Our week opens and closes with a surprise as, this Thursday, the Pisces sun
and, next Thursday, Venus conjunct unpredictable Uranus. Could this possibly
have an impact on the Oscars, or will Sunday's rewarding trine between
Mercury and conservative Saturn choose the traditional over the unusual? More
revelations about nasty doings in the boardroom, locker room and church as Mercury
challenges powerful Pluto once again. Midweek a relatively rare square from
ballsy Mars, exalted in Capricorn, to enthusiastic Jupiter in Libra promises
that something will be done. More likely, that someone will make a lot of money
in the process.


Before the social whirl you're currently enjoying winds down, find a way
to capitalize on the connections you've made. Does this sound too materialistic,
too self-serving, for such a righteous Ram? Sorry, but while your high-spirited
Mars ruler and expansive Jupiter bolster your desire for recognition, not to
mention success, it's hard to deny their challenge. A generous ally might
help you out, but even on your own, you'll know the pertinent thing to
say and the proper people to say it to. Quick, before you face stiff opposition
from obstructive Saturn.


While your amiable Venus ruler passes through charitable Pisces, kindness and
mercy will be your stock-in-trade, qualities guaranteed to add luster to your
reputation for saintliness. Since so sweet a disposition won't last forever
– only until winter's done for – go ahead and be as good as gold.
You'll have plenty of time, until next Valentine's Day, to rue the
day you went this far out of your way. Before next weekend, someone's sudden
change of heart could serve to remind you that “The road to hell is paved
with good intentions.”


The slippery slope you get to navigate while your Mercury ruler is in Pisces
means a particularly tricky time for Twins who have trouble making up their
minds under the best of conditions. While Mercury, like the glyph of the Fish,
heads in opposing directions, the safer path right now is the one leading to
greater financial stability. You might also uncover a secret about an ally,
more likely the competition, that'll impact on your career, but how far
would blackmail get you? Things to mull over until Mercury enters proactive
Aries on the 4th.


Information you're privy to this weekend, while Mercury favors authoritative
Saturn in your sign, provides a firmer footing when communicating with people
who are in the know. Whether you're trading commodities or telling tall
tales, know that there's a tried-and-true tradition you can fall back on.
Academic protocol, institutional hierarchies and a sense of privilege might
become a bigger deal in your daily life. For the next few weeks, even the house-bound
Crab is encouraged to think and act beyond your comfort zone.


The tide could suddenly turn while your sun ruler is merging with unpredictable
Uranus. Because the meeting occurs in Pisces, where emotional waters run deep,
the result may take a bigger toll on your psyche than you think. You could try
steeling yourself against the shock of the new; nevertheless, there's precious
little to do but let the chips fall where they may and then start cleaning up
the debris. How much will this diversion or foray into uncharted waters cost?
If you pool resources with a significantly sympathetic other, less than you


Venus' entrance into Pisces on Saturday can herald the arrival of an attractive
partner, co-worker or health professional, someone with a gentle touch and compassionate
disposition. How long will this harmless association last? About a week or until
Venus encounters erratic, erotic Uranus and throws whatever well-laid plans
you've made into disarray. Classically cautious Virgins, wary of new thrills
and chills, should ask an older or more experienced acquaintance for moral support,
not a good buddy who'll only egg you on.


Why is Venus exalted in Pisces? How much better a lover or shoe shopper can
you possibly be? You'll have the next three weeks, while your ruling planet
takes its annual voyage through the spiritual waters of the Fish, to discover
what you're willing to sacrifice this time around. Could your decision
lead to a greater role in a family matter after Mars provokes Jupiter in Libra
on the 3rd? Answers to this and other personal questions – especially those
concerning matters of the heart – should arrive about the time that spring


This week, money and fun go hand in hand, but you might not enjoy the association
as much as you anticipate. While nosy Mercury challenges your secretive Pluto
co-ruler, you could discover something you'd rather not know. However,
it shouldn't be that hard to adopt a new set of rules for the game you
intend to play. Meanwhile an unexpected situation at your house or even your
parents' may introduce a new element that'll benefit all concerned.
Something entrepreneurial, such as an online business, that can be run from


Don't bother betting on the Oscars. Restrictive Saturn in your house of
pooled resources suggests you'll be disappointed. This doesn't mean
you can't win an award, or that you won't make, or more likely spend,
big bucks midweek, when insistent Mars directs your optimistic Jupiter ruler
toward some sort of financial enterprise. It's just that this weekend is
more about trading information than currency. A secret you've kept for
ages could be revealed when Mercury in your house of family relations asks,
“What's up with that?”


Maybe it's time the mythic Sea Goat and the Centaur did business again.
While fiery Mars, exalted in Capricorn, challenges growth-oriented Jupiter,
the planet ruling fiery Sagittarius, it can spark the entrepreneurial spirit
in both signs. You're also in line to receive information about a partnership
arrangement that'll benefit both of you. Hooking up with an artistic Libra
or an ambitious Aries could also work out; however, getting involved with a
Pisces right now can lead to a situation that's too erratic, too explosive,
to handle.


Not every Water-Bearer is enjoying the benefits of having Neptune in Aquarius,
especially its tendency to turn you into a more visionary, spiritual being.
For natives born in the first half of the sign, where Neptune has already been,
this would be an appropriate time to acknowledge your increased powers of perception
and prayer. But you could also wait until assertive Mars enters Aquarius on
Palm Sunday and provides a stronger push. But by then Mercury will be retrograde,
and, as we know, that's rarely a good time to announce anything.


At least one of your buttons could get pushed when Mercury in your sign challenges
Pluto in your career midheaven. Since Pluto is such a powerful force for transformation,
there's little reason to think that you won't pass whatever test you're
presented with. The results might not be obvious right away, but the Pisces
sun could raise the stakes, turn it into a double dare, when it also squares
Pluto the week of the 14th. Forget about being calm, cool and collected this
birthday; these are passionate times for the Fish.

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