Lots of positive vibes on Christmas Eve should persuade you to trust whatever
intuitive hit you get. Christmas Day may feel a little wobbly as Mars shifts
from Scorpio to Sagittarius in the morning. The double-edged Gemini moon is
void for most of the day, so whatever you say and do shouldn't have significant
repercussions. Still, because the moon will reach fullness in tenderhearted
Cancer on Sunday morning at 7:06 PST, tread softly, be gentle. Thursday can
be chaotic; 2004 may come to a surprising conclusion because macho Mars has
the balls to challenge unpredictable Uranus. A change of plans?


Once your headstrong Mars ruler enters Sagittarius, a fire sign like Aries,
your entire outlook may change. What makes perfect sense on Christmas Eve can
seem old-school, even stodgy, the next day. But actually taking the first step
toward a radical change may not happen until Mars is provoked by revolutionary
Uranus later in the week. Their challenging square relationship on the 30th
could catapult you into a groundbreaking frame of mind, eager and all too willing
to embrace the future. Suddenly, you've got a new attitude and innovative
ideas, to boot.


Christmas week is a propitious time to capitalize on your lucky streak, both
at romance and at cards. Plus, for what it's worth, you're able to
express how you feel with grace and humor. Good news for writers and comedians.
The heavy-duty emotional upheavals aren't due until early January, when
your eternally romantic Venus ruler hopes you get seduced by powerful Plutonic
passions. Mesmerized, manipulated and loving it! Until then, enjoy the high
times, but delay the high drama for as long as you can.


Almost every aspect of your current relationship saga heats up once fiery Mars
enters Sagittarius on Christmas Day. Who'll get horny, who'll get
angry, and who will cut and run? Actions unfold with alarming speed, surprising
everyone concerned. It's one thing to be spontaneous, but make sure you
say what you think; don't simply repeat what you hear. That's because
suspicions loom large while your Mercury ruler is in contact with secretive
Pluto. Insist on the truth, so that the healing can begin, again.


While the sun is in Capricorn, the sign ruling the Crab's significant
others, what happens to them can affect you more than it usually does. Be sure
to acknowledge their “Eureka!” moment even if you don't see things
exactly the same way. The spiritual high point of the week, the time to forgive
or turn the other cheek, falls right after the Cancer full moon begins to wane.
This memorable year, with its hard-won successes and hard-to-accept failures,
may end not with a whimper, but a bang.


The area of entertainment, recreation and romance, which Leo traditionally
rules, is the place on your solar chart that's currently chock-full of
planets, each one offering easy opportunities to enjoy yourself. And while you
rarely need encouragement, make sure that you check out every chance you get
to play. Right now there are no restrictions on your creativity or your willingness
to experience a high-spirited, high-minded adventure. If you take a not particularly
threatening chance, by next week you could get very lucky.


A matter that's been hanging in limbo since before Thanksgiving could
finally be resolved when your Mercury ruler and tainted Pluto meet for the third
and final time on the 4th. Until then, keep an open mind about suggestions on
how best to handle the people involved. Nothing but good ideas and good intentions
is heading your way, especially after Mercury and loving Venus merge on the
28th. The transition from the old year to the new may be more startling than
anyone anticipates. What surprise do you intend to spring?


The Cancer full moon on the 26th shines its light on your reputation in the
world outside your front door, beyond what core family members think of you.
Because protective, prosperous Jupiter is in Libra for most of 2005, it's
safe to assume that you won't wind up in the doghouse. However, when your
Venus ruler merges with persuasive/coercive Pluto as the year begins, you could
lose control and get dragged into a compromising situation. Passions are unleashed,
secrets are revealed, and an opportunity to score big-time pops up.


Do you need to be reminded that now is when you should be concentrating on
money matters? Even more so this year than last, because both Mars and Pluto,
your co-ruling planets, are in Sagittarius, the sign governing your assets and
values. If you'd rather wait until the two planets merge on January 28
before you tackle the next phase of your financial future, that's okay.
However, be aware that an unexpected event on the 30th, when Mars gets a jolt
from Uranus, could radically alter your present mindset.


While Mercury and Venus amble hand in hand through Sagittarius for the next
two weeks, you'll radiate intelligence, charm and accessibility, and probably
look better than you have all year. Be sure you take full advantage of this
unusually long-lasting conjunction. Make an effort to promote your better ideas
and to express your appreciation of all that is pleasurable and beautiful in
your life. This happy coupling won't happen again until 2011. Don't
let a temporary irritation at home spoil your New Year's celebration.


Coast along on the relatively stress-free holiday spirit – the exception
could be your friends' bad behavior and its impact on your wallet. A chance
to earn Brownie points and impress the rest of the world isn't due until
January 7. While expansive, protective Jupiter makes its home in your Libra
midheaven, where your reputation is slated to grow, you should be offered more
opportunities to succeed than you've received in years. Just remember that
what appears easily attainable is not necessarily the best choice.


The segue you make from the old year to the new can be graceful, even gorgeous,
if you can sidestep an explosive situation on the 30th. Because militant Mars
specifically targets your Uranus ruler, try not to overreact to whatever occurs.
Don't let an oversight escalate into an insult, and if you can keep your
temper in check, don't provoke retaliatory measures. Inveterate Aquarian
thrill seekers won't follow this advice, but if they want heart-pounding
excitement, skydiving should do the trick.


A full moon over the Christmas weekend, even when it's in a compatible,
compassionate water sign like Cancer, may cause a crack in the cistern of emotional
garbage you've been trying so hard to contain. Not a pretty way to spend
the holiday, but the release will serve you well. Over the next few days you
can rise above the ordinary, make significant progress artistically and experience
a soul-satisfying spiritual high. When you make your list of New Year resolutions,
ease up on any drastic change you hope to effect.

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