Reality sets in about the same time that the down-to-earth Capricorn sun shines its light on the limitations that Saturn in Cancer has imposed. Thursday might also offer up more secrets (unsuspected steroid users?) while Mercury and Pluto meet during their third and final conjunction for another year. What you suspected at Thanksgiving, just before Mercury turned retrograde, and learned more about during December, could now be confirmed. If you're a certifiable fanatic, Saturday's your day to show it; athletic Mars and idealistic Neptune align in a supportive, opportunistic way. Monday, Martin Luther King Jr. Day, dawns with an earthy, value-conscious but sensuous Taurus lunar vibe. Carpe diem! On Wednesday, at 3:22 p.m. PST, the sun moves into progressive, “all things are possible” Aquarius, just in time for the dreaded inauguration.


On your own you're fairly effective this week, but the stroke of good luck that could put you over the top is more likely to come via a partnership arrangement than by sailing solo. Try to safeguard the relationship by not indulging in every whim. At this juncture, practical is better than pleasurable. Should you sense your determination growing stronger as the week progresses, chalk it up to the relatively rare (once every two years) marriage of Mars, your ruling planet, and persuasive, borderline obsessive Pluto. Power to you people!


Bulls may find themselves on the same radar screen, responding to the same stimuli, as the Twins and Virgins in your lives. Throw in a Libra's reaction to an artist who moves you, and you've got yourself quite the crew. However, the benefits of this astrological grouping might not show up until next weekend, when lucky Jupiter oversees your joint efforts. Does a trip to Vegas sound like work? You're also in one of those magical periods when transferring a product of your imagination to the material world won't raise a sweat.


Like your Taurus neighbor, Gemini can be inspired to make art this weekend, but you're also lucky at love and, by next weekend, cards as well. As long as you don't brag too much about your good fortune, the gods won't shoot you down. A problematic money matter shouldn't frustrate you much longer; before the month is over, the planetary roadblocks will dissolve. After Wednesday, airy Aquarius energy makes it easier to come up with an innovative idea, an original presentation that'll move you closer to the front of the line.


As soon as the Capricorn sun ends its opposition to Saturn in your sign, primarily the Crabs born in mid-July can kiss their latest crisis goodbye. You might exchange words of wisdom and shed a few tears later in the month, but nothing will motivate you to take action as much as the frustration you're currently feeling. Whether a similar problem arises in mid-April during the Aries new moon/solar eclipse, which is when the sun tests Saturn once again, is another question. No doubt you'll cross that bridge if and when you come to it.


More of that mysterious karma cleansing could occur this week while your sun
ruler confronts Saturn in your 12th house. That's the place where cosmic
consciousness clouds men's minds and erases memories of former lifetimes.
Can we assume that you're still paying for playing rough and loose a century
ago? Right now Lions can accomplish something akin to a miracle by pursuing
your partner's vision of how this year will turn out. A high-minded sense
of purpose is yours for the taking, and the sharing, the minute someone lights
your creative fire.


Another week of feeling at one with the ones you love. Because your Mercury
ruler won't be this attached to affectionate, harmonious Venus forever,
make the most of their time together – the rest of the month – to
cement a close relationship, to take it to another, more serious (as befits
long-lasting, tradition-minded Capricorn) level. Your commitment might thwart
some of the mischief Mars is creating as it tests your desire for domestic bliss.
But isn't an occasional thrill better than no excitement at all?


Like some natives of Virgo, Gemini and Taurus, you're gravitating toward
each other for some unknown, but historically relevant, purpose. The reason
could become obvious when informative Mercury merges this weekend with your
artistic Venus ruler. Although you may feel pressured to produce on demand,
the procrastinator in you often does the best work when you're under the
gun. Writers are especially receptive to what they see, visual artists to what
they read or hear, ranging from traditional sources of inspiration to the offbeat
and untried.


You might have to reconsider what you hope to accomplish by going back to school,
also whether a trip to a foreign country can provide the answers you're
seeking. At the moment there are indications that you're bound to encounter
opposition and frustration on various levels. However, in the long run, say
by midsummer, you'll have learned an important, life-sustaining lesson.
On a less lofty, philosophical plane, take it easy if you're the designated
driver, or the sole voice of reason on a group shopping spree, at least for
another week.


Acquire something this weekend that pleases on assorted levels – lovely
to look at, important to know. Even if you feel constrained by finances, the
long-range value of your purchase can eclipse the pain of coughing up the bucks.
Because anxious Saturn is sitting in your house of insurance, taxes and inheritances,
it's difficult not to be fretting over one money matter or another. But
by the month's end, you should have sorted out your options to your short-range
satisfaction. Meanwhile, prepare for a run of good luck next weekend; buy a
lottery ticket.


You could easily be the aforementioned item that's both lovely to look
at and important to know, as long as attractive Venus and intelligent Mercury
continue to meet in your sign. Project whatever image you'd like, say what's
on your mind; under the current circumstances, you can't miss. An opportunity
to extend your sphere of influence or improve your reputation might also pop
up this week. Even if there's a risk involved – something a sure-footed
Goat tends to avoid – take it. Protective, prosperous Jupiter is looking
out for you.


Practice what you preach. Seriously. Before the Aquarius sun merges with inspirational
Neptune next month, before you morph into the Grand Guru, take advantage of
the window of opportunity a friend offers this weekend. With incisive Mars clearing
the way, it'll be fairly easy to get directly to the point of your sermon,
plea or pitch. And, not so incidentally, become an object of adoration in the
process. Since Mars brooks no bullshit, there's not much of a chance, amid
all the appreciation, that you'll adopt a holier-than-thou attitude.


Once again your forecast parallels that of Aquarius. Although the cast of characters
may be different, like the neighborly Water-Bearer, you're about to discover
what kind of effect you have on your colleagues. Even if the original impetus
comes from a client, your boss or a community leader, group interaction is what
matters. Behaving like an oddball or suddenly changing your mind won't
make your fans love you any less, although an elderly family member might offer
a fair amount of resistance. Which, no doubt, you shall overcome.

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