How romantic can one week get? It starts Thursday night with an exceptionally
friendly sextile between loving Venus and horny Mars. Their (and your) hookup
is reinforced on Good Friday by the harmonious, couple-centric Libra full moon.
Then passionate Pluto's flip into retrograde Saturday evening can emit
a palpable charge. Easter dawns with a moon-void; the sexy Scorpio moon slips
into place by brunch. On Tuesday, Mercury brings enlightenment of one kind or
another when it conjuncts both the impulsive Aries sun and amenable Venus. That
marriage, their annual conjunction, takes place Wednesday night. Eloping?


Even if it's nowhere near your birthday, this week is all about you. Whether
at home or on the road, magnetic Venus, gossipy Mercury and the creative sun
team up in your sign to defeat any attempt to ensure your privacy. Add a full
moon in your Libra complement, and there's no hiding from the public eye.
Why not simply grin and bear it? While you're in the spotlight, you might
as well use the attention to advance your private agenda. Say what's on
your mind, but wait until Tuesday, when you're at your most charming and
irresistible, to sell it.


March may have come in like a lion, but this year it's not going out like
a meek little lamb. And neither are you! While your self-possessed Venus ruler
gambols through rambunctious Aries, you'll command the attention of Gemini
and Virgo, the witty Mercury-ruled natives, as well as all three high-spirited
fire signs. Lots of one-on-one socializing, along with greater involvement with
a fair-sized group, could find you at the center of the action, serving, if
you so choose, as the spokesperson for a cause close to your heart.


You're scheduled to have another of those “Wow, I'm smarter
than I thought!” experiences Tuesday as your receptive Mercury ruler merges
with the Aries sun. Besides coming up with clever ideas and the sharpest delivery
(something you're used to), you'll also look great (something you're
not used to). That's because Venus is also conjoining Mercury that day.
Thinking about a spring romance? Make your move then. Follow up Wednesday night,
when hot-blooded Mars puts both you and the object of your desire very much
in the mood.


This weekend, the polarity between the Aries sun in your career midheaven and
the Libra full moon makes a Moon Child tense enough about a family situation
to act on it. Because expansive Jupiter is in Libra this spring, you could easily
overextend yourself, buy expensive merchandise or, with the best of intentions,
undertake a monumental project. Don't be so eager to accept an offer to
travel for work or adventure until you learn a lot more about it. Since Mercury
is retrograde, the information will probably undergo more revisions than usual.


Pursuing sex, death and other people's money pays off handsomely this
week. While your sun ruler links up with artistic Venus, you'll benefit
royally (is there any other way for a Leo?) from their annual liaison. Gorgeous
stuff; a tasty amount of money; the appreciation, more likely the adoration,
of a significant other – they're yours for the asking. Right now,
talking up your ideas and being frank about your desires is the right thing
to do. Mercury's merger with the sun on Tuesday makes your pitch all the
more appealing.


Just because your Mercury ruler is retrograde doesn't mean you shouldn't
rise to whatever special occasion presents itself this week. While both the
sun and Venus conjunct Mercury, you are empowered to draw on the creative power
of Sol and the aesthetic appeal of Venus to press your point. Tuesday is the
target date for this triple merger, but Thursday, when athletic Mars boosts
your energy, is also good for follow-up. Until then, Friday's full moon
falling across your financial axis can reveal more about a money matter that
holds a lot of promise.


While the Libra full moon is shining its romantic light on you personally,
the sun is merging with, as well as heating up, your affectionate Venus ruler.
That marriage, with Mercury officiating, takes place in your Aries partnership
house on Wednesday. Pay marked attention to what's being proposed by the
the Leo, Aries, Gemini, Virgo, Taurus or other Libra natives who are currently
part of your daily life. Especially the one or two you are particularly drawn
to; together, you're on the verge of breaking new ground.


Take the week off and have some fun. Since most of the planetary action occurs
in your house of recreation and romance, you shouldn't have any difficulty
finding enjoyable things to do and good-natured, good-looking people to do them
with. Pleasure should be your primary goal now, because soon enough you'll
have to concentrate on work or fulfilling another commitment you've made.
Besides, this weekend, while sociable Venus favors your Mars co-ruler, it'll
be easy to attract a playmate or two.


Stay home and fix up the house. Venus brings artistic inspiration and her excellent
taste to domestic matters; she can also help you be diplomatic when dealing
with the family. Add the creative energy and useful information from the sun's
merger with Mercury, and you'll be sitting pretty, as long as you're
sitting in your own chair. It's probably nice to know that Mars in your
money house is on friendly terms with the trifecta of planets in your Arian
abode. Just remember: while Mercury is retrograde, no major purchases.


All the cardinal signs, not just the Rams and the Scales, are bound to be affected
by the Aries-Libra full moon this holiday weekend. So cozy up to a Crab, share
a meal and talk about how you feel and what you have in common. Expressing yourself
may not be that difficult, since retrograde Mercury can offer a different perspective
from how you usually see things. You should also know that you might feel warmer
toward a neighbor, less annoyed with a sibling, simply because the annual sun-Venus
love fest takes place this week.


Inspired, spaced or merely forgetful? This is the weekend when you're
urged to rise above the rational, to take things purely on faith. Well, with
illusionary Neptune working its magic in your sign, that should be a piece of
cake. Angel-food cake, no doubt. It'll also be pretty easy to demonstrate
your loving ways as well as your love of pretty things. Venus and the Aries
sun join up midweek to take you shopping for decorative items; however, nothing
automotive or electronic until Mercury comes out of retrograde in mid-April.


Possibly the best thing about the converging planetary energies this week is
that you can avoid them entirely or step right up and partake of the passion
that fiery Aries offers. Perfect for Fish in contradictory mindsets and moods:
“Shall I meditate, or raise hell?” So whether you retreat into your
own cool world or borrow some of that Arian heat is up to you. Also know that
you can change your mind with the flip of a switch, and no one – well,
maybe a disappointed child – will complain.

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