Now we know where Hollywood icon and longtime environmentalist Robert Redford stands on Proposition 23, the Big Oil-funded November ballot measure that seeks to suspend California's global climate change law.

Political robo calls started up yesterday featuring the Oscar-winning director, with Redford urging Californians to cast a “no” vote and saying the initiative will “kill hundreds of thousands of clean energy jobs.”

In the call, which was paid by the California Democratic Party, Redford hits the main themes the “No on 23” campaign has been pushing for weeks: lost jobs and outsider oil companies trying to mess with California's environment and economy.

“Texas oil companies paid to put Prop. 23 on your ballot,” says Redford, “and if they are successful, it will repeal California's historic clean air and energy laws. Prop. 23 will result in more air pollution and will kill hundreds of thousands of clean energy jobs in California.”

You can listen to the entire 49-second call on YouTube.

A new Reuters/Ipsos poll shows Californians are likely to vote down the ballot measure.

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