Mars enters constructive Capricorn on Sunday, indicating that it's time
to get off your ass and back to serious work. Not that simple: Monday, the lucky,
lazy, self-indulgent trine between the Aquarius sun and Jupiter reaches perfection.
The Aquarius new moon on Fat Tuesday inaugurates a new lunar cycle and the Chinese
New Year of the Rooster or, if you prefer, Cock. So much to celebrate! Ash Wednesday
marks the beginning of Lent, but another trine to generous Jupiter on Thursday,
this one from Mercury, reinforces that self-indulgent streak. The Valentine's
Day weekend promises lots of information, inspiration and, because affectionate
Venus conjuncts artistic Neptune, a happy hookup.


Ambitious Rams have until the first day of Aries to utilize the boost in productivity
you'll get while your Mars ruler transits disciplined Capricorn. The consolidation
of intention and application in your career house occurs only once every two
years, so don't blow the next six weeks “conceptualizing.” The
time to do that, an inspiring sun-Neptune conjunction in tech-savvy Aquarius,
is right this minute. But if you want to wait until the Aquarius new-moon energy
has sunk in before launching your project, that's okay.


This week's new moon in your Aquarius midheaven inaugurates another phase
of your career, especially one involved in the arts, pharmaceuticals or the
ocean, all part of Neptune's realm. Instead of adopting a “go with
the flow” attitude, visualize the sort of progress you hope to make during
the Chinese Year of the Cock. An opportunity to strut your stuff should show
up soon after a romantic Valentine's Day weekend. While your Venus ruler
is in a rewarding trine with lucky Jupiter, look for a double helping of good


Go all out for Mardi Gras; there are no limits to your imagination or, for
that matter, your intuition. While your Mercury ruler is under Neptune's
mystical spell, you can be a wellspring of inspiration. That gift could pay
off handsomely when Mercury finds favor with prosperous Jupiter on the 10th.
Further benefits are due as the socially savvy Aquarius sun and the Messenger
meet for a special Valentine's Day celebration. This is a great month to
be a Twin; don't pass on any opportunity you're offered.


The Aquarius new moon that ushers in every Chinese New Year seems to have a
stronger impact on the Moon Child than most, not all, of the other new moons.
Since this lunation falls in your house of joint money matters, if you're
having a financial problem, make a point of acknowledging the positive, “all
things are possible” Aquarian attitude. Something else to celebrate while
you're celebrating Mardi Gras. That upbeat attitude prevails through Valentine's
Day, so if you can't be with the one you love, how about loving the one
you're with?


Some Lions roar with pleasure when their sun ruler is favored by prosperous
Jupiter; they assume they'll receive more than their fair share, which
is the royal prerogative. Others realize that they are bound to spend more than
is necessary, but they enjoy the giving and the gratitude that follows. Either
way, you're heading toward a rewarding situation. Expressing what's
in your heart on Valentine's Day could be its own reward. Something quite
special gets started whenever the sun and Mercury conjunct, this time in your
Aquarius marriage house.


While your Mercury ruler merges with idealistic Neptune, feel free to entertain
high hopes for the monthlong Aquarius new-moon cycle and the Chinese New Year.
One of those hopes could come to fruition as early as the 10th, when Mercury
forms a supportive trine to lucky Jupiter. What happens on Valentine's
Day, while Mercury and the sun join forces, can affect your actions until Easter.
Listen closely to what is being said as well as what you're hearing in
your head. That'll be your spirit guide talking.


For you, February is usually a sweet, albeit short, month, what with all that
intelligent Aquarian air energy rewarding those lovable Libran attributes. However,
in 2005, these weeks can be better than ever. Consider your Venus ruler's
happy marriage to artistic, idealistic Neptune on Valentine's Day. How
cosmic is that? A few days later, the beneficial trine from Venus in your house
of risk and romance to lucky Jupiter in Libra can produce a lot of goodies or
simply make you feel you've been truly blessed.


Once your Mars ruler enters Capricorn on the 6th, you can forgo the good intentions
and adopt good work habits instead. Nothing ensures efficiency and effectiveness
as much as Mars' exaltation in the sign of the executive. This highly productive
period will last only until spring arrives, so don't let yourself get sidetracked
by visualizing the perfect Valentine's Day celebration. Enticing as those
pictures may be, choose one and develop its potential for success. That's
what the Capricorn energy excels at.


Even though your Jupiter ruler is retrograde and therefore less likely to deliver
the benefits you've come to take for granted, it isn't totally dormant.
Acknowledge and appreciate whatever reward appears up when the Aquarius sun
and Jupiter trine on the 7th. More good news on the 10th while Mercury and Jupiter,
the publishing planets, trine. But the best is yet to come: Loving Venus trines
lucky Jupiter on the 17th, just in time for the long and, for amorous Archers,
potentially passionate Presidents Day weekend.


The opportunities Jupiter is providing can be traced to your Libra midheaven.
Because the contacts between the planet of prosperity and the planets in your
Aquarius money house are so supportive, you may want to count your chickens
before they hatch. Although a cautious Capricorn would rarely do such a thing,
when there are so many positive connections between your money house and your
career house, it's justifiable. It's also a blessing that occurs only
once every 12 years. By next February, Jupiter will have moved on.


You're the star performer in this week's play – not a farce,
let's hope – about goodies and growth. Because generous Jupiter is
the deus ex machina in this production, you should profit by its rewarding aspects
to the four planets – expressive Mercury, attractive Venus, idealistic
Neptune and the creative sun – in Aquarius. Is this a fabulous birthday
present or what? But Jupiter is also the planet of humor and hubris, so don't
lord it over those contributing to your good fortune or you're liable to
fall flat on your face.


You're in luck. The good fortune the other signs are currently enjoying
might not be aimed directly at Fish, but because your Neptune ruler is smack
in the middle of Aquarius, you can't help but delight in the good news
Mercury delivers for Mardi Gras or the pleasurable pursuits Venus comes up with
on Valentine's Day. There is nothing quite as artistic or as romantic as
the marriage of Venus and Neptune that day. So, if you don't have plans
yet or you won't make any for fear you'll be disappointed, rest easy.

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