Divine excess followed by rules, regulations and restraints. Expansive, enthusiastic
Jupiter dominates the weekend as Mars, Mercury and Venus, the personal planets,
cavort with the jolly giant. Tuesday the Leo full moon reluctantly halts the
festivity by bringing staid Saturn to center stage. First Mercury, then Venus
opposes His Great Grumpiness midweek, only to be rebuffed. Baby, it sure is
cold outside. But not cold enough to cool down the passionate emotions in play
while hot-blooded Mars and degenerative (or is that regenerative?) Pluto merge
forces on the 28th. Because their conjunction is in Sagittarius, the cumulative
effect could be worldwide.


Don't push it. If you're not getting the response you want, if you
feel a significant someone is taking advantage of you (all legitimate complaints
this week), step back and rethink your position. Because you're capable
of packing such a powerful punch right now, your actions might have a much stronger
effect than you originally intend. While your impetuous Mars ruler meets up
with Pluto's intense determination, you could be considered dangerous:
sexy, yes, but scary, too. How about leading a rescue mission instead?


Truly talented Bulls, not wannabe American Idols, are more likely to be affected
by the Leo full moon and the creative alternatives it offers. If there is a
hue and cry from the public, so be it; this sort of attention is supposed to
come your way twice a year. However, too much of a good thing, while an appealing
prospect at first, may lead to a glut of promises and a shortage of actual rewards.
Try to contain your expectations, consumption and spending while your Venus
ruler succumbs to generous Jupiter's many charms. Lady Luck is fickle.


Back off. Try not to aggravate your mate or insist on making your point when
talking to allies as well as adversaries. While you're liable to encounter
resistance no matter whom or what you're dealing with – your Mercury
ruler is currently opposed by restrictive Saturn – the planetary energies
in your Sagittarius partnership house are on the verge of spontaneously combusting.
Whenever fiery Mars and passionate Pluto meet, it's wise to be on guard
against a sneak attack; in your case, from a significant other determined to
undermine you. Forewarned, forearmed.


The Leo full moon highlights your personal space, calling attention to your
appearance, personality and sense of self-worth. Right now there's a glow
about the Moon Child that could attract an enlightened partner, someone who
is looking to the future instead of dwelling in the past. Crabs with intense
work or workout schedules need to ease up because that area of your life is
apt to go up in flames, making you vulnerable to infection or inflammation.
Generous Jupiter turns retrograde on February 1; time to cut back on household


It hardly matters which person has a greater impact in your workplace, household
or even the gym than you do. Despite a full moon in your sign, it's other
people who are positioned to call the shots. The best thing you can do right
now is react appropriately – for example, don't get caught up in someone
else's fantasy no matter how artistic or altruistic it may sound. However,
athletes and lovers could channel the tremendous infusion of physical energy
and psychological determination at their disposal toward achieving their personal


If there's anything not working well at home, now is the time to fix it.
Repairs and wholehearted attempts at rehab could become guaranteed successes
while courageous Mars and resourceful Pluto conjoin in your house of family
history and real estate. (The energy is similar to what occurred during their
conjunction two years ago when the whole world marched for peace.) The pursuit
of romance or regenerative recreation – ah, the spa! – can also be
successful, especially if you shell out for a good time without complaining.


Anticipate receiving, possibly even enjoying, a certain amount of celebrity
during the days following the Leo full moon. You don't have to do anything
particularly noteworthy; it could be someone else's glory rubbing off on
you. Family obligations lighten up as your Venus ruler moves from conscientious
Capricorn into progressive, experimental Aquarius on Groundhog Day. That's
also when expansive Jupiter in your sign settles down for a long winter nap,
an opportune time to go on a diet and rein in the expenses.


Feel free to lord it over the rest of us. Scorpions haven't been this
effective since February '03, the last time Mars and Pluto, your co-ruling
planets, joined forces. Either begin a project worthy of putting your heart
and soul into or vow to fix whatever mess is left from your most recent crusade.
Especially if it involves finances. However, the temptation to escape your reality
could also be powerful right now. If a favorite fantasy or a bad habit is dominating
your thoughts, try to redirect that energy elsewhere. Get help.


While the Centaur usually acts as an ambassador or mentor, this week you've
got enough power to carry on like a typical tyrant, not just a benevolent despot.
If you don't concentrate the combined energy of assertive Mars and coercive
Pluto in your sign on doing good, the destruction these forces are capable of
might turn against you. Keep this in mind when you're issuing orders to
whomever is loyal enough to hang around. Also be aware that your protective
Jupiter ruler goes on vacation, that is, is retrograde from February to June.


Is it worth waiting for? Ask yourself this question when you feel thwarted
or devalued simply because affectionate Venus in your sign is facing stiff opposition
from your cautious Saturn ruler. If you're shopping around for something
that is supposed to last a long time, like a “happily ever after”
relationship, now might not be the best time to proceed. Also, since prosperous
Jupiter in your career house is turning retrograde, you might not make as much
progress over the next four months as you anticipate.


The full moon in Leo could expose the pluses and minuses of what is currently
passing for a close relationship, be it with your mate, co-worker or chiropractor.
Only because idealistic, imaginative Neptune is so prominently placed in your
sign is fantasy fulfillment such a decisive factor in your daily life. So, for
the next few weeks, while perceptive Mercury and artistic, affectionate Venus
visit Aquarius, be aware that, like it or not, your hidden talents, your secret
desires are receiving more attention than usual.


Watch out for a tyrant of a boss, a Medea of a mother figure! Having the abusive
Mars-Pluto conjunction take place in your Sagittarius midheaven suggests that
an authority figure, not you, will be the idiot responsible for whatever troubles
result from this collision. However, there could be an upside to this powerful
punch if you aim it toward healing what hurts, repairing the damage done. The
moment will pass as the month ends; after that, you'll drift back to the
world of your imagination, intuition and creative visualization.

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