Fans of the rock 'n' roll manga Nana will be interested to learn that the anime companion for Ai Yazawa's incredibly popular series is now available in the US through Viz Media, who also licensed the manga and two related live action films. The anime, which originally ran in Japan in 2006, will only be available through iTunes until August 31. The release of the show's 11-episode first season coincides with that of issue 17 of the manga.

Nana is the story of two girls with the same name who travel to Tokyo to start new lives. As best friends and roommates, both become deeply entangled in the world of rock 'n' roll superstardom. Before you get the wrong idea, Nana is no Josie & the Pussycats, nor is it akin to some overwrought drama about the perils of the music industry. Yazawa combines a good dose of humor with her intelligent storytelling to weave together themes of ambition and independence in what is definitely a manga (and anime) for adults.

Last May, Allison Wolfe (yes, the former singer of Bratmobile), who adapted the manga for the US market, shared her thoughts on the series and its feminist leanings with LA Weekly. Check out the interview when you have the chance.

LA Weekly