The Pisces new moon on the 10th plants the seed for a cycle of action and
reaction that comes to full flower with the full moon on Good Friday. There's
more than a hint of stability in this pattern as the sun and Venus support constructive,
conservative Saturn. Religious devotees as well as music and movie moguls can
be enormously successful while prosperous Jupiter and inspirational Neptune
trine this weekend, an aspect that repeats in mid-August. Creepy stuff seeps
in midweek while the sun and Venus visit the lower depths, places and situations
where Pluto reigns supreme. No sweetness and light for St. Patrick's Day;
piss, vinegar and revenge instead.


The Mercury retrograde period that begins on the 19th could have a tremendous
impact on you personally because it occurs in Aries. Although Mercury finally
goes direct on April 12, it doesn't leave your sign until May 12. Figure
on spending the next two months reassessing your aims and intentions, and, for
the impetuous Ram, testing the limits of your patience. Meanwhile, the generous
partner you've been waiting for, i.e., expansive Jupiter in your Libra
marriage house, may make his or her benevolence felt this weekend.


Divine inspiration, or something like it, this weekend when artistic, impressionable
Neptune at the highest point of your chart is infused with Jupiter's wisdom
and optimism. Whatever you glean from the contact can burnish your reputation
for a long time to come. Even if you get a powerful sexual charge from it, don't
ignore the smarmy vibe you can also get when your Venus ruler is tested by Pluto
midweek, especially if there are lots of other people and other people's
money involved. If you do proceed, be careful.


An emotionally rewarding, possibly even profitable week as the Pisces sun and
Venus favor Saturn in your Cancer house of assets and values. Although current
career accomplishments shouldn't be taken for granted – i.e., don't
count your chickens before they hatch – consider shopping for a high-end
item with a lifelong guarantee. Saturn is slow and steady, and that's the
way you'll get your reward. Before your Mercury ruler flips on the 19th,
be sure to do the customary pre-retrograde chores, particularly those that involve
the group's participation.


A personal victory, not necessarily a monetary reward, when the Pisces sun
and Venus trine Saturn in your sign. What happens this week should serve as
a reminder that “Patience is the key to heaven” and that you've
finally assimilated the lessons Saturn has been drumming into your head for
the past two years. So don't let Mercury's retrograde trip through
your Aries career house become more than the usual pain-in-the-neck distraction.
Redo the paperwork or rethink the travel arrangements as the need arises, but
don't fret over the inconvenience.


This week the elusive butterfly of love alights on elusive Neptune, the sole
occupant (but not for long) of your Aquarius marriage house. In an indirect
way, and without much effort on your part, Neptune's spiritually uplifting
tie to expansive, beneficial Jupiter may reward prior attempts to communicate
what's in your heart. But if the results don't conform to what you
have in mind, be patient awhile longer. The solar eclipse in April can have
a dramatic impact on every one of your key, and not-so-key, relationships.


Since you're already aware that your Mercury ruler flips into retrograde
on the 19th – and no doubt have decided which machines need to be repaired,
which replaced – feel free to imagine the many ways you'll benefit
from having Jupiter in your Libra house of assets and values. While Jupiter
is generous when it comes to finances, its influence can extend far beyond the
material plane. However, the good fortune that the giant planet bestows could
also affect your work scene and health, especially a condition that tends to
come and go.


Although patience is usually not a Libra's strong suit, you might have
to show lots of it once Mercury turns retrograde in Aries. While the Messenger
travels back and forth in your house of partnerships and the paperwork generated
by them, make sure that nothing slips past your and your lawyers' eagle
eyes. If possible, wait until May Day, when Mercury comes out from under the
shadow it's currently casting, before you move on to the business at hand.
Use the time in between to review your intentions, do the research and rewrite
the material.


The slimmest hint of an attraction originating with the new moon on the 10th
could take shape by St. Patrick's Day. Don't dismiss any of the romantic
possibilities you sense emerging along the way, even a particularly frustrating
situation on the 14th. Emotions right now are complicated, especially if they're
attached to money matters. However, when magnetic Venus and your intense Pluto
co-ruler form any connection, be it positive or negative, it's almost impossible
not to follow where it leads. You'd have to be some kind of saint.


Without much praying or prodding on your part, the rewards – artistic,
social, financial – you've been patiently waiting for could come through
this week. Trust that concerned colleagues will make sure that you get what
you deserve; they probably have a truer sense of your worth than you do. Because
this year Mercury goes retrograde in the three fire signs, the adventure you
expected to embark on during its trip through Aries could be delayed for more
than a month. You may have to wait until May Day for the heart-thumping fun
to begin.


Now that the compassionate Pisces sun and affectionate Venus are lending their
support to your Saturn ruler, the latest irritation can be smoothed over fairly
easily. While it's still around, relish the sense of stability that down-to-earth
Caps appreciate like no other sign. The next test of a close relationship could
occur during Easter week, when the sun and Venus move on to assertive Aries.
But because Mercury will be ricocheting from pillar to post by then, chances
are you'll be busy dealing with distracting details and sidestepping matters
of the heart.


A lifelong ambition or the best of your good intentions may actually come to
pass when benevolent Jupiter rewards idealistic, self-sacrificing Neptune in
your sign. If ever you suspected you had psychic powers, now would be the time
to check them out. For openers, try automatic writing, crystal-ball gazing or
tuning in to the music of the spheres. With or without chemical assistance from
Neptune, you're in for a mind-expanding, possibly life-changing experience.
As for Mercury flipping in your financial sector, bear with the retrograde hassles.


Fish born in February might be beset by money matters, e.g., miscalculations,
return policies, statements lost in the mail, while Mercury retraces its steps
in Aries. Those born in March could be driven to distraction by personal choices
or health concerns. For example, since Aries rules the head, the new glasses
might not match your present prescription. Picayune stuff for Pisces, who can
rise above the mundane and relish instead the spiritual or financial favors
bestowed while magnanimous Jupiter supports their Neptune ruler.

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