February could be quite the festive month, filled with one romantic opportunity
after another. Although Valentine's Day falls on a Monday, you shouldn't
postpone celebrating your happiness and good fortune, certainly not while passionate
Pluto makes everything you experience this weekend so much more intense. As
for the “hearts and flowers” day itself, nothing epitomizes over-the-top
romanticism like the wedding of Venus and Neptune that evening. Nor are you
likely to be that big a fool for love – not while the supersmart merger
of Mercury and the Aquarius sun is taking place. Wow! Head and heart, together
at last! The cherry on top? A joyous Venus-Jupiter trine launching the long
Presidents Day holiday.


During Valentine week, expressions of affection and good intentions come at
you from all sides, but you'd be wise to let a colleague or a casual acquaintance
make the first move. A friendly face may have an interesting surprise in store,
but uncharacteristic as it may sound, you're probably a lot more cautious
about everything. Blame your Mars ruler for adopting a prudent Capricorn attitude
while it tiptoes through the sign of responsibility and judicious restraint.
Strange as it seems, the famously randy Ram is just not that rambunctious right


Do you need to hear how incredibly romantic and spiritually uplifting Valentine's
Day will be when your Venus ruler and idyllic Neptune exchange vows of undying
love and inspiration? If you don't have a significant other on hand, you
might as well drown your sorrow in Neptunian elixirs and sad songs. But if your
vision of the perfect day does come true, then figure you're on a helluva
roll and that your run of good luck will continue through the sublimely fortunate
Venus-Jupiter linkup next Thursday, and then some.


With so many conversations going on in your head and interesting ideas being
expounded by those around you, Twins may have forgotten that the next two weeks
promise to be exciting, satisfying as well. But first you'd better clear
a space in that fertile brain of yours so that you can receive an important
message scheduled for Valentine's Day. Whenever the sun and your Mercury
ruler hook up, you tend to find a fresh approach to a long-standing problem.
And on this special day, because they meet in airy Aquarius, hear the answer
to your prayers.


The new moon on the 8th may mark the start of a new relationship, one based
on values you share with someone who'll play a significant role, at least
for the next four weeks. So keep an eye out for that person, but don't
let yourself be swayed by the overly idealistic vibes permeating the atmosphere
on Valentine's Day. On the other hand, there's a rational mindset
in play that day that could balance any excessively romantic expectations. All
you have to do is give equal time to how you're feeling and what you're
thinking. Try not to confuse the two.


One day someone will explain the cosmic connection between Leo and Pisces in
terms we can all understand. Until then, purely on faith – a trait that's
big with the Fish – accept the fact that felines have this thing with the
piscine that's more life-sustaining than dipping your claws into their
pool simply because you're hungry. You've got until the 18th to prepare
for the change of heart that can overwhelm you when your sun ruler leaves Aquarius,
your astrological partner, for Pisces, your soul . . . whatever.


While your Mercury ruler is orbiting so close to the sun, you may find yourself
in the company of Lions, brave hearts and creative types who, if you don't
establish boundaries, could easily overpower you. Although that's often
not a bad thing, remind yourself that Leo is a fixed sign, that they have a
much harder time adjusting to changes or winging it than you do. Make allowances,
for they can also be oblivious; sometimes they know not what they do, nor the
extent of the inner turmoil they can cause. Remember: Virgo is the sign of service.


If you missed last week's forecast, it bears repeating. Your Venus ruler
is in such a glorious position for Valentine's Day weekend, she'll
put you there as well. While the goddess of love and beauty consorts with idealistic
(but occasionally delusional) Neptune, there are no limits to what you'll
believe. Nor to what you'll imbibe in your search for bliss. More fun and
frolicking the following weekend, when loving Venus is rewarded by lucky Jupiter
and vice versa. Now would be an excellent time to treat yourself royally.


If you're not entirely happy with the newfound work ethic that took over
when your Mars ruler entered Capricorn, you have an out. This weekend, feel
free to join the lotus-eaters – mainly Libra, Taurus, Aquarius and Pisces
– escaping harsh reality while Venus and Neptune, the aestheticians, provide
safe passage. Because the planets meet in the place where you sleep, you'll
be inspired to make your home more beautiful and accessorize the people in it.
This can be a highly spiritual contact as well. Where to put the altar?


A casual friend, not a member of your inner circle, could be the instrument
of your good fortune this weekend, and the next too. Particularly a literate
Libra who's fun to hang with. But for something more romantic, look to
a sexy neighbor, a former schoolmate or a local merchant to serve as your current
Valentine. And if money is part of the attraction, so be it. While affectionate,
acquisitive Venus flits across your house of assets, don't try to deny
your fondness for stuff. To get your share of the swag, seal the deal with a


Although you might not be as romantically inclined this Valentine's Day
as the other earth signs, you could be strongly, as well as strangely, attracted
to the spiritual side of love. Or, for that matter, to a work of art or a particular
artist. While Venus and impressionable Neptune are united, qualities you once
valued can change at a moment's notice. Maybe you'll have vivid, prophetic
dreams; maybe your muse will finally make an appearance. No matter what or who
is responsible, you'll benefit from their interference.


You're probably aware that there's a lot going on in Aquarius, and
that if you don't make a move at all, good things are still bound to happen.
However, if so much attention is embarrassing or if you want to be more proactive,
then midweek, when energetic Mars presents a novel opportunity to express yourself,
be sure to take it. The result of your actions might not be obvious until Mars
meets your Uranus ruler at the end of March. What occurs then will mark the
end of this two-year cycle and the beginning of the next.


Most of what's taking place this week affects you on an unconscious, albeit
cosmic, level. With four planets in Aquarius in your 12th house of services
rendered to the universe, you could sense that something is going on, you just
don't know what it is. More becomes revealed after Mercury enters Pisces
on the 16th, and when the sun dives in next Friday, you'll be further enlightened.
However, if you can't wait, simply pay attention to what your intuition
tells you while Uranus in your sign is being buzzed on Valentine's Day

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