The major event is Mercury flipping into retrograde on Saturday at 4:15 p.m.
PST, but even before then you could be thrown off course by the powerful emotional
undercurrent accompanying the Venus-Pluto square on St. Patrick's Day.
If vengeance be thine, stay home and drink alone. Spring arrives on Sunday,
the 20th, at 4:34 a.m. Too early for our beloved equinox event: standing a fresh
egg on its end. Mars, exhausted from being exalted, moves from Capricorn to
Aquarius a few hours later. Monday evening, Saturn in the sign of the Crab turns
direct after a retrograde session that began in November. Tuesday morning, Venus
shakes off its exaltation in Pisces for the purifying fires of Aries. Soon enough,
the Libra full moon for Good Friday.


So much for taking care of business; now that your Mars ruler is leaving prudent,
productive Capricorn, it's time to take care of your friends. Commitment
to social or environmental issues can increase dramatically while Mars travels
through improvement-oriented Aquarius for the next six weeks. If, during the
couple-centered Libra full moon next weekend, you feel overly romantic, thank
Venus' problem-free attraction to Mars. Because the love goddess is in
Aries for three weeks only, make hay and whoopee while you can.


Your outlook should brighten considerably once your Venus ruler rises from
the depths of Piscean emotionalism. During its three-week trip through fiery
Aries, you'll be more passionate about your likes and dislikes. A healthy
dose of self-assuredness should compensate for the martyr mode you just went
through, but beware of becoming arrogant or behaving like a bully. Arian energy
can be rough and tumble and not at all concerned with keeping the peace. Step
over the line as the month ends and the gods are sure to intervene.


Your social life gets a shot in the arm while the outgoing Aries sun, amiable
Venus and your curious Mercury ruler, retrograde though it'll be, converge
around the conference and coffee tables. Old acquaintances tend to show up during
retrograde sessions; however, this time they could appear en masse. And with
information and advice you might not think you need, but which will come in
handy soon enough. Concern over a partnership matter could vanish as the month
ends and secretive Pluto in your marriage house turns retrograde.


After spending the winter hibernating in retrograde, strict Saturn in your
sign turns direct for spring. From now until midsummer, when it finally leaves
Cancer, the planet of responsibility and consistency intends to drum lesson
after lesson into Crabs born in mid-July. The others have already been pummeled
into awareness or else into submission. What each Moon Child should look for
now is a change in your approach to career matters, a willingness to boldly
go where you haven't been before, no matter what it costs.


The charm is practically irresistible, the research impressive. While your
sun ruler is infused with Arian fire power, it'll be hard to play it safe.
Whether you're preparing to set off on an adventure or investigating an
investment opportunity, other people and their assets will figure prominently
in your decisions. Wait until the sun and informative Mercury meet on the 29th
before finalizing your choices; if there are papers to sign, better wait until
Mercury comes out of retrograde on April 12.


Like Leo, considering an important decision involving other people and their
resources could be uppermost in your mind. Experience shows that while your
Mercury ruler is retrograde, the information you get may be questionable or,
at the very least, likely to be revised after Mercury turns direct. However,
you're not simply spinning your wheels or retracing your steps. These weeks
won't be wasted, because retrograde periods stop smart alecks from moving
too quickly and taking things for granted. Safe and slow is the way to go.


The gifts – be they material goodies, a choice opportunity or a promise
– you received around your birthday will soon command your attention again.
It starts with the Libra full moon on the 25th; the next week, as the Aries
sun zooms in on Jupiter in your sign, the fortunate position you're in
is exposed for all to see. Knowing this, you might want to control some of your
more generous impulses, those good intentions, before significant others, both
your allies and your foes, figure out how to benefit from your largess.


You're currently in a different kind of pleasure zone, where a laid-back,
laissez-faire attitude can produce better results than that simmering Scorpionic
stare. Loosening up should be easier once your powerful Pluto co-ruler turns
retrograde on the 26th. You'll probably become less obsessed about money
matters and less determined to resolve them to your satisfaction only. Mars,
your other ruling planet, should also lighten your load while it's in airy
Aquarius, especially a bit of the family baggage you've been hauling around.


Stringent Saturn turning direct in your house of other people's money,
e.g., insurance, inheritance, investments, indicates that more of it will soon
be flowing your way. Pluto turning retrograde in Sagittarius for five months
should ease up on intentions to reform your wicked, wicked ways. The full moon
in Libra activates the far-reaching influence your Jupiter ruler has on colleagues
and club members. Benign and benevolent is what to expect over the next few
weeks, culminating, if you're not careful, in another round of wretched


Your Saturn ruler's flip out of retrograde is reason enough to celebrate
all things new and stimulating. After five months of looking backward, enough
cozy domesticity! Bring in a few tasty additions to family life or other close
liaisons. Just make sure that you don't start, although you could plan,
a kitchen makeover during Mercury retrograde, or that cockeyed idealism doesn't
derail long-range financial goals. Right now, subtle shifts in the astrological
climate can make for shaky ground: not a good omen for an earth sign.


The Libra full moon this weekend can emphasize aspirations that have been hiding
out in your higher mind. Since lifelong goals and philosophical principles rarely
appear on a daily basis, people don't turn to them for guidance until they've
been in a difficult situation for some time. So while three planets in Aries
scurry through your money house, causing a flurry of transactions around town,
think about what you'd rather be doing with your life. This good an opportunity
might not arise for another 12 years, when wise, wealthy Jupiter again transits


The big, wide, wonderful world can get a bit bigger as constrictive, constructive
Saturn comes out of retrograde and re-introduces you to pleasures you experienced,
satisfactions you enjoyed, last spring and summer. Meanwhile, dominating Pluto
in your Sagittarius midheaven turns retrograde for the summer and takes a career
matter that's been bothering you with it. The Libra full moon focuses on
other people's money and resources, and what you share, or soon will, with
them. The fishing is good.

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