Thanks to the Gemini new moon Friday night, the Memorial Day weekend starts out with an infusion of cosmic energy and fresh ideas. But be sure to double-check travel arrangements, since Mercury, ruler of Gemini, and Uranus, ruler of the unexpected, could conspire to upset the plans you've made. Saturday seems stable enough, as the sun favors tried-and-true Saturn. It's a good time for shopping. If there's a concert or movie on your agenda, go Sunday night, during the imaginative Mercury-Neptune trine. Memorial Day itself can provide a cornucopia of delights as the nurturing Cancer moon satisfies our appetite and pleasure-loving Venus sets out on a three-week tour of sensual Taurus.


Get it while you can. Before sweet and sociable Venus exits Aries during the Memorial Day picnic, be sure your basket is filled with good vibes and good loving. Once the goddess moves on to Taurus, the art of making money could rear its devastatingly attractive head and keep you busy until summer officially begins. Friday's interactive Gemini new moon may refresh a sales or media project you've had in the works, so instead of summarily dismissing a casual conversation as simply chewing the fat, take a few days to consider what was said.


Sure, holiday time is party time, but don't forget that the Gemini new moon takes place in your money house and that now may be the best time to take a fresh look at your assets. By the time the moon is full in Sagittarius on the 11th, a financial matter will have come to fruition or it will have been tabled for the next six months, i.e., until the moon is full in Gemini. As an added advantage, your value-conscious Venus ruler will be in your sign from Memorial Day until June 23 and in your Gemini money house until July 18.


Quick, before your Mercury ruler moves out of Gemini, gather all the specifications you need to move ahead on a purely personal matter. Once Mercury gets to Cancer on the 3rd, the details of domestic life might cancel out plans made for your sole benefit. Oh, sure, the sun will still be in Gemini, and you'll probably feel stronger, more creative, perhaps happier than you've been in a while, but your mind could be elsewhere, e.g., figuring out what to buy for the house or even thinking about selling the house itself.


Easy in, easy out. The same day that Mercury enters Cancer, Mars leaves your sign for Leo. What's the trade-off? More mental acuity, less physical stamina; greater curiosity and willingness to talk things over, less fuming and fussing. Probably less of that bossy Martian vibe all the way around. But with Venus moving into placid Taurus, whatever irritation you've felt emanating from your boss or others who affect your career should dissipate or at least diminish. For the time being, those trials are over.


Two changes that will make a difference: 1) the Gemini new moon over the Memorial Day weekend that'll facilitate the flow of information crucial to the progress of your career, and 2) the entrance of energetic Mars into Leo on the 3rd. It's been two years since the Warrior marched through your sign, so during the eight weeks of his transit, use the infusion of bravery and derring-do to have nips and tucks, body sculpting or dental work done. However, around the Father's Day weekend, when Mars crashes into problematic Saturn, stay clear of anything more dangerous than dinner with Dad.


After the Gemini new moon zaps your midheaven with fresh energy and your Memorial Day celebration is history, make sure you keep an eye out for an opportunity that will add a different dimension to your career history. That your discerning Mercury ruler is also in the sign of the Twins suggests that there'll be more than the usual discussion of pros and cons and/or that there are reasons to be justifiably ambivalent about the gig. Mercury entering nurturing Cancer on the 3rd can mean a shift from wanting “just the facts, ma'am” to satisfying your hunger for “more, please.”


Welcome to the new, sensually stimulating you. After your Venus ruler leaves aggressive Aries on Memorial Day, you're likely to slough that tough-guy veneer for the soft, sweet atmosphere that earthy Taurus emits. And because the Bull rules your house of sex and other people's money, the opportunities for getting down could be as abundant as, allergies notwithstanding, the flowers that bloom in the spring. You also catch a break once Mars starts advocating that you spend less time working and more time entertaining colleagues and club members.


Although you may think you're locked into your present mindset, you'll be surprised at how differently things will look after value-conscious Venus enters your Taurus house of allies and attorneys on Memorial Day. This annual transit comes just a few days before your Mars co-ruler leaves cuddly Cancer for the higher realm that the Lion rules. Whether or not you're ready to embrace Leo's lavish lifestyle and exhibitionist tendencies depends on how badly you want your career to progress, and what you're willing to pay for the perks.


Happy half-birthday. Solar Gemini is so chock-full of graduation ceremonies and celebrations, as well as June weddings and Father's Day festivities, that it makes sense (to this Centaur) to feel that some of the joy is being beamed our way from the planets (and people) in our house of significant others. A certain amount of outrageousness is to be expected next week, around the time that gift-bearing Venus tries to outdo the benefits bestowed by our generous Jupiter ruler. That's when the “lucky” planets have their annual face-off.


Despite the aggravation you may be getting from acidic Mars in your Cancer house of spouses, you can still enjoy the attention the cosmos is paying to your area of enjoyment and entertainment. Soon enough, Mars will move on to Leo and clever Mercury will enter Cancer, so it'll be easier to find out what you need to know about any partnership arrangement. Also, having Mercury in your marriage sign often signals that you're about to hook up with someone who's quite a bit younger or, more startling, a relative.


While you may have a variety of interests, this time of year the focus often shifts to improving your house and garden. Why not get with the planets' program and research how to make your place look better? After artistic Venus enters earthy Taurus on Memorial Day, painting and planting might become more enjoyable. And once pushy Mars gets to Leo, spending hours among the flowers could serve as a refuge from your partner's unwavering demands. It's been two years: Have you forgotten what Mars in your marriage house feels like?


Time to shop. As if you needed permission. But while appreciative Venus makes her annual trek through sweet-smelling, color-coordinated, touchy-feely Taurus, why not make the most of the heightened sensitivity to beauty the goddess offers? Since the nosy Gemini sun in your home base can encourage the folks there to ask a lot of annoying questions, Venus' predilection for harmony should even the playing field. Especially next week, when the sun provokes unpredictable Uranus in your sign. Get ready to explode!

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