Two eclipses in September can put the mutable signs (Pisces,
Virgo, Sagittarius and Gemini) on notice. Be kind to these nervous Nellies. See
if the fallout from yesterday's full-moon eclipse provides a clue about
how you should prepare for the solar eclipse on the 22nd. That's also American
Indian Day, the beginning of Rosh Hashana, the Jewish New Year, and, later that
night, the autumnal equinox. Heavy! Hope we get better balance from Mars'
entrance into harmonious Libra and, on the 12th, Mercury's exit from Virgo.
This weekend is fairly tame; next weekend, not so.


Pay the piper already and get the paperwork over with. Money might not be the
medium of exchange in this case, but if there are promises to fulfill or letters
to write, now is the time to do it. That's because literate Mercury in your
legalistic Libra complement is set to merge with your Mars ruler, thereby ensuring
greater attention to the details that, in your usual haste to move on to the next
thing, you might otherwise overlook. This way, you'll be on firmer ground
if the solar eclipse on the equinox shakes things up a bit.


Now that your appreciative Venus ruler is in Virgo, an earth sign as practical,
if not quite as romantic, as your own, the odds of keeping your feet on the ground
during the unpredictable Venus-Uranus polarity midmonth improve considerably.
Sometimes this annual aspect brings a welcome surprise, sometimes not, but it
invariably leads to an awakening of some sort on your part. If you're worried
about an ongoing relationship, then you'd better fortify it ASAP. If you're
looking for a fresh face to adore, consider them all.


For some people, feeling anxious is unacceptable, but for mutable signs like yours,
it can be quite exciting. So, during the rest of also-mutable Virgo, don't
be surprised if you're enjoying the edge. When Twins sense that something
is in the wind, they are not about to drop their guard until they know, not merely
suspect, what it is. One advantage of mutability is that whether or not you like
it, as soon as a situation is presented, you go ahead and make the necessary adjustment.
Right now, your Mercury ruler is in the sign of the Scales, so your sense of balance
is also sharp.


This time of year, while other signs are back at school or rolling up their sleeves
at work, the Moon Child may discover that home and hearth, the area of your solar
chart ruled by Libra, is demanding more of your attention. If you're looking
at paint chips and measuring for drapes, blame energetic Mars and informative
Mercury for stimulating an even greater interest in domesticity. After the solar
eclipse on the autumnal equinox (a sensitive point for all cardinal signs), your
need to nest may continue to grow.


Money matters could be the one area you cannot let slide this month. That's
because Venus, ruler of valuables, and your sun ruler are in Virgo, the sign governing
your assets. With paper-pushing Mercury and crusading Mars, in early Libra, also
transiting that second house, there's not much energy (or personal planets)
left for other interests. You might as well take a deep breath and suck it up;
attend to financial affairs as quickly and efficiently as you can. When these
swift-moving planets advance, your advantage goes with them.


Happy birthday. No need to act like the Hermit (the Virgo card in the Tarot) this
year; you're entertaining sociable Venus in your sign until the end of the
month. And while the goddess of love and beauty will warm your heart, she can
also make you fairly irresistible to others. Why not use this attraction to lure
the oddballs, dissidents and iconoclasts you admire to your side for a special
occasion? Plan it for the 15th so you can benefit from the magnetism between Venus
and Uranus in your Pisces house of partners.


Don't go overboard. That's the tendency to guard against while energetic
Mars is transiting Libra for the first time in two years. Fiery Mars can also
make you quite the hothead, a role a reasonable Libra rarely assumes, as well
as careless enough to hurt yourself. Remember that the brave Warrior planet rules
your Aries marriage house and that, no matter what sign your partner is, you're
the one who keeps things on an even keel. Nonetheless, with your Venus ruler in
critical Virgo, you probably have plenty to bitch about.


If your friends and colleagues want to spend more time with you, let them. That's
the zone in your solar chart that's being activated by the personal planets,
the ones that move along at a pretty pace. Family life seems fairly stable for
the time being; however, money matters could heat up around the time the Virgo
sun tests your Pluto co-ruler's resolve. If there's a chance you'll
be affected by a financial scandal, then the second half of this month could be
painful or embarrassing. If not, then Jupiter in your sign should continue to
protect you.


Two eclipses this month in two mutable signs can leave you wondering if and when
another shoe is going to drop. The December-born Centaur, in particular, may feel
trapped between what follows from the Pisces full moon on the 7th and what the
Virgo new moon on the 23rd will cook up next. And while you're waiting to
find out, you'll probably be chomping at the bit. Although Seers can assess
a situation as it is developing, an eclipse may add or, more likely, take away
an element you were counting on. This is where your laid-back attitude comes in


Time to get busy. With single-minded, physically fit Mars in your Libra midheaven
for the first time in two years, it'll be easier than you thought to go
after whatever goal you've set for yourself – whether it's to
run a marathon or get through law school – as long as you exercise both
body and brains. To help with the book learning, use Mercury's transit of
Libra, which will be joined soon enough by the all-powerful sun. This focus on
your accomplishments stands you in good stead when applied to career moves and
family achievements too.


The more planets that gather in Libra, another intelligent air sign, the more
effective you'll be. So far there's ambitious Mars making its biannual
visit, which could provide the incentive for a joint financial venture; after
the 12th, Mercury drops in. If you need to research anything to do with taxes,
insurance or inheritance, be sure to put the Messenger's attention to detail
to good use. Once autumn begins, you should be able to clarify a purely personal
matter that's been open to interpretation far too long.


There's a chance that you'll soon find yourself in a position to test
the validity of the old adage “Absence makes the heart grow fonder.”
Whether it's a physical distance between you or an emotional one, some sort
of adjustment takes place midmonth when loving Venus in your Virgo house of partnership
opposes unpredictable Uranus in Pisces. There's also a question of who reaches
out to whom. One more thing: Your mate may have to accommodate a powerful person
around the same time. These are major matters; don't be such a hard-ass.

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