Expansive Jupiter in security-obsessed Scorpio and innovative Uranus form an interesting alliance this week, egged on by militant Mars transiting the USA's natal sun in Cancer. This grand trine in water signs has a strong emotional undercurrent, so if you sense a shift in direction, you could be psychic. At the same time, Venus in Aries trines Saturn in Leo and rewards established regimes and old money, especially folks born under the fire signs. By Wednesday, as the sun squares Neptune, ruler of oil reserves and DVDs, the overall picture could change.


How lucky can an impulsive, think-on-your-feet Ram get? Not only will your independent Mars ruler receive the benefits farsighted Jupiter is directing your way; at the same time, barrier-breaking Uranus is also favoring Mars. And not only are you being rewarded for what you've already accomplished; an opportunity to grow is there as well. Plus affectionate, magnetic Venus in your sign is attracting stability and substance – the long-awaited sugar daddy? – while it trines Saturn. With so much positive reinforcement, how can you go wrong?


Quick-witted Mercury begins its two-week transit of Taurus on the 5th. Since the speedy little planet will increase your intake of info and encourage you to speak your mind, you might forfeit your usual ass-saving rationale that “discretion is the better part of valor.” In addition, your Venus ruler, while transiting fiery Aries, can stoke your desire to be the leader of your pack. This is all well and good, especially if you question the career advice you're given when the Taurus sun and delusional Neptune square around the 10th.


This could be a very profitable week if you let courageous Mars in your Cancer money house take the initiative and boldly go where you haven't been before. If ever you felt the urge to be your own boss or to be known as a trendsetter, now would be a good time to launch. Prosperous Jupiter is about to nudge Mars into an unexpected career success as the two form a grand trine to experimental Uranus in your Pisces midheaven. This particular configuration of planets isn't going to come around again for what'll seem like ages.


If you're still patiently dealing with a financial matter that has gone on far too long or if you've been handling your assets like Grandpa advised, then this week you're liable to reap a reward that is bound to please you. Stringent Saturn in your Leo money house becomes the object of affectionate Venus' love of beauty and ease when they form a supportive fire trine. Since Venus is passing through impetuous Aries, the desire might be instantaneous, short and sweet; so strike while the iron is hot. Make yourself happy.


Leos born in July could catch a break when beneficial Venus favors problematic Saturn in your sign. If you've been in dental or dermatological hell (Saturn rules teeth and skin as well as knees), then a positive vibe from the goddess of good and plenty of pleasures should bring some relief. Maybe some money as well. Although Venus might not be as lavish with her gifts as generous Jupiter, because she moves through all 12 signs in the course of a year, the goddess tends to bestow favors to more poor mortals than the Jolly Giant can reach.


Your perceptive Mercury ruler crosses into earthy Taurus in time to celebrate Cinco de Mayo in your own inimitable way. Whether you take a political or purely pleasurable approach, the holiday can inaugurate two weeks of easy access to other people's resources, i.e., connections and funding. But you might have a hassle with hardheaded colleagues or confirmed traditionalists when Mercury squares rigid Saturn this weekend. Write about the encounter, voice your opinion while the Messenger forms a polarity with Jupiter, the publication czar, midweek.


Your reputation won't soar by itself, but this is the week that risk-taking Mars in your Cancer midheaven forms a rewarding trine with growth-oriented Jupiter in your Scorpio house of assets. Throw in an unexpected assist from a co-worker, probably in the form of an offbeat idea, and before you know it, you'll both be hailed as heroes. At the same time, Venus, the planet that rules your up-close-and-personal life, is sweet-talking the executive in charge while it favors Saturn. Be sure to thank a close companion for his/her support.


Never underestimate the variety of blessings that Jupiter in your sign has the power to bestow. While the big guy might not deliver a substantial check this week, he could smooth your way out of an uncomfortable situation or he may assign a talented player to help your team win. Thanks to his generosity, you might be offered backing for an enterprise based primarily on your skills. Bad news for dieters, but during May, while your Mars co-ruler is in culinary Cancer, a heaping portion of your activities could involve food.


Centaurs born in November may benefit from the substantial rewards that appear when respectable Saturn in Leo, a friendly fire sign, finds favor in the arms of loving Venus, currently in your Aries house of romance. Their trine aspect supports a steady, long-term relationship and the earthly rewards that this pairing has earned. In other words, get the emerald ring already! The rest of us can show how well-versed, witty or prescient we are when Mercury provokes our Jupiter ruler on the 11th. Isn't there a media outlet, a sports franchise you want to take over?


Let's hope that you're still high on all the positive planetary energies you read about last week. However, if irritable Mars in your Cancer marriage house has been acting up, you could take the sweetness and light that Venus is gracing your Saturn ruler with and redirect those pleasant vibes to soothe the savage breast of the Warrior planet. Be grateful that the supportive trine between the goddess of love and stable Saturn occurs often enough to keep you reasonably satisfied; also that come June, Mars will move on.


The vibe is playful, even if it strikes you as being a bit unusual. While adventurous Mars favors your freedom-loving Uranus ruler, activities that you deemed dangerous won't seem that risky. It's a matter of reward and punishment, and this weekend the trine between the two planets supports whatever you desire. But if you choose to go out on a limb and, in the process, break something, e.g., a bone or, more likely, a promise, don't blame this messenger. Midweek, as the sun tests faith-based Neptune in Aquarius, your confidence could be shaken.


Good-looking stuff, in all its shiny glitz and glory, can be the center of your world this week. Because Venus in your Aries house of assets and values is on favorable terms with patient, pragmatic Saturn, a high-ticket item that you've been longing for may finally show up. But Fish born in early March might forgo the pleasure that material goods afford and focus instead on nurturing a cult of personality. This would be the opportune time to gather your influential supporters and introduce the new, improved image of you.

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