The old and the new come together while the visionary Sagittarius sun meets
with revisionist Mercury retrograde early Friday before merging with the Sagittarius
moon on Saturday. This new-moon cycle will reach fullness the day after Christmas,
so set your best intentions in motion over the weekend and hope for satisfying
results. You might uncover someone's heretofore-secret desire when the
sun and Pluto meet on the 13th, and before Venus leaves security-minded Scorpio
for the wide-open spaces of Sagittarius on the 16th, the goddess, from the goodness
of her heart, can help cement a long-standing, sometimes restrictive relationship.
Mercury comes out of retrograde on the 19th, another Sunday full of significant


You haven't been sitting this pretty for a while. With generous Jupiter
in your Libra house of partners and the passionate pairing of Venus and your
Mars ruler in your Scorpio house of sex and other people's money, this
promises to be the best holiday season in a long time. Add the high spirits
and high aspirations that begin with the Sagittarius new-moon cycle on Friday,
plus a reward due to materialize around the solstice – for being so patient
and thorough? – and you're set. So sit back, relax, and rake in the


A good time to concentrate on acquiring assets that you trust will increase
in value is while your Venus ruler is receiving Saturn's gift of prudence
and productivity. That time is now! Act quickly, before Venus leaves security-conscious
Scorpio for freedom-loving Sagittarius on the 16th. Moments of madcap unpredictability
around the solstice can result in odd choices. That is also when your erotic
pulse might beat fast and furiously, when impulsive Uranus shows Venus the pleasures
and pains of opting for whatever is new and different.


Although the sun merges with your Mercury ruler six times a year, the thoughts
you channel this week when they conjunct in visionary Sagittarius can have long-range
repercussions. Don't be surprised if you get a glimpse of the future and
the role you're destined to play in it. Mercury turns direct the night
of the 19th, but it'll be another three weeks before it advances into new
territory. Take time to enjoy all that you managed to accomplish during this
heavy-duty retrograde session. Maybe go someplace special with someone special?


Another cycle of your work history begins with the opportunistic Sagittarius
new moon on the 11th. And while it may seem pointless to focus on your next
gig in the midst of holiday celebrations, there's no denying cosmic timing.
Even more incongruous is the fact that the Cancer full moon, often the most
personal and emotional lunation of the year for a Moon Child, falls on the 26th.
Imagine what your state of mind might be by then! Just remind everyone that
Boxing Day refers to boxes of recycled Christmas presents, not left jabs and
right crosses.


One way to direct the surge of pure energy and willpower emanating from your
sun ruler's annual meeting with Pluto is to try to resurrect a romantic
relationship or transform a friendship into something else. Another is to take
up an extreme sport and experience how close to dying you can come and still
survive. Testing your powers of regeneration is par for this course of action,
but while parties are so plentiful, an abundance of good cheer may be harmful.
Take it easy with the seasonal libations, the drugs too.


The Sagittarius new moon kicks off a month of family involvement (some call
it interference) and historical recollection. Dredging up dirt that was long
forgotten or intentionally kept secret can spark renewed (some call it obsessive)
interest. Your Mercury ruler comes out of retrograde on the 19th; until that
happens, you shouldn't assume that the information you're uncovering
is the gospel truth. Review, rewrite or retell the story until you're satisfied
with the revised version, the one that exonerates everyone concerned.


Greater prestige, and profits too. Those periods when you were patient instead
of pissed off finally pay off. While your Venus ruler is supported by steady-as-she-goes
Saturn, sticking to family values, no matter how you choose to define them,
can also heighten your sense of self-worth. Reward yourself; buy something big
or suitably impressive that'll last a long time. But do it before the 19th,
before Venus falls for the charms of idiosyncratic Uranus and inadvertently
upsets whatever apple cart has been feeding you and yours.


Whether you're accumulating a ton of presents or a pile of money, while
the Sagittarius sun merges with your Pluto co-ruler you're free –
if you so choose – to show the rest of us how wise and powerful you really
are. Controlling the purse strings or insisting that your value system carries
more weight can be equally potent ways to make your point. But once Christmas
arrives and your Mars co-ruler leaves Scorpio for a six-week romp through Sag,
you may become less invested in maintaining such a strong image. That's
when the winter fun begins.


As the year draws to a close, everything that matters is finally all about
you. Well, in your own mind. The Sag new moon on the 11th inaugurates a monthlong
learning period focusing on the changes in your personal life that need to be
made. If you didn't suspect what they were, you should by the time the
sun joins Pluto the week of the 13th. Despite the “hail fellow, well met”
sociability Venus brings to the scene when she enters your sign on the 16th,
tending to basic life-and-death Plutonic business, such as rescue and repair,
takes precedence.


While your Saturn ruler is rewarded by amiable, affectionate Venus this week,
you could find yourself in an especially good mood, enjoying especially good
company. Not only might your partner embrace business acquaintances and colleagues
at work, the core “group” might not resent the time you spend away
from them. Mutual support is rare, genuine reciprocity rarer still. Enjoy the
hugs and kisses while they last because, a week later, those friendships can
cost more than you expected to pay.


Matters concerning work and health, along with donations of time and money,
are particularly important as the year ends. Even if your contributions to worthy
causes remain anonymous, somehow your reputation as a benefactor will spread.
How far, how wide depends on the good graces or word of mouth of your colleagues.
Someone on the inside, like your accountant, knows what's up. Anticipate
an exciting surprise in time for the winter solstice as magnetic Venus attracts
your Uranus ruler. Prepared for a public display of affection? Thought not.


The Sagittarius new moon can initiate a more accepting approach to family matters
and a more philosophical way of dealing with your boss. This is the time to
let go of whatever it is you can't control. Mid-March Fish may find it
easier to relax once they realize that rock-steady Saturn is acting as an anchor
and that their emotions won't ricochet from one extreme to the other this
holiday season. February Fish, however, may be thrown for a loop when vivacious
Venus challenges unpredictable Uranus in the early degrees of your sign.

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