Lucky at cards, lucky in love too. Hope that the vibe from the extremely fortunate
Venus-Jupiter trine lingers through the weekend. Also that the erratic Mercury-Uranus
hookup doesn't radically alter travel plans or do something weird to your
latest technological marvel. If you can, stay in bed Presidents Day while the
sexy Venus-Pluto connection comes to full flower. The moon may look full, but
it doesn't reach perfection in Virgo, the sign of the perfectionist, until
Wednesday night. On Thursday, expect something other than the usual full-moon
weirdness while the Pisces sun meets unpredictable, disruptive Uranus. Earthquake


Cement your current connections, the cosmic as well as the mundane, as soon
as you can. When Mercury turns retrograde in Aries in mid-March, the ties that
bind us to one another could become seriously tangled. It'll take at least
until the end of April to straighten them out. Other than that, keep on keeping
on with whatever clear-cut sense of purpose and productivity you're enjoying.
Because, also in mid-March, your Mars ruler finishes its transit of constructive
Capricorn, the sign of its exaltation, and it won't return until 2007.


Almost everything about the award season strikes a responsive chord with the
artist in you. It's also the time of year when you can feel a lot more
social, especially as your Venus ruler joins the Fish for the Oscars. Remember
that during her three-week run through Pisces, Venus is in exaltation; her positive
attributes – the affection and aesthetic appreciation rather than the rapaciousness
and bitchiness – are at their best. It's also when a Bull is willing
to become a martyr for love. Be afraid, be very afraid.


Pisces, for the Twins, can turn into the season of the witch, a time when you're
more likely to be presented with choices that provoke rather than satisfy. While
your Mercury ruler navigates through your career midheaven, challenging your
sense of accomplishment, remember that the Messenger is mercurial. It's
here and then it's somewhere else and then, before you know it, it's
retrograde again. Protect your interests and your good name; punctuate what
happens between now and mid-March with a big fat question mark.


The simpatico Pisces sun can melt the defense mechanisms of all the wary water
signs. If you're sucked into this receptive mindset, don't forget
that erratic Uranus in Pisces can change the scene unexpectedly. So much for
disposing of the Crab's hard shell! And while much of the action centers
on you and other people's money – borrowing and lending, taxes and
credit – particularly around the full moon on the 23rd, you may become
more interested in what's going on worldwide and where you fit in.


Surprises can delight or upset you; it's a double-edged sword that Uranus
wields, especially while it joins forces with your sun ruler on the 24th. The
full moon may also have a funny effect, and not because the critical Virgo vibe
has that jolly a sense of humor. However, since this full moon falls across
your financial axis, you might want to double-check all transactions this week.
If someone is playing a joke, it could turn into a costly one. On the other
hand, you can be the one who has a sudden change of heart.


Will you recover quickly from the chaotic situation you stumble into this weekend
when your Mercury ruler meets with Uranus, the planet of shock and awe? Properly
prepped for the perceptive Virgo full moon on the 23rd, which could resolve
the issue? Or are you utterly confused and at sea, which is what can happen
when Mercury is awash in deep Piscean waters? If so, a younger ally or someone
more attuned to the ebb and flow of a significant relationship may come to your
rescue. Ask for advice before Mercury moves on to independent Aries and your
approach becomes more strident.


While your Venus ruler cavorts through your Aquarius house of romance and risk,
you're apt to take chances you otherwise wouldn't. Once Venus dives
into Pisces, compassion and confusion can cloud your vision; don't be surprised
if you have a sudden change of heart while Venus cozies up to unpredictable
Uranus in March. Making sacrifices because Venus is exalted – being ultragood
– in the sign of the Fish could be your M.O. until you figure out where
you misplaced that Libran sense of fair play.


Attention to your career, as well as to the family's good name, must be
paid whenever a full moon illuminates the highest point in your natal chart.
Such is the case this week, so try to anticipate the kind of antics an idiosyncratic
relative or a kooky client will get into before there's a mess to clean
up. Although you may sympathize with that person's predicament, remember
that the devil is in the details. A precise, proper decision is easier to reach
when your Mars co-ruler is exalted in Capricorn, the sign in which it works
exceptionally well.


Archers born close to the Scorpio cusp could share a similar experience, having
to pay a lot of attention to a screwy family member or client. The rest can
focus on an educational issue, a problem about travel plans or difficulty with
a local merchant while the moon is full in fix-it Virgo. Either way, you'll
find a good reason to act with uncharacteristic speed and efficiency. Could
that be the additional pressure on your laissez-faire Jupiter ruler coming from
Mars in your money house? Quick, before the costs add up.


Finances may take center stage during the detail-driven Virgo full moon, a
time of reckoning with tax or insurance matters. This is also the time of year
when your acquisitions can have greater value. The closer we get to spring,
the more your attention will be drawn to family members, family values and,
of course, real estate. So gather those pretty possessions while ye may. Before
much longer, assertive Mars in your sign will insist you do something about
an “easy come, easy go” approach to a career concern.


If you continue to think that the world revolves around you after Aquarius
has ended, you're not altogether wrong. Until the Pisces sun comes out
of its meeting with your Uranus ruler on the 24th, you'll have more than
your share of flashbulbs and buzz to deal with. Your spot in the limelight might
even extend past March 4, when affectionate Venus takes Uranus' arm for
the weekend. How romantic, how “head over heels” crazy in love will
it get by then? A lot depends on who shows up around the full moon.


The annual polarity between the idealistic Pisces sun and the realistic Virgo
moon midweek can accentuate your feelings about a significant relationship,
be it with a co-worker, your life partner or your current enemy. If something
needs sorting out, that would be a good time to do it. But you probably won't
have to press the issue; during a full moon, these things have a way of coming
to a head no matter what you do or say. Then again, you could have a complete
change of heart during the Venus-Uranus conjunction in Pisces on March 4.

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