The driver of a Pruis says, in so many words, “WTF!” when a crazed motorist on the 110 freeway near USC throws a can at his windshield for no good reason. Now the CHP is investigating the incident, Officer Jose Barrios tells the Weekly.

WTF indeed. It's all captured on tape. And it's the greatest road-rage video in quite some time. It captures a complete psycho going bonkers and making what appear to be physical threats to a motorist named Austin Ho, who had his dash cam rolling:

The footage went up Saturday on YouTube and has since logged more than 115,000 views. Barrios says the incident happened Friday about 5:30 p.m.

The title of the clip claims racism was a factor, but the crazy guy in what appears to us to be a beat-up gold Infiniti I30 from the late '90s or early aughts isn't captured on tape making racial slurs as far as we can tell.

(Ho appears to be Asian-American.)

But the raging driver does say things like, “Move over you fuckin' bitch” and, after getting out of his car in the middle of the 110 freeway to confront Ho, “What the fuck you want? Boom mother fucker!” as he seems to slap Ho's ride.

The action takes place on the eastbound 10 and northbound 110 freeways near downtown, CHP's Barrios says. The nutcase brake-checks Ho's Prius several times for no reason.

If Ho did something to provoke the Infiniti driver, it's not on tape. But seeing how banged up the psycho's car is, we'd guess this wasn't his first time playing bumper cars on the road.

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Ho filed a report with the California Highway Patrol yesterday, Barrios says, and an officer has been assigned to investigate.

The driver brought in his tape, and the CHP booked it into evidence, he said.

Who is the madman? It's not yet clear if officers have tracked him down. We'll keep you posted. In the meantime, try to stay cool out there.

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