Hoping to avoid a tax audit? You would have had to mail your return while
the Cancer moon was void-of-course – between 10 p.m. and 2 a.m. PDT Wednesday
night. The next moon-void doesn't occur until the morning of the 16th.
Mercury's flip out of retrograde on the 12th threw all sorts of schedules
and routines awry for a few days, making it harder to stay on track. The Mars-Neptune
conjunction on the 13th emphasized your fanatic and artistic inclinations, not
the best mindset for completing calculations. Pleasure-seeking Venus enters
sensual Taurus on the 15th; the sun follows on Tuesday the 19th. Stop and smell
the flowers.


The focus is on your value system: the attitudes, assets and material goods
that still mean something and those that you've outgrown. While Mercury,
finally direct in your sign, is retracing the steps it recently walked you through,
you'll come across an opportunity to evaluate where you are and what the
immediate future holds. Despite a generosity of spirit that can overwhelm you,
a co-worker and your favorite charity case as the month ends, feel free to recycle.
Keep telling yourself: What goes around comes around.


Since Venus on Friday and the sun on Tuesday leave excitable, impetuous Aries
for the serenity and sensuality associated with Taurus, you may become the center
of attention, whether you want to or not. Thankfully, the buzz shouldn't
go to your head, because, after many weeks of pure air and fire energy, the
practical earth element has been re-introduced. Prudence and feasibility, plus
a sincere appreciation of what feels, smells, tastes, sounds and looks good,
can change the tone of whatever occasion you and your cronies are celebrating.
Birthday? May Day?


Slowly, step by step, the horror movie that played during the recent Mercury
retrograde session is fading into history. While your Mercury ruler re-defines
the path it led you to in early March, you'll make the necessary adjustments
and excuses for what has happened between then and now. However, probably not
until April is over will you make fresh inroads. Although the cast of characters,
e.g., a colleague or a client, may change, the career objective you set for
yourself – with a few “I can live with that!” modifications –
remains the same.


What was set in motion at the new moon/solar eclipse/papal funeral becomes
dramatically visible right after the full moon/lunar eclipse on the 24th. Until
then, a career-conscious Moon Child should continue on course, plugging away
at his or her chosen mission of the month. However, keep an eye out for information
you might have missed or misinterpreted and connections that weren't made
while Mercury was retrograde. This is the optimum time to catch up, fill in
the blanks and rectify whatever misconceptions were formed.


Lions and Crabs tend to stake out common ground during periods of significant
change, e.g., the soli-lunar eclipses. If, fascinated by the pageantry of the
papal funeral, you missed something that coincided with the solar eclipse, you
should recover it around the time of the lunar eclipse on the 24th. The Taurus
sun-Scorpio moon polarity, also known as the Buddha Festival, is a metaphysical
high point celebrated around the world. Why not use this reason to rise to the
occasion, especially an esoteric event of this magnitude?


Virgins, along with the other earth signs, can breathe a sigh of relief once
the sun gets to practical Taurus on the 19th. The firmer your grasp of reality,
the more common sense there is pervading the atmosphere, the better you can
function. It's enough to have to tiptoe your way through the remnants of
Mercury's recent retrogression, without worrying that so many planets in
high-spirited fire and air signs might ignite another heart-wrenching conflagration.
Go slow, find time to pick up every stitch dropped in the last six weeks.


Rather than confront someone outright, you could opt for a more gentle approach
now, once your Venus ruler leaves feisty Aries for Taurus, a sign that, like
your own, prefers to live in harmony. Another advantage: a heightened awareness
of the purely sensual pleasures you sometimes neglect in order to pursue interesting
ideas and mind games. Wait until the Scorpio full-moon eclipse is over before
undertaking a full-fledged review of your finances. Otherwise, you might not
get the complete picture or notice where the potential for growth lies buried.


Significant as well as insignificant others play a more prominent part in your
life, the deeper into Taurus we get. Starting with Venus' entry on the
15th and the sun's shift on the 19th, you should look forward to greater
cooperation from co-workers and a stronger attachment to a health-care professional.
Quick, book a massage, sign up for yoga, get your eyes examined. By the time
the Scorpio full moon arrives, you could be totally infatuated. And yet, as
Mars and Pluto, your co-ruling planets, align, remarkably well-balanced.


A little extra work, a fair amount of play and lots of off-the-wall conversations.
The possibilities may seem endless when you finally start doing some of the
things you wanted to do, but had the foresight not to do, while Mercury was
retrograde. As the Messenger and you revisit your original wish list, you might
sense that safety and security are much more critical issues than they formerly
were, and that, out of nowhere, you've become a practical person. The closer
we get to the mysterious Scorpio full moon, the stronger your intuition. Follow


The down-to-earth attitude that value-conscious Taurus adds to the astrological
atmosphere can restore your sense of balance and well-being. Especially when
dealing with folks in the family as well as the people you choose to have fun
with. Amenable, appreciative Venus' transit of sensuous Taurus gives the
often-aloof Goat an invitation to experience pleasures denied at other times
of the year. Make the most of the goddess' trip through your house of romance
and recreation. After Mother's Day, she'll be gone.


Persons of interest and your area of interest may shift from the neighbors
and the neighborhood to the relatives and real estate. Such is the nature of
safety-first Taurus and its bullish natives. So, if growing a garden suddenly
seems like a good thing or Grandma is demanding more of your time, chalk it
up to a renewal of conservative earth energy. And don't be surprised if
you decide to buy an experimental, ecologically sound product while your future-oriented
Uranus ruler receives encouragement from the Taurus planets.


If, following the Aries new-moon eclipse, you noticed a shift in your value
system, a similar avenue of expression can open up after the Taurus-Scorpio
full-moon eclipse on the 24th. A talent you underappreciated may become recognized,
an asset you downplayed might be worth a lot more in today's market. A
new day is dawning; a new era for the Fish, as the symbol of the Roman Catholic
Church, is about to be launched. And just last week, while Mars met your Neptune
ruler, you received your biannual energy boost. Where to put it?

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