Your April Fools' prank could turn out to be expensive, if not an outright
extravagance, simply because you played it during the overindulgent Venus-Jupiter
opposition. Sunday, the sun opposes Jupiter, so you're likely to promise
more than you, or anyone else, can deliver. Good for pedants, philosophers and
publishers. Artists come into their own midweek, when Neptune is illuminated
by Venus; entrepreneurs and adventurers are emboldened on Thursday, when Mars
and Jupiter trine. However, better wait until the Aries new moon/solar eclipse
on the 8th is history before taking any drastic steps.


Your personal savior could show up this week wearing an assortment of white
hats, promising to provide the answer to your prayers. Not knowing exactly who
has your best interests at heart may become the guessing game you play until
the dramatic solar eclipse in Aries on the 8th clarifies the situation. While
fanciful Neptune stirs your imagination and optimistic Jupiter paints a very
pretty picture, you'd be wise to keep closer tabs on the tab you're
running up. Just in case one of those heroes is running a miniscam.


A generosity of spirit, a reasonable contribution to a worthy cause, is one
thing; the uncontrollable urge to indulge is another. Because it comes up every
year, albeit in various guises and circumstances, Bulls need to find a way to
handle the uncomfortable competition between expansive, expensive Jupiter and
your aesthetic Venus ruler. Sometimes it's an artwork you have to own,
other times a luxury vacation you cannot not take. Hope that this year you're
challenged by nothing more outrageous than a major shopping spree. Yes, you'll
soon regret the indulgence, but so what?


Your Mercury ruler's retrograde trip through recent history can land a
career matter you thought was finished back on your plate. Take your sweet time
with it, because further changes may appear between now and the 12th, which
is when the Messenger faces forward again. However, don't dawdle if a fresh
opportunity to proceed with an educational or entrepreneurial business matter
arises. Growth-oriented Jupiter won't be in a supportive air sign forever;
neither will energetic Mars. Together, they'll provide an intelligent,
rewarding support system.


As a group, it's the artists, especially the sculptors, who value the
heightened sense of form they get whenever Venus faces a challenge from Saturn.
Hopeless romantics will complain about the chill that sets in when the love
goddess is denied. Bargain hunters may find what they want at the time; whether
they remain satisfied is doubtful. No matter what your special gift, be sure
to acknowledge it during the Aries new moon on the 8th; a stunner of a solar
eclipse is occurring in your midheaven, the place where your reputation is made.


One of those cherished values that you share with a significant other can turn
into quite the valuable asset when the dynamic duo – adventurous Mars in
your house of partners and fortunate Jupiter in your money house – are
aligned this week. A project or learning experience that began in September
is about to reward you handsomely. While the solar eclipse on the 8th might
clip your wings a bit, don't let a growing sense of frustration stop you.
It's simply your sun ruler approaching another testy square to stern Saturn.
It too shall pass.


The judicious pursuit of other people's money, even collecting money owed
you, can engage your attention for far longer than you anticipate. Blame the
solar eclipse in Aries for disrupting the orderly progress of your efforts or,
worse, setting you off in the wrong direction. Because your Mercury ruler doesn't
shift out of reverse until the 12th, and doesn't return to the point at
which your current odyssey started until the 30th, it makes sense to take baby
steps until you're sure of your footing. The big strides follow.


Despite the prospect of a new-moon diversion, paying attention to partners
and partnership agreements will continue to take center stage. However, don't
count on making real headway until Mercury leaves your Aries marriage house
in May. What to do in the meantime? Cut a CD, keep a dream journal, work on
a screenplay or figure out the easiest way to achieve what you, an incredibly
fortunate individual, want. If folks say your ego is inflated, relax. It's
simply expansive Jupiter in your sign providing the boost of confidence you


On one hand, you're tempted to use your imagination to dream up a new
way to achieve domestic bliss, perhaps by redecorating a room that has outlived
its original purpose. On the other hand, there's all the work outside the
house that needs to be done, plus the promise of having a good time accomplishing
the task you set for yourself. Since you know in your heart of hearts that you'll
be well rewarded for doing the right thing, now would be a good time to chair
a charity event. Not much of a conflict when you come down to it.


You'll soon find out just how helpful your colleagues or fellow party
members are. However, if they don't come through the way you imagined they
would, don't make a fuss. Another reward is on the way, something sexier,
more adventurous and personal. Chances are someone's cockeyed idealism
(yours?) may have colored the vision you shared in the pre-election days of
September, when take-action Mars first got together with your enthusiastic Jupiter
ruler. Now that these planets are forming a supportive trine, something positive
should follow.


If, despite Mercury being retrograde, you're still determined to fix up
the house or whisk the family off on an adventure, do yourself a favor and hold
off until the solar eclipse in your Aries home base has delivered its message.
More sobering thoughts when the Aries sun tests your Saturn ruler and adds stress
to an uneasy partnership matter. While what happens might not strike you as
a reason to rejoice, the waning square signals the end of two-plus years of
dealing with restrictive Saturn in your Cancer complement.


You have all the incentive you'll need to proceed with plans to pursue
a purely personal goal. While take-action Mars is in Aquarius this month, your
physical-energy level increases, as does the intensity of your most heartfelt
desire. Since Mars visits your sign only once every two years, now would be
a good time to have minor surgery, check your hearing or fix your teeth. But
wait until Mercury turns direct midmonth before going under the knife. At that
time, Martian courage gets diluted by Neptunian elixirs, so a little sedation
can go a long, long way.


Get used to it. For years to come, or as long as your Neptune ruler is in Aquarius,
April is going to be a month of cosmic happenings. Artistic inspiration comes
fast and furiously, but it can go poof in the twinkle of an eye. Do what you
can as quickly as you can. You're also in a position to, if not launch,
then certainly benefit from a partnership venture, preferably one based on a
lofty ideal. Who, this time, is rescuing whom? The one area that isn't
flowing smoothly is the kiddie corner; throwing money that way might help, might

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