What does it take for a “misappropriation” of public funds charge to stick? Apparently not taking home $1.5 million in cash, bonuses and benefits, as the alleged mastermind of the Bell salary scandal was reported to have done. Helping your pals on the city payroll get mad six-figure pay, allegedly, wouldn't do it either.

Because today a judge dropped a misappropriation allegation against Rizzo.

Say wha? Yep, Rizzo will now stand trial on …

… a conflict-of-interest charge, according to City News Service.

Rizzo was originally hit with 53 misappropriation charges. We're not sure yet if the judge only dropped one or all. We'll check it out.

He's scheduled to be arraigned on that March 30.

Added: Indeed, Rizzo's got another case with 54 counts that include misappropriation of public funds.

This hearing stems from a allegations that a business relationship with a man named Dennis Tarango enriched him.

In this case Rizzo is still facing a conflict-of-interested charge.

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