Try your luck while the Capricorn sun tests Jupiter in Libra this weekend.
You may be surprised by the new attitude that kicks in on Monday with the realistic
Cap new moon. Then again, you could be frustrated by the difficulty and delay
you encounter when the hard-working Cap sun is opposed by stern Saturn in Cancer
next Thursday. Take it a lot slower than you have been and you shall overcome.
Here's the general forecast for 2005:


Your latest adventure winds down in early February, when your Mars ruler crosses
into Capricorn. While Mars travels through the sign that really wants to take
care of business, that's pretty much what you'll be doing to the best
of your executive ability. Further experimentation begins around Palm Sunday,
when you're infused with an innovative, independent Aquarian spirit. A
month later, as fiery Mars moves into Pisces, you chase after artistic and spiritual
heights. But the most memorable high points fall between mid-June and late July
while Mars is at home in Aries. Plan ahead.


Bulls who were flying high land in earthy Capricorn on January 9 to resume
their comfortable post-holiday routine. This way, when your Venus ruler and
imaginative Neptune bond on Valentine's Day, you should be sufficiently
grounded in reality to take whatever Aquarian flight of fancy carries you away.
Such a blatantly romantic interlude and so conveniently scheduled! Venus travels
through Taurus from April 15 until Mother's Day, the best weeks to make
yourself even more desirable. Strut your best stuff, ask for and receive favors.


Clip and save: Your Mercury ruler is retrograde in adventurous Aries from March
19 to April 12, in equally upbeat Leo from July 22 to August 15 and in fiery
Sagittarius from November 13 until December 3, when it flips forward at 25 Scorpio.
This means that both Easter and Thanksgiving vacations occur while the Messenger
is messing with airline tickets, phones, etc. If you intend to travel then,
solidify your plans early and confirm often. Lovable Venus sweetens your disposition
and heightens your appeal for most of May, ensuring a memorable Memorial Day


The word is already spreading: Something special is scheduled for the partial
eclipse of the moon on October 17. But before that phenomenon takes place, the
Moon Child's personal influence will wax considerably with the solar eclipses
of April 8 and October 3, and wane during the other lunar eclipse of the year,
on April 24. Both lunar eclipses are visible in the USA. Mark the dates. Saturn
meanders through the last 10 degrees of Cancer until July 16, when it crosses
into Leo and takes the hard life lessons it's been teaching with it. Now
that is a birthday gift worthy of the gods!


Make a note of the eclipse dates in the Cancer forecast because Lions are also
affected by the dramatic interplay of the moon and your sun ruler. The more
opportune days of 2005 occur when, like today, the sun and lucky Jupiter align.
Other fortunate days to circle: 2/7, 4/3, 5/30, 7/1 and, best of all, 10/21,
when the sun and the jolly giant meet on the Libra/Scorpio cusp. A brand-new
cycle begins for you then, one focused on mind-expanding travel experiences
and real estate transactions. Other red-letter days: 2/3, 2/25, 3/30.


Clip out the Gemini forecast and mark the periods when your Mercury ruler will
be retrograde. Those are not the weeks to advance a well-thought-out agenda
or travel extensively. The good news is that prosperous Jupiter remains in your
Libra house of assets and values until late October and, for many Virgins, continues
to come up with growth-oriented financial opportunities while it transits early
Scorpio. When it comes to significant relationships, innovative Uranus provides
awesome moments while allowing a fair measure of freedom.


You'll continue to find opportunities to grow as a person while expansive
Jupiter transits Libra, but in October the planet of prosperity will move into
Scorpio. That's when its, and your, focus shifts to financial matters,
e.g., increasing your assets. Check the Leo forecast for dates that can be particularly
fortunate, such as Memorial Day, and plan your celebrations accordingly. Since
your Venus ruler doesn't turn retrograde this year, you can avoid the sinking
feeling that nothing is progressing fast enough to suit you.


At long last, justice, possibly even a shot at sweet revenge. You've been
patient and incredibly resourceful long enough, and in October, when Jupiter
finally arrives in your sign after a 12-year wait, you'll be rewarded,
possibly even vindicated. Before much longer you'll have the self-confidence
to pursue prosperity and joy in full measure. Meanwhile, for the next two months,
your Mars ruler provides the energy and attention to detail you need to complete
a project that has the potential to be a bona fide financial success.


Not much changes in 2005. Regenerative Pluto still meanders through the tail
end of your sign, giving Centaurs born in mid-December more reasons to improve
their image. Last chance to get a makeover show of your own! Erratic Uranus
keeps you guessing about household matters and your kookier family members.
But what can make a noticeable difference is your Jupiter ruler's switch
from sociable, even lighthearted, Libra to suspicious, manipulative Scorpio.
Will a can't-help-but-spill-the-beans Sagittarian suddenly get good at
keeping secrets?


After two and a half years of working it out or giving it up, your conscientious
Saturn ruler finally leaves Cancer, the sign governing your partnership matters,
in mid-July. Because the Leo influence is so much more enthusiastic and cheerful
than the Moon Child's, you're liable to find yourself having a fine
old time all the time! Protective Jupiter continues to influence the arc of
your career as it expands your reputation, even after it moves from Libra to
Scorpio in October. The best time for romance: from right now until spring begins.


A big year for early Aquarians as the asteroid Chiron, the wounded Centaur
and New Age teacher, enters your sign in February. Prepare to be amazed by the
amount of good you can do, the extent of the healing every Water-Bearer may
accomplish over the next few years. Moments of divine inspiration and artistic
excellence are scheduled for both Groundhog Day and Valentine's Day, but
mid-April is when you'll be especially charismatic. You re-learn the meaning
of patience once Saturn enters your Leo marriage house in mid-July.


While independent Uranus travels through the first 10 degrees of Pisces in
2005, some aspects of your personal life that you thought were sorted out last
year could become issues again. However, Fish born in March are relatively safe
from any drastic changes until 2006. Starting in October, generous Jupiter's
transit of friendly Scorpio for the next 15 months will help you to get your
hands on other people's money. Romance, artistic inspiration and spiritual
highs throughout February and March add up to a very happy birthday.

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