One week after a middle-aged couple died mysteriously in their room at the Beverly Hilton — the same fancy hotel where Whitney Houston recently OD'ed and drowned, and where President Obama stays whenever he's in town — Beverly Hills police have finally determined their cause of death.

Robert Egan, 69, and Barbra Egan, 56, who were reportedly married, both shot themselves to death last weekend…

… in the room where they'd been living for at least six months, Lieutenant Mark Rosen tells City News Service.

Their bodies were found at 10:50 p.m. last Saturday night.

At first, investigators thought one of the Egans had shot the other before turning the gun on him- or herself — which would make the case a murder-suicide — but they now believe that both Robert and Barbra were responsible for killing themselves.

Their identities could not be released for almost a week, meaning officials were having trouble reaching their relatives to deliver the bad news.

Did you know Robert or Barbra Egan, or have any idea what they were doing at the pricey Beverly Hilton for so many nights? Please share below.

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