Perhaps you can still ride that high and holy wave while visionary Neptune
and benevolent Jupiter remain in harmony with the spirited Sagittarius sun.
How long that'll last is up in the air, but until there's a reason
to come down, enjoy the goodies this holiday season is offering. For some signs
– e.g., Aries, Taurus, Libra and Scorpio – thanks to the happy reunion
of Venus and Mars in sexy Scorpio, it'll be lots of loving. For others:
remembrance, revelation and regeneration.


Even if you think you're locked into your family's traditions and
plan to celebrate the holidays the same way they do, this season could be very
different. Rams are blessed or cursed, as the case may be, with having to do
something about demonstrative Venus sitting on your horny Mars ruler in, of
all signs, sexy Scorpio. Whether you become driven by the urgency of their hookup
or obsessed with its hidden meaning – those “ah, sweet mystery of
life” musings – is not that important. The pursuit of happiness via
your libido is.


Like adventurous Rams, Bulls may be consumed this holiday season with chasing
after a hot-and-heavy romance. Who wants to shop for gifts, unless it can be
done from bed? And what could possibly be more fun to look for than matching
wedding bands? Because the marriage of Mars and your loving Venus ruler occurs
in Scorpio, the sign of your cosmic mate, you're more ready, willing and
able to take a life partner than you've been in a long, long time. But
if you don't see a genuine prospect on the horizon, then direct your passion
to acquiring art for art's sake.


This week's forecast revolves around other folks, be they significant
players in your personal drama or merely marginal. Happily, all the clues are
positive. The prophetic Sagittarius sun elevates the entire cast to a higher
purpose while it favors philosophical Jupiter in Libra and inspirational Neptune
in Aquarius. Since Gemini is the third component in this rewarding air trine,
you are the likely recipient of “What goes around, comes around.”
The specifics of this mission become clearer after your Mercury ruler meets
with resourceful Pluto and the sun midweek.


Since the irresistible conjunction of Venus and Mars takes place in your Scorpio
house of romance and risk, why bother with any other aspect of your complicated
life but your love life? No matter how masked, implied or even denied the mutual
attraction might be, now is the time to follow your heart, your hormones or
whatever force is propelling you toward achieving an actually attainable goal.
When they meet again in autumn 2006, the force won't be as strong. Try
to make time to check up on someone's health and general welfare.


The timing is spot on! There's no better weekend for rising to an occasion
than this one. Since your sun ruler is in harmony with both artistic, spiritual
Neptune and the broad-based wisdom of Jupiter, your outlook for the near future
should brighten considerably. Add the information you're exposed to when
Mercury and the sun meet midweek, and you just might be able to ignore what's
happening at home or with other family members. Passions erupt, a challenging
situation screams for your attention. Who's pulling what strings?


What's special – and special it is – about this week is how
easily you can deflect any stress aimed your way. Whether it's emanating
from an uncomfortable family situation or from your own memory bank, take advantage
of the fact that you're in a position to uncover information not readily
available to the others. You can also find a pleasant way to buy some time so
that you can properly interpret the impressions you're receiving. Besides
time, however, you should also be buying stuff – the sexier the better.


For love or money or, in your case, why not both? Having the potent pairing
of your appreciative Venus ruler and highly motivated Mars in Scorpio, the place
where you access your assets, is a once-every-two-year opportunity to fulfill
your heart's desires. Besides the romantic, emotional gratification, this
time round you could also acquire an object in the material world you've
been craving. Crucial information from a sibling or neighbor can be a temporary
distraction, but while it may affect holiday celebrations, remember that it
is temporary.


Scorpions may appear as complicated and intriguing as ever, but this month,
be grateful that you're not conflicted as well. It's fairly obvious
to all concerned that the marriage of your Mars co-ruler and amiable Venus in
your own sign, no less, is making you an even more attractive object of desire.
Perhaps a little less dangerous and a little more charming. Add an aura of profound
intelligence you're projecting while Mercury passes back and forth over
your Pluto co-ruler, and you're ready for whatever goodies the holiday
party scene comes up with.


While shopping may not be your “thing” – you'd rather spring
for big-ticket events, glorious food and rarefied spirits – if you try
it this weekend, you're apt to like it. That's because Neptune in
your house of money and values is raising the bar, adding a spiritual or charitable
dimension to whatever you acquire. You're also earning the approval of
people who are in a position to help you – the judges, social arbiters
and moneylenders at the temple gates. Even though Mercury is retrograde in Sag,
don't downplay the info you uncover, especially if it concerns your past.


Casual acquaintances – not the usual friends and family – are responsible
for the opportunities you receive this week. Your reputation may get a big boost,
especially if a colleague connects you to a mentor type or a group of folks
who can also teach you the ropes. Nothing particularly difficult, but socially
savvy, possibly politically astute as well. While you might not be immediately
aware of their relevance in the here and now, memories of events and emotions
that have been buried in your unconscious could sneak up on you.


Intrigue among colleagues this holiday season could tarnish the high-and-holy,
borderline saintly image you're currently projecting. Let them try to uncover
secrets – e.g., whose Christmas bonus is bigger? – without you. Since
generous Jupiter in your house of other people's money has you under his
protective wing, you shouldn't worry that your efforts won't be adequately
rewarded. Instead, you might try to understand why your family or your boss
is generating so much admiration and what's really behind this love fest?


The Keeper of the Secrets is the one with the Power. This week, anyway. Let's
hope there's more to be learned than the nature of the gifts concealed
in holiday wrapping paper. Something more substantial or soulful, along the
lines of a mystical or arcane revelation, in accordance with the spirit of the
season. But if you're not in the mood for significance, simply lay back
and let the potent pairing of Venus and Mars in Scorpio work its inimitable
sexual healing magic on you. It's a reward for only the gods know what.

LA Weekly