L.A. County probation Officer Rochelle Williams was arrested at the department's headquarters today following allegations of worker-compensation fraud.

In a statement about the case today probation officials warned that there are “several other potential criminal cases involving department employees.”

Eek. It's not as if the department hasn't had its hands full with scandal and controversy:

A year ago the probation officers' union expressed “no confidence” in then-Chief Donald Blevens.

Two years ago L.A. County Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas called for a federal investigation of the department following allegations that employees were using county credit cards to buy personal items like LCD TVs.

And the department's juvenile probation camps have been under fire for allegedly violating the civil rights of its wards.

Williams, officials said, has been placed on paid administrative duty while the case is adjudicated. The California Department of Insurance issued the warrant leading to her arrest today at the probation department's headquarters in Downey.

The probation department states that she …

… allegedly filed nine fraudulent on-the-job injury claims dating back to November 2009 which are the subject of this criminal complaint. The complaint alleges that Officer Williams forged both departmental and medical documents, including signatures, to support her claims for workers compensation.

Los Angeles County Chief Probation Officer Jerry Powers:

When I first arrived in Los Angeles to take over the Probation Department one of the primary areas of concern had been and continues to be instances of employee misconduct in the area of workman's compensation and criminal activity. I have solicited assistance from both county and other local and state agencies to address these issues.

More to come?

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