like abrasive Mars currently
traveling through the family circle, should help.


Fun, games, and the money to pay for a big blast. The forecast for the holiday
weekend looks good, and the fact that the Cancer sun favors your Uranus ruler
indicates that there'll be no rain on your parade. Even if you get the green
light, don't insist on directing the entire event. A partner, probably a Leo,
has much to offer and is more than willing to participate but, because harmonious
Venus is in that sign, may actually pass on taking the lion's share of the credit.
Watch out for more weirdness at the new moon.


Every oddball habit you have, every original thought running through your brain,
is supported by the nurturing Cancer sun this weekend. Be as inventive, eccentric
or politically involved as you want; whatever it takes to fully express the
heightened sense of freedom you feel by having revolutionary Uranus in your
sign. And while it may seem that you've been a rebel all your life, the planet
that rocks the boat passes through Pisces from 2004 to 2011 only. Expect dramatic
changes to become everyday fare, especially around the Cancer new moon on the

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