Signals to go, signals to stop. It's one of those weeks, as energetic
Mars and enthusiastic Jupiter form a supportive trine on Thursday, followed
immediately by the depressing, cold-hearted Venus-Saturn square. Then the impressive
solar eclipse Friday afternoon could give us all the willies as we wait to see
what's missing from the promise associated with the Aries new moon. Another
downer of a day on Sunday while the sun and restrictive, responsible Saturn
square; but raw passion might come to our rescue on Monday as affectionate Venus
and regenerative Pluto trine. Early Tuesday, retrograde Mercury turns direct
and throws everyone off stride. Early Wednesday, crusading Mars and idealistic
Neptune get together to either inspire or utterly confuse us. Can the sun-Pluto
trine rescue us once more?


Acting on your own initiative is nothing new for an energetic Ram; however,
the Aries new moon/solar eclipse on Friday can point you toward your next assignment,
show you another world to conquer. Thanks to Jupiter's supportive alliance
with your Mars ruler, your entrepreneurial spirit remains alive and well. And
while Mars comes under the influence of Neptune, a once-every-two-years affair,
your artistic imagination will flourish. If there's a sore spot, it would
be how to deal with a frustrating family situation like a sensible grownup.


You can either sweet-talk your way around the roadblock Saturn sets up on Friday
or, because your Venus ruler is in assertive Aries, deal with the problem by
sticking to your guns. Knowing what you want and having the courage of your
convictions pays off this weekend, especially if sex and money are involved.
Thank persistent Pluto for supporting your best or, if the truth be told, personally
advantageous intentions. This me-first attitude can also pay off when faced
with an artistic, albeit ambiguous, career choice.


Gemini is usually not groupie material (being a Twin is company enough), but
the Aries new moon could present a reason to connect to folks with whom you
share a common interest. How interesting? Thanks to the dramatic solar eclipse
in your house of associates and worthy causes, your involvement may be stunning,
both to you and to them. It might also be more costly/less profitable, depending
on how Saturn in your money house is keeping the cash flow at bay. After your
Mercury ruler goes direct on the 12th, consider turning to a savvy ally for
further support.


Love, be it true or misdirected, might make the world go 'round, but right
now, for a Crab, it could be tangled in a web of “what if?/why not?”
Figuring out the whys and wherefores of a relationship is currently one of Venus'
more cavalier demands. Another would be to cherchez la femme who stands in the
way of achieving a career objective. Asking questions while Mercury is in the
process of changing directions could also be tricky; the answer you're
given on Sunday is liable to differ from what you learn on Wednesday. Go slow.


Lions get to choose what you're going to fixate on this week. Cleaning
karma one more time as your sun ruler focuses on Saturn's debt to the past,
or making love? Since Venus in fiery Aries is on the best of terms with passionate
Pluto in Sagittarius (in your house of romance and recreational sex, no less!),
a hungry Lion would be a fool to pick the former over the latter. Nevertheless,
because horny Mars in your Aquarius marriage house is mesmerized by Neptunian
illusions, even if you suspect you're being duped, you won't mind
being “a fool for love.”


Timing is everything, and, luckily for Virgo procrastinators, the time is right
for doing your taxes. The sun-and-moon merger in your Aries house of money and
assets that you share with others (e.g., the taxpaying public, your mutual fund)
initiates a period of financial involvement, one that can actually help resolve
a fairly painful domestic matter. If the problem is material (e.g., the pipes
need to be repaired) rather than emotional or sexual, so much the better. While
the sun and powerful Pluto form an easy-flowing trine, the fix is in.


The romantic atmosphere is still hanging over us, even if, by now, it smacks
more of fantasy than of fact. Make sure to take advantage of the power of illusion
and imagination you're currently being endowed with. It'll be another
two years – until Mars and Neptune get together again in your Aquarius
house of romance, risk and entertainment – before you'll be under
such favorable auspices. This particularly inventive hookup can also provide
an ideal opportunity for sports and computer-game fans, movie and music mavens.


You're cooking on both burners this week, blessed by the ethereal connection
your Mars co-ruler makes while it merges with spiritual Neptune. But if high
and holy isn't your thing, you can also tap into the strong sexual vibe,
coupled with deep-down affection, provided by loving Venus' trine to your
Pluto co-ruler this weekend. By midweek, the sun's trine to Pluto should
confirm the intensity of the attachment and how valuable it is to your future
well-being. Mercury's forward flip in your house of fun and games allows
for a “do-over.” Lucky devil.


Try to attain a creative high, actually two, as first artistic Venus and then
the adventurous Aries sun favor regenerative, recyclable Pluto in your sign.
There's also a good chance that romance will find its way to your door.
But, if not, then certainly something equally daring, and probably just as scary.
Athletes could have more sex appeal; performers, greater courage. Because, despite
the eclipse, there's a new moon in a friendly fire sign, it's a good
week to stretch your wings to see, if only for yourself, what you're currently
capable of.


Goats usually respond like champs to tests of their patience and fortitude,
so when affectionate Venus squares your Saturn ruler this weekend, you'll
manage to find something, besides the state of your relationship, to concentrate
on. Perhaps you'll be distracted by a new electronic gizmo that appeals
to your imagination and sense of wonder. Mars and Neptune merging in your Aquarius
house of assets and values could result in a purchase that has greater significance
than a mere plaything. An acquisition that should become more valuable over
the next two years.


Better watch what you say and write. Since the Aries new moon/solar eclipse
takes place in your house of communication and education, there's a chance
that something you intend to impart will be missing. This omission is above
and beyond the usual mess Mercury will make midweek when it changes direction.
So, if you're driving around town, planning to visit friends or attend
a conference, double-check the arrangements you've already made and be
prepared to adjust accordingly. Not that easy for a fixed sign like yours.


This week it's money, not love, that makes the Pisces' world go 'round.
However, since there's a solar eclipse in your financial sector, you'd
be wise to stop, look and listen carefully for the essential element that isn't
showing up. You can't be too thorough, especially since impatient Mars
is determined to energize your Neptune ruler by its “just do it” imperative.
Despite, or because of, the aggravation you went through last month, it looks
like a reward from the family or a payoff from a client is headed your way.

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