Remember that when Mercury changes direction, you're more vulnerable to the random bits of mayhem that usually precede and follow the actual date, Friday the 28th. If you anticipate fender benders and appliance meltdowns, perhaps you'll be more conscious and better equipped to navigate the Messenger's flip out of retrograde. Being aware of loving Venus' friendly overtures to the weirdness and weirdos represented by Uranus is something else entirely. Their supportive trine relationship often comes as a total surprise. Who knew? Relying on sheer luck while the extravagant Leo sun squares expansive Jupiter in Scorpio on Wednesday can cost more than you wanted to spend, but it could also bring in the big bucks. Take a chance?


Now that Mercury will be moving forward again, think about taking steps to resolve the household or family matter that has held you in limbo, waiting for the other shoe to drop, all July. You could also wait to see how things work without your input. Meanwhile, to protect and preserve your recent accomplishment, leap, like the agile Ram you are, over an obstacle or unexpected delay that may get in your way while the Leo sun and by-the-rule-book Saturn conjunct around the 7th. Forgo immediate satisfaction, and remind yourself of your long-range goal.


If you don't believe that “patience is the key to heaven,” step back and watch what happens as the Leo sun and slowpoke Saturn join forces to rearrange the favors you've recently received. This could be a tough interlude for Bulls because of contraindications: Your pleasure-loving Venus ruler encourages taking the line of least resistance, while the life-sustaining Leo sun advocates caution, plus a well-meaning partner may promise more than he or she will deliver when the time for action arrives. And what about your somewhat dubious reputation?


Who, besides the Lord, giveth with one hand and taketh away with the other? That's the situation you could find yourself in during the next few weeks. Try to remain tentative about present-day negotiations until you see what the relentless Leo sun hath wrought. Plus, you may need to adjust to your Mercury ruler's change of direction and assimilate the info it revealed while it was retrograde. What about having fun in the summer sun? Not so much this year, not while Mars (in nitpicking Virgo) threatens the very foundation of your happy home. Earthquake insurance?


The idea of a quirky romance could be uppermost in your thoughts because having affectionate, flirtatious Venus in your sign is nothing if not fascinating. Mercury turning direct in Cancer also emphasizes the power of the mental process. However, financial matters can overshadow every other question while the sun in your Leo money house wavers between optimism and pessimism, urging you first to be generous, then Scrooge-like. The full moon on the 9th should bring money issues to a head; the cockeyed romantic notions soon follow.


Why is this year different from the others? What does fate have in store for Leos born in the first 10 days of August? Some of you will be asked to expand your sphere of influence, no matter what it costs, when your sun ruler is provoked by growth-oriented Jupiter. Others will find a reason to close up shop and deal with a pressing personal matter during Sol's merger with Saturn. And Lions who have been dazzled or deluded by a significant relationship could achieve clarity once the full moon in your Aquarius marriage house sheds light on that situation.


Colleagues or fellow club members can exert greater influence after your Mercury ruler comes out of retrograde. If a matter affecting the group has been tabled during July, look for its resolution around mid-August, assuming that at least for now your partner agrees with the consensus of opinion. Having ballsy Mars in your sign might make you seem feistier than usual. Perhaps you're gearing up to fight for a project whose growth potential seems truly tremendous. Now would be a good time; next season or next year could be too late.


No one expects to get a raise when you're coping with the summer heat and taking it easy. Nonetheless, conscientious Libras who care about their jobs and their bosses could be rewarded while generous Jupiter in your Scorpio money house captures the attention of the demonstrative Leo sun. Since productive Saturn is part of this mix, additional responsibilities will follow. Incidentally, if you can transcend the purely personal benefits and consider the social or cultural implications, this would be a good time to put your idea for a better future forward.


A few things to juggle: First off, affectionate Venus coming on to one of the offbeat characters hanging around your Pisces house of romance and other pleasurable pastimes. Second, fortuitous Jupiter in Scorpio being challenged by the Leo sun to chase after a lifetime goal, no matter the degree of difficulty. Third, realizing that your action-packed Mars coruler is onboard and, until Labor Day, will provide the energy and courage to achieve that aim. But if you don't have confidence in your skills or are content to rely on Lady Luck, so be it.


An unexpected spurt of activity as energetic Mars in your Virgo house of career achievement and community involvement comes up with an opportunity to make an all-out effort. Particularly when Mars favors your entrepreneurial Jupiter ruler around 8/8. But first you'll have to decide just how far you'll extend yourself financially when the extravagant Leo sun tests Jupiter's (and your) tendency to go overboard. Remember: This is not a pissing contest, so if sobering Saturn offers to protect you from your self-indulgent self, consider it.


You must be doing something right. Confirmation of this simple fact should show up about the time the powerful sun in Leo merges with your Saturn ruler on the 7th. A higher authority than your partner (the IRS?) could be the agent offering the verification you've been waiting for. Your patience can also be rewarded after gadfly Mercury in your Cancer complement turns direct and begins to finalize a matter that's been on your mind since the end of June. Maybe longer. You've got a good thing going, keep it up.


Send out the r??sum??. Once Mercury is moving forward in your house of work and other obligations, you'll have a better chance of landing a job or tackling an assignment that is both emotionally nurturing and financially rewarding. Whether it would also feed your ego is a question best left to an efficient co-worker or your life partner. Around the Aquarius full moon, as the radiant sun and tradition-bound Saturn join forces in “I Am the King!” Leo, consider yourself lucky if they allow you to reflect their glory, let alone shine your own.


Traditionalists might not be thrilled, but Fish who crave something new or unusual should respond with glee to the overtures romantic Venus makes this weekend to inventive Uranus in your sign. Didn't notice anything special? Perhaps your birthday falls too close to the cusps that surround your sign. Or are you already contemplating an investment opportunity that no-nonsense Mars in your Virgo partnership sign is laying out on the dining-room table? Consider it carefully; it could be that big a big deal.

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