On the bubble. Does it burst when Venus and Jupiter, the planets of luck and
luxury, challenge each other? Or when Mercury and Mars take their cutting remarks
too far? On Saturday, Mercury enters patriotic Cancer; Mars crosses from Pisces
to Aries, where the god of warfare reigns supreme, and where he begins his two-year-long
trip around the zodiac. On Monday, the knowledgeable Gemini sun pushes the buttons
of the rich, powerful and corrupt when it opposes Pluto in Sagittarius. On Tuesday,
Flag Day, Uranus, unruly ruler of the skies, goes retrograde until mid-November.
And Mercury continues to speed along, gaining two degrees per day.


Sarcasm works; so does satire. While Mars, your cutting-edge ruler, travels
through Aries from June 11 until July 27, impatience and insistence once more
become your stock-in-trade. You also won't get as distracted by the beauty of
whatever you perceive at the moment, as you did when Mars was in poetic Pisces.
Speaking of beauty, the time to schedule cosmetic or dental surgery is when
the planet in charge of injections, knives and skin peels transits your first
house, a once-every-two-years opportunity. Think about it.


Even if you're in a crappy mood, you're still likely to force a few laughs
when your amenable Venus ruler is put to the test by expansive Jupiter. Assume
that everything will cost more than you figured, that you won't get lucky and
that the diet will go down the tubes. However, as the week progresses, you could
have a welcome change of heart. Enjoy the thrills and chills while you embrace
the differences; at the month's end, you should feel as comfortable, as confident
in the new situation as you did in the old.


Speed is of the essence; stay on your toes. While your Mercury ruler races
through your Cancer house of assets and acquisitions, from June 11 through 25,
more ideas and information might come your way than you thought possible. The
answer to your financial angst is out there: an assortment of offbeat opportunities,
especially when barrier-breaking Uranus in your career house changes direction
midmonth. If you find that you're being invited out a lot, thank sociable Venus
for lending you, via Mercury, more grace and graciousness. Remember to reciprocate.


Take advantage of Mercury's annual visit to your sign by speaking or writing
what has been on your mind. Verbal gifts are not that easily come by; however,
for the next two weeks, not only might your message have greater import, but
popular Venus, also in Cancer, could make it more readily acceptable. Eager-to-please
Venus does other nice things for Crabs, especially the hermit types. As the
month ends, the goddess can soften some of the more difficult life lessons Saturn
in your sign has subjected you to.


More often than not, Leos manage to get their own way. Lord of the jungle and
all that. However, when your sun ruler in adaptable Gemini, no less, opposes
power-hungry Pluto, prepare to give in to someone else's demands. It might be
a tough call, but since Pluto is busily revitalizing some aspect of your pleasure
zone, in the long run (e.g., around your birthday), you'll benefit from the
sacrifice. Put that pride aside, and don't dwell on what a casual acquaintance
might consider a resounding defeat.


Repairing a messy situation could become your top priority, particularly while
the creative sun in your Gemini midheaven opposes Pluto in the bowels, the nadir,
of your natal chart. If you've been through the wringer lately, either at home
or on the job, welcome any opportunity to set things straight, even if, for
the time being, you have to make concessions. As your Mercury ruler races to
catch up with loving Venus in Cancer, contention morphs into compassion and,
especially for critical colleagues, you become the flavor of the month.


If you can think of a way to capitalize on the family name or its history,
do it. While media-friendly Mercury focuses on magnetic Venus at the top of
your chart, attention must be paid. The only question is: by whom? How the story
you want to tell gets spun depends on the image that you, courtesy of your popular
Venus ruler, project. But if not you, then choose a strong female presence.
Only the Scales have maternal, nurturing Cancer tending their house of career/community
recognition, so make the most of this seasonal support system.


Once you get passed a money problem aggravated by the sun's opposition to your
Pluto co-ruler on the 13th, it's clear sailing for the next two months. With
nothing in the foreseeable future to worry about, why not plan a summer holiday?
Or would that expose you to the fickle middle finger of fate? If getting fucked
is an issue, key into the heat your energetic Mars co-ruler offers while it
visits your house of recreational sex, fun and risky games. But be quick about
it; by July 27, Mars is gone.


The argument may be sound, the alternatives equally acceptable, but when the
sun in your Gemini house of partners opposes Pluto, entrenched in Sagittarius,
you won't relent with your customary “Sure, why not?” Chances are
you won't give an inch. Are you standing on principle, or does the Seer foresee
how the conflict can be resolved? Before the month is out, there could be enough
provocation – call it either incentive or irritation – from hotheaded Mars to
get you off your high horse and into the fray.


Sweeter and gentler conversations since Mercury joined affectionate
Venus in your Cancer complement. Feel free to take what is said – more likely,
whispered in your ear – to heart. Once the sun crosses into Cancer and summer
officially begins, you'll have greater support (from the cosmos) than you've
enjoyed since Christmas. Share it; let your allies, co-workers and classmates
shield you from whatever temperamental trainers or teachers with precarious
positions to defend are preparing to dump on you.


This year, Flag Day might well be a red-letter day; that's when your Uranus
ruler turns retrograde for the next five months. In the interim, try to remain
finely attuned to your own ESP so you can recognize what a subdued Uranus wants
to you to know. Right now there's passionate and plentiful activity as fiery
Mars traveling through fiery Aries inflames your desire for getting what you
want the moment that you want it. No problem until the 25th, when overextending
can land you in financial hot water. Romantic disappointment to follow?


Having self-sufficient Mars in your Aries money house provides energy and incentive
to go after your heart's desire now. You just have to decide what it is you
want – no small feat once unpredictable Uranus in your sign goes retrograde
on the 14th. Call it the summer slump, but until Uranus and your Neptune ruler
turn direct in November, there's little chance that you'll make much progress,
other than on the spiritual plane. However, your romance could grow cozier,
more permanent and safer, the deeper into Cancer we get.

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