You're stuck in traffic on the 110 freeway, checking your phone for text messages, listening to the road reports on radio, but otherwise bored to death. Never fear, Superclogger is here. The roving, summer-long installation presents a puppet show from the back of a “nondescript” pickup truck for the viewing pleasure of a lucky few freeway denizens.

The LA<>ART-organized show by artist Joel Kyack hits the 110 north between South L.A. and Chinatown Thursday. Next stop is June 11 on the 110 through downtown. Locations will be updated via Twitter. The show, also sponsored in part by the county of Los Angeles, aims to “present various puppet shows to drivers caught in afternoon traffic jams from a mobile theater housed in the back of a nondescript white pickup truck,” according to organizers.

We're not sure the California Highway Patrol will appreciate the aesthetic beauty and thought-provoking juxtaposition of performance art and tons of steel. The show's organizers published this disclaimer:

Superclogger viewership is at your own risk. By watching Superclogger you agree to assume sole responsibility for any risk and to release anyone associated with Superclogger and LAXART from all claims relating to any injury, damage or loss you may suffer or cause while experiencing the artwork and/or performance.

(We're guessing more than a few lawyers would laugh at the prospect of signing away one's rights with one glance at a strange puppet show happening in the truck ahead of you on the freeway).

A statement by the organizers indicates that sound will somehow be broadcast “discretely to the viewer's car stereo.” We're not sure how that works: Will a temporary pirate frequency be advertised to nearby vehicles?

For those of you interested in scoping it out without having one foot on the brake pedal and one hand on your radio dial, the show heads to the Hammer Sept. 25. Info.

LA Weekly