The full moon Friday night occurs in sexy Scorpio, so don't be surprised if your hormones are working overtime. The party-loving Sagittarius moon doesn't clock in until Saturday afternoon, but saves its best jokes for Sunday, Mother's Day. If you're planning on making excuses, schedule them for nighttime, while Mercury is inspired by imaginative Neptune. Mercury is also crucial to what you learn, or think you hear, when the Messenger merges with the Taurus sun on Thursday.


Follow a hunch or handle a current financial matter logically? It's a toss-up. While informative Mercury in your Taurus house of assets merges with the sun, you could be as smart about money as you'll need to be all year long. However, their meeting also suggests that your cosmic economic adviser is sending a message – via a gut feeling or a voice in your head – that shouldn't be ignored. Meanwhile, magnetic Venus in your sign is attracting more attention than even you are used to. A distraction now, a disruption next week.


Check the facts before you proceed any further. As the Taurus sun and Mercury approach their annual meeting on the 18th, you might need to have more papers in hand than a few birthday cards. And since both heavenly bodies are headed for your Gemini money house, it makes sense to double-check the numbers as well. Career matters could take a back seat as imaginative Neptune in your midheaven turns retrograde for the next five months. Consider the retrogression permission to cruise through the summer, not to abandon ship.


During the next two weeks, the Twins could bounce from pillar to post while your Mercury ruler makes contact with a host of planetary forces. Because of its accelerated speed, the message Mercury imparts this weekend might conflict with what you learn next weekend. So try to be even more flexible than usual and make sure that no decision is carved in stone. A heightened sensitivity to a colleague's unspoken good intentions can cost more than you intend to spend, but by Memorial Day, you'll be glad you did.


Just friends or potential lovers? It's that time of year again, those weeks when the sun adds heat to relationships with colleagues and casual acquaintances while the moon highlights romance and the risks involved. Somewhere along the way, work manages to get done. Not surprising, since Venus in your Aries career house is demanding that attention be paid to the good-looking client currently calling the shots. Be aware that assertive Mars in your sign is aiming to provoke a reaction from him or her. Before long, fireworks.


It seems that every sign is poised, listening with its inner ear, for the info that'll be conveyed when Mercury and your sun ruler meet on the 18th; however, the Lion should get the message loud and clear. Because this conjunction takes place in your Taurus midheaven, it's likely that instructions or, more to the point, specific orders will come down from your boss or a government official, someone with the power to affect your career. More data after the sun starts its trip through Gemini, the sign of conversation and commerce. Stay tuned.


Little Mercury is the driving force behind this week's activity, so while your ruler reaches out to almost every other planet in the solar system, you'll strengthen your connections to folks from almost every other sign. Some of the information you exchange will be positive, some provocative. Just remind yourself that because Mercury is traveling at breakneck speed, the conversation that reinforces what you're thinking one day could be your undoing a week later. Until May is history, try to allow yourself as much wiggle room as you can get away with.


As luck would have it, you're the one sign this week that is off the hook. Since your Venus ruler has nothing to do with gabby Mercury, you don't have to interact with anyone you don't want to or get dragged into other people's business. This doesn't mean you won't be aware of the tension building between you, your partner and the head honcho; it's just that you can delay doing anything about it for another week. But when amenable Venus is challenged by macho Mars on the 23rd, tempers could reach the boiling point. Luckily, a quick and satisfactory resolution follows.


While Mercury, ruler of verbal promises and written contracts, meets the productive Taurus sun in your house of significant others, the other guy, be it an ally or an antagonist, can provide whatever you need to know. This would be a good time to hire an agent or consult with an attorney because, before much longer, desirable Venus in your house of entertainment, recreation and romance will connect with both Mars and Pluto, your co-ruling planets. Mars is in domesticated Cancer, Pluto in your Sagittarius house of money earned.


This week is not about Sagittarian generosity or an abiding interest in redemption and rehabilitation, although while the sun and Mercury travel through your sixth house, providing a service to a needy person could be uppermost in your mind. No, what will have you seeing stars occurs around the 23rd when romantic Venus in your Aries house of risky ventures and Mars in your Cancer house of sex and other people's resources go at it tooth and claw. A momentary desire or a slow-burning attraction destined to make a difference?


Consumed as you may be with the petty concerns of domestic life, now would be a good time to bury your cares and woes in the garden or swat them out of the ballpark. While the earthy Taurus sun and Mercury powwow in your house of recreation and other pleasurable pastimes, make sure this opportunity to really enjoy yourself doesn't pass you by. Also know that Neptune going retrograde in your Aquarius money house will shift long-standing financial matters to the back burner for the summer. New ones may get postponed as well.


Spread the word. For the next 10 days, Mercury is busy making calls and sending e-mails, so avail yourself of its ties to every other sign (except Libra) and let those folks know what you need. Having hazy Neptune in Aquarius for so many years may have made it difficult to come across loud and clear, but since Neptune is about to take its summer sabbatical, its influence on you and the image you project will be less so. Besides, solar Gemini is right around the corner, and we're all familiar with the buzz that air sign emits.


It has happened every year of your life, so by now you've no doubt made various accommodations to your Neptune ruler's annual change of direction. But if you need a heads-up, here it is: Neptune performs its back flip on May 22 and faces forward again just before Halloween. Most signs don't notice the impact the outer planets have on them, but because you're a supersensitive Fish, attuned to the ebb and flow of the waters of life, etc., etc., you may realize that something infinitely subtle is happening. Will it affect your love life?

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