A busy weekend starts with a frustrating square between the
Scorpio sun and stultifying Saturn, followed by more weirdness generated by a
Mars square to foggy Neptune four short hours before Mercury turns direct on Friday,
the 17th. That's also the day that Venus enters Sagittarius for the next
three weeks. On Sunday, Uranus, the planet of shock and awe, turns direct after
its retrograde trip in Pisces that began in mid-June. Was that when the red tide
turned? The Scorpio new moon occurs Monday afternoon; the Scorpio sun and Jupiter
merge on Tuesday, 12 hours before the sun enters Sagittarius Wednesday morning.
Thursday morning, extravagant Jupiter makes a grand entrance into enthusiastic
Sagittarius, the sign it rules, where it'll hold court until December 2007.
Happy Thanksgiving.


The heavy atmosphere that has surrounded you will lighten up considerably thanks
to the infusion of Sagittarian optimism and sense of adventure that is not unlike
the Ram's. And, because expansive Jupiter will be in that friendly fire
sign for the next 12 months, it's fairly safe to assume (no promises!) that
your horizons will widen considerably. However, until your Mars ruler leaves subversive
Scorpio on December 5, there might be one more river to cross, another responsibility
to discharge, another debt to pay.


Your reliance on significant others, be they business partners, attorneys or best
buddies, starts to ebb as five personal planets cross the border between Scorpio
and Sagittarius. It's on that critical cusp that the immensely fortunate
merger of the sun and gigantic Jupiter takes place on the 21st. If you were born
in mid-May or have natal planets at the tail end of Taurus, be sure to jump on
any opportunity for economic growth, greater wisdom and improved health that comes
your way around that date, no matter who offers it.


Plans you made during the past three weeks, while your Mercury ruler was retrograde,
may have to be revised once the little guy is moving forward. Although covering
the same old ground can be annoying or, worse, tedious, it does allow you the
time and space to catch errors and correct misunderstandings that have occurred
along the way. With the arrival of solar Sagittarius on the 22nd, there'll
be exciting interaction with your significant others as well as with the folks
you can't put up with much longer.


Whether you believe in the efficacy of new-moon magic or think it's a load
of hooey, a needy Moon Child shouldn't allow that crucial event to slip
by without some sort of observance. Because the Scorpio new moon takes place in
your house of romance, creative projects, children and other risky ventures, now
would be the time to initiate an entirely new cycle in any or all of these areas.
Plus – and this is no small thing – protective, prosperous Jupiter
adds its blessing to whatever you decide to put out there.


You could be in for a tumultuous time as your sun ruler makes the trip from the
murky depths of Scorpio to the giddy heights of Sagittarian exuberance. If you
don't want a bumpy ride, stay focused on the household and family issues
that really matter, rather than who is bringing what to the Thanksgiving table.
Every sign has to deal with relatives, or the lack thereof, this time of year,
but kindhearted Lions are facing an uncommon buildup of planetary power in the
womb-to-tomb zone right now. Once the holiday is history, things lighten up considerably.


Read for Gemini for the inside scoop on how to proceed. Once your and their Mercury
ruler is facing forward, take your sweet time figuring out what to buy, sell or
trade next. There's no rush, and plenty of revised information you need
to gather before reaching a final, well-considered decision. While a business
partner might not be pressuring you (leave that to a family member), you could
be in for a big surprise as independent Uranus in your Pisces house of allies
turns direct. Try to keep the lines of communication open and static-free.


Since most of the personal planets are holding court in your Scorpio house of
income and assets, figuring out what your next financial decision should be, your
Venus ruler in playful Sagittarius is tempted to upset whatever apple cart you've
been feeding off. Her surprise is scheduled for Thanksgiving weekend, so rather
than succumb to turkey-induced torpor, try to stay alert to the variety of recreational
activities that will be paraded in front of you. A change of heart might be one,
a change of venue another.


Even though magnetic Venus, the life-sustaining sun and generous Jupiter are leaving
Scorpio, the attention you've been getting is far from over. Mercury is
still weaving an intricate, informative path through your sign, plus your energetic
Mars co-ruler continues to increase your strength and resiliency until the new
moon that kicks in on Monday becomes full on December 4. At the moment, you can
benefit tremendously from the vision of the future you have when the sun and prophetic
Jupiter meet in your sign.


Maybe you'll be hanging new curtains in time for Christmas; maybe you're
due for a confrontation with the weirdest of the relatives. However “make-it-nice”
Venus in your sign handles its challenging square to Uranus, during the next two
weeks you could be more than willing to break with tradition to get what you want.
For a sentimental Centaur, taking a step out of the ordinary can be a big thing.
Rest assured that what you sense on the 21st, when your Jupiter ruler and the
sun merge, is the way to go, is the way to go.


Although Mercury turns direct on the 17th, it won't be moving forward fast
enough to help you slip through the traffic jams and airport delays that seem
to get worse every Thanksgiving. Resign yourself to dealing with revisions in
all sorts of scheduling while unpredictable Uranus runs riot through your zone
of transportation and communication. However, petty annoyances are just that;
better to gird up for the aggravation engineered by a mean-spirited acquaintance
hell-bent on smearing your or your family's reputation.


Assuming the best, passing on the rest? While the extremely fortunate conjunction
of the sun and prosperous Jupiter at the top of your solar chart could bring well-deserved
opportunities and rewards, it can also encourage you to spend way beyond your
means, to stretch your resources really thin. Since idealistic Neptune in your
sign is encouraging you to believe what you want to believe or to paint a much
prettier picture, you may be oblivious to the test a significant relationship
is going through. Wake up.


Be sure you remember to use Monday's Scorpio new-moon energy to add juice
to one of your lifelong goals. If that goal includes a slow boat ride through
China or a photo safari in Africa, so much the better, as long as it takes you
far from your ordinary existence. No matter how you intend to expand your life
experience or when you want to get started, it's important to realize that
there's a propitious time to take steps and an inappropriate time. Now,
before the moon is full on the 4th, is one of those opportune times.

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