The harvest full moon on Friday is positively inspirational,
especially for the lyrically inclined. Music continues to be a major force as
the harmonious Libra sun favors Neptune on Tuesday; romantic Venus follows suit
next Friday. In between, we could become a bit more realistic while pragmatic
Saturn and take-action Mars align. Except for another encounter with “truthiness”
midmonth, the mixed signals (be hopeful, be practical) we're getting are
basically positive. Go know!


Those casual acquaintances of yours might morph into a considerable force this
month as a common interest, e.g., art or politics, puts you in the same place
at the same time. Enjoy the newfound camaraderie, because it may not last much
past Election Day. By then, your Mars ruler will be in suspicious Scorpio, and
you'll want to close ranks to ensure that your financial profile is protected.
The upside to this natural progression is the large amount of money you can earn,
the significant stroke of good luck you'll enjoy in time for Christmas.


It's time for your annual physical and psychological checkups. While your
Venus ruler and the life-giving sun transit your Libra house of health and work,
not only is their visit timely, it can also help you achieve a balance between
two important aspects of your life. This is also the optimum time to attend to
your pets' needs or to adopt a new critter. Why this action will enhance
your reputation is beyond my understanding, but the rewarding trine between loving
Venus and self-sacrificing Neptune in your midheaven suggests that it could do
the trick.


In case you weren't paying attention last week, you should know that your
Mercury ruler, currently in Scorpio, will remain in this mysterious sign until
December 7, retrograde from October 28 until November 17. That's the day
it turns direct at 9 degrees of Scorpio, the very same degree it'll hit
on Sunday. What you're thinking about, who you're discussing it with
this weekend, may continue to be important. For example, the surprise that's
sprung on you midweek won't seem as shocking when it's repeated the
day after the election.


If the Crab manages to keep its cool (and its job) during the Aries full moon
this weekend, you probably won't experience any heavy-duty emotional fluctuations,
as you did during the eclipses of September, until next year. So, assume that
it'll be smooth sailing for a while. Why not settle into an appealing domestic
life while the arty Libra energy both challenges and satisfies your aesthetic
sensibility? Come solar Scorpio, a compatible water sign, most of those challenges
(what color paint? which chef's knife?) will be gone.


This is an excellent week to commit to a high-minded artistic goal you share with
a partner. Whether you're writing a song or composing a sermon, the vision
projected by imaginative Neptune in your marriage house finally supports, instead
of downplaying, your own creative abilities. If you're able to publicize
this joint effort or get it on the Net, so much the better. There won't
be this many planets jostling for position in your Libra house of communication
for another couple of years. The closer we get to solar Scorpio, the more apparent
your talent.


Read for Gemini. It's important that you know about your Mercury ruler's
impending shift into retrograde. Also, that its impact on what happens during
the rest of the autumn season begins this weekend. Maintaining the correct perspective
is one of the Virgin's more valuable assets, a gift not every sign can claim.
So do what you can to stay on top of how things are developing, and try to recognize
the pattern as it appears. Now would be a good time to buy the tools you're
going to need. And get the car tuned up.


Try to accept this round of accolades and applause with your customary grace.
You can't help the fact that four planets, plus the sun, are packed in the
part of your chart that deals with the image you're projecting and how valuable
it is to your financial well-being. Since the rest of the planets are fooling
around with romance, recreation and the acquaintances you're making, it
could be a mistake to waste your time, now a precious commodity, on anything that
isn't dependent on your personality. Obsessed with your self, perhaps? Justified?


Just in case it slipped your mind, now would be a good time to remind you that
lucky Jupiter will be in Scorpio only until Thanksgiving. So if there are winning
lottery tickets waiting to be bought, better start accumulating them ASAP. Jupiter's
shift out of your sign doesn't have to be sad news; the year it'll
spend in Sagittarius takes place in your house of money earned and assets acquired.
However, we can never be sure if that means you'll make more bucks or if
what you buy will cost more. Either way, a higher standard of living.


The prognosis for the remainder of the fall season could send you straight to
your shrink or spiritual adviser to prepare for the soul-searching to come. Having
Mercury in your Scorpio 12th house of seclusion and secret enemies for the next
nine weeks may become a rare opportunity to investigate the past and understand
how it has shaped your present. This knowledge should be especially valuable because
on Thanksgiving, your Jupiter ruler, the planet bestowing good fortune, will enter
Sagittarius for its first visit in 12 years.


Take advantage of the activity occurring in your career midheaven while you can.
None of the four planetary forces currently in place is going to remain at the
top of your solar chart for long. Eventually, they'll move on to Scorpio
to highlight your interaction with professional colleagues and political allies.
Now is also a good time to cash in on your family's reputation or to do
something that'll make the folks back home proud of their offspring. Dropping
the name of a well-known client wouldn't hurt.


Since yours is the sun sign that follows Capricorn, it makes sense to read for
the Goat. Generally speaking, you could consider that forecast a preview of what's
ahead for Aquarius. Sometimes it'll apply, and other times, e.g., when I
go on and on about the confusion caused by having Neptune in your sign, it won't.
This week, while loving Venus favors impressionable Neptune, you're in the
enviable position of becoming the object of a prominent person's affection.
Look for an artist with a refined sensibility or, just as likely, an outrageous


As far as Pisceans are concerned, references to your Neptune ruler will keep you
in the company of Aquarians, whether you like it or not. This week, while the
sociable Libra sun supports Neptune, you're liable to benefit from their
association as much as the Water-Bearer will. The same goes for affectionate Venus'
rewarding trine to the God of the Sea, a semiannual event that the ??berromantic
Fish awaits with bated breath. These are the ties that bind, if not forever, then
at least until Neptune enters your own sign in 2012.

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