The good vibes being spread by yesterday's very lucky
Venus-Jupiter trine could span all the way to Saturday. Indulge, enjoy. Then the
sun's problematic square to Saturn in early Leo, not exact until Monday
evening, may begin to bring you down. As depressing or frustrating as Saturnian
events can be, behind the grief there is a lesson being taught, one that we'd
better learn, and quick. The new lunar cycle begins Thursday afternoon; since
the moon is exalted in sensual Taurus, your gut reaction could carry more weight
than your rational mind.


Since when does Aries need permission? Since you sensed that limits could be imposed
while the sun in your Taurus money house squares rigid Saturn in your home base.
Try to be agreeable and respectful to the family member who controls the purse
strings or, for that matter, to whomever collects the rent. And if you don't
see immediate results, don't be impatient and push for an answer. Cautious
Saturn will take its own sweet time to deliberate, but because the planet is in
fire sign???friendly Leo, the outcome should eventually work out in your favor.


The beginning of a new lunar cycle can offer a fresh start to a Bull who is obsessed
by yet another birthday or an issue that is dear to your heart. It's one
thing to stand up for something you believe in, another to refuse to budge when
the powers that be insist that you follow their instructions. A sun-square aspect
is difficult enough, but the one between Sol in your sign and Saturn in Leo, the
sign of the king, could be the toughest test you'll be given all year long.
If frustration or fear is cramping your style, make an effort at the new moon
to let go.


If you feel that everyday matters are not progressing fast enough to suit you,
remember that while the sun transits sensual Taurus, it is highlighting your 12th
house, the zone you zone out in. Rather than focusing on life in the material
world, this four-week period allows you to delve into the deep, dark recesses
of your past, as well as your past lives. Too esoteric for the practical Twin?
Then simply let things unfold according to their own timetable. Despite your lack
of interest or involvement, one way or another, karma is getting cleansed.


If they play their cards right, Moon Children can have a new lease on life every
time there's a new moon. The trick is in letting the current lunar cycle
complete itself before racing on to the new. Some months this is easier than others,
and this is one of those times. Because impulsive, assertive Mars is presently
in Cancer, there's a tendency to push too hard to get what you want when
you want it. Better to wait until the 27th, when the pragmatic and productive
Taurus new moon initiates a new phase of your career arc. Less frenetic, more


You may be nearing the end of a chapter that began last July, when your sun ruler
met Saturn in your sign for the first time in 30 years. See if you can tie what
occurs when the sun squares Saturn this week to what started back then. The actual
conclusion is slated for their conjunction this summer, but the final challenge
– i.e., the third act that starts around the waning square on the 24th –
should give you an idea of how the outcome will play out. Use the Taurus new-moon
energy to visualize the nature and extent of your success.


One of the positive features of having a new moon take place in a fellow earth
sign is how it manages to make current concerns disappear as if by new-moon magic.
So try to be patient until the 27th, when the Taurus new-moon cycle puts you in
touch with someone else's resources and/or the sensual pleasures you can
share. Of the three practical earth signs, Taurus is the one that'll convince
you to relax and enjoy. Also to let go of what you cannot control, e.g., a jealous
partner's suspicions, the elusive repairman's workload.


You might be the jealous partner Virgo is worried about, since it is your romantic
Venus ruler that seems to be succumbing to Pluto's schemes. Although a goodly
amount of passion can be released during these semiannual square aspects, there's
also a lot of recriminations and remorse. Remember, while Venus is in empathetic
Pisces, you're more susceptible to the figments of your own imagination.
Another week – May 3 – and Venus will cross over to independent Aries,
the sign of your cosmic complement. A different mindset entirely.


It's a challenge; it's an opportunity; it's a square too slow,
if not entirely stagnant, Saturn in your Leo career house from the sun in your
Taurus house of partners. Carefully consider any deal you're offered during
this tricky period. Even when it transits Leo, the sign ruling recreation, Saturn
demands tremendous patience and hard work. Plus, the payoff could be a long time
coming. Nevertheless, if you were running for office, Saturn in your midheaven
would provide an aura of respectability and leadership no ambitious Scorpio should


Although it might not be particularly comfortable at first, the beauty-conscious
Taurus new moon could introduce a health practice or cosmetic procedure you may
want to incorporate into your daily routine. No biggie, but valuable just the
same, especially since you'll become more adept the deeper into May we get.
Changes in your domestic scene – some planned, some unexpected – continue
to keep you wary of what's coming next. Unfortunately, no insurance policy
will compensate for emotional upheavals and decorating disasters.


The challenge that crops up when the sun squares your Saturn ruler could affect
a partner as much as it does you. Shared resources and sharing reactions are subjects
that Saturn, the stern taskmaster, is currently teaching, a class you absolutely
cannot cut. However, if you align your hopes for a satisfactory resolution with
the fertile Taurus new-moon energy, chances are something beneficial will sprout
before long. A rewarding earth-sign new moon occurs only three times a year, so
don't blow this supportive, albeit subtle, opportunity.


Saturn, your old-school ruling planet, has been creating hassles for Leo, the
sign it's been in since summer, and Capricorn, the sign it still governs.
Aquarians who are in long-term relationships, be they in business or in domestic
life, might also be facing some of the roadblocks Saturn tends to set up along
your route. If you suspect you are among the chosen, roll up your sleeves and
prepare to work on another problem. The challenging square aspect between Saturn
and the Taurus sun may demand more than a couple of hours digging in the garden.


You could still be reaping the benefits of Thursday's extremely fortunate
trine between Venus in your sign and lucky Jupiter in Scorpio. Were you complimented
on your resemblance to the young Elizabeth Taylor? Did a European collector buy
a painting? Was your band booked to tour Asia this summer? Not yet? Well, keep
your fingers crossed; when Mars in Cancer trines Jupiter as well as Uranus in
your sign on May 7, a great and glorious surprise may come your way. Until then,
think twice before you commit to a major purchase.

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