Now that Christmas is over, you can go back to being naughty instead of trying
to be nice. Considering that impetuous Mars mixes it up with Uranus, the mischief
maker, on New Year's Eve, that shouldn't be too difficult. Their challenging
square aspect brings a real element of danger and disruption, such as an earthquake.
But with suicide bombs exploding every few days and locals shooting guns to
ring in the New Year, you probably don't need another reason to increase
your fear factor. Copping to the truth and the intensity of our emotions becomes
easier once we've crossed over from 2004 to 2005. Happy New Year? Why not?


Get through the New Year's weekend without an accident or a mindless slip
of the tongue and you could be amply rewarded by your mate/date next weekend.
The opportunity offered to your partner might turn into a success story both
can share in. But conventional and socially acceptable is probably the best
way to go this time; avoid taking your customary leap into the unknown. Exchanging
information could be another avenue to success, but this trade would benefit
you alone, not your other half. Still and all, it's worth exploring.


Bulls try to settle down this week, seeking creature comfort and scintillating
conversation with people in the know. If you find yourself inexplicably attracted
to the dark side, relax. No harm and, so far, nothing too foul. Simply recognize
that your Venus ruler is passing through Pluto's realm – the underworld
– so that you can explore this annual excursion fully. Since Mercury is
currently joined at the hip with Venus, it should be easy to describe those
powerful physical sensations and mental gyrations.


Twins are one of the signs susceptible to the slings and arrows of outrageous
fortune – the shit that'll hit the fan – while Mars provokes
unpredictable Uranus at the year's end. Your job could be up in the air
or a partnership relationship may be in question, but because affectionate Venus
is attached to your Mercury ruler, you'll find pleasure in whatever you're
experiencing. The latest info about the hush-hush plans you've been tracking
since mid-November might surface midweek, but even that won't wipe the
smile off your face.


It's not often that your romantic inclinations and your physical appetites
collide with such a dramatic impact; however, that's the prognosis for
your New Year's weekend celebrations. No matter where you are or who you're
with, don't be too surprised if a mutual attraction turns into a dangerous
liaison. And while introspective Crabs are rarely considered daredevils, this
is your chance to prove otherwise. Sports enthusiasts are liable to break a
record, that is, if they don't break a bone in the process.


A fine romance can have a terrific back story, so don't act shy or polite;
dig for the facts that are not being revealed. While solving a mystery is often
its own reward, what you discover this week could bring tangible treats as well.
One of the more growth-oriented opportunities that'll be offered to you
in 2005 should show up around the 6th when your sun ruler and lucky Jupiter
align. If there's a chance to broaden your base of operation or to increase
your fan base, take it. Your payoff arrives in time for Mardi Gras.


Stay home for the New Year's holiday. There may be an accident in the
kitchen to attend to (e.g., a Martian fire, an electronic fizzle). That's
also the place where you'll discover pleasures you haven't experienced
in a while. And not only are those pleasures not momentary, they're slated
to keep you happy through all of January. That's a long time for your Mercury
ruler to remain enchanted with Venus' charms. Make the most of their harmonious
hookup: Redecorate a room, renegotiate with the landlord, reconcile with a family


Siblings, neighbors or schoolmates could give you a reason this week to be
glad they're there. This is no fluke but the result of a relatively long-lasting
liaison between your Venus ruler and clever Mercury. Enjoy both the auld acquaintances
and the new, since they're likely to hang around for the entire month,
ensuring that you remain entertained and edified. One benefit of having lucky
Jupiter lodged in Libra this year could become apparent as the creative sun
and the generous giant align around the 6th. Take a chance.


If you've been on the trail of a financial mystery, trying to uncover
information crucial to your well-being, you may finally get to rest easy. The
question should be answered to your satisfaction the third time that fact-finding
Mercury merges with your Pluto co-ruler. Around the 4th is also when you'll
reap the rewards of having amenable, artistic Venus, with her excellent taste
in material goods, join forces with Pluto. What you acquire now can evoke intense
pleasure for a long time, something to stay passionate about. Ummm, what might
that be?


Centaurs born in November could put themselves in harm's way while impetuous
Mars in your sign is subjected to Uranus' erratic vibe on New Year's
Eve. Be careful that a crazy impulse doesn't get you in trouble, and be
especially cautious around the house with sharp objects and fire. That being
said, the first few days of 2005 can be delicious for all – deeply romantic
and revealing. What you don't know about yourself may bubble to the surface
and become your latest, greatest obsession. Look for a moneymaking opportunity,
courtesy of a colleague, around the 6th.


Here's wishing a very happy birthday celebration to the pure-hearted Goats
born at the tail end of December, the Jokers who showed up on New Year's
Eve and the innate Masters of the Universe – the Kings and Queens of Spades
whose birth rang in a New Year. As we welcome 2005, the card system known as
the “Sacred Symbols of the Ancients” seems particularly pertinent.
An opportunity to advance your cause, to ensure that every Cap gets a break,
appears around the 6th when the life-giving sun illuminates prosperous Jupiter
at the top of your chart.


The call of the wild, the charms of another culture can lure you into thinking
that it's time to plan a major trip. The urge to expand your range of experiences
and discover a more harmonious, artistic way of living are among the high aspirations
that may arise whenever philosophical Jupiter in Libra and spiritual Neptune
in your own sign align. That they do so this New Year's should make your
list of resolutions short and sweet. However, there's no rush to take off;
you've got until mid-September to follow through.


Confess. There's no better time to reveal what it is you hope to achieve
in 2005. Fish seem to have a direct pipeline to those anonymous powers that
be right now, so take advantage of whatever access you're afforded. Prayer
might work. Also take care that you don't throw everybody's knickers
in a twist by suddenly changing plans for New Year's Eve. Don't ask
your near and dear to accommodate a spur-of-the-moment whim, especially at $85
a head. A safe and sane celebration would be a far better choice.

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