I’m glad to be alive and planning to stay that way. I have a wonderful life with purpose. I am alive NOT because I rejected anything about Heaven’s Gate. I am alive because I have discovered something so extraordinarily important to the world that it needs to be passed on to you in its most true and accurate form from ME.

When news about Heaven’s Gate hit the media in March of 1997, the information was misinterpreted, exaggerated, sensationalized and censored. I have been given important information to share with you that has been withheld from the public.

I’m a capable, creative, nuts and bolts, spiritual kind of guy. I like to know how things work and why. Being this way I have learned many things in diverse areas. So, I’m always cross-referencing this information with that information to check the accuracy.

We all live in the information age. Information has become a consumer product. We need to be concerned about who we get our information from. Is it Censored? Is it Accurate? Is it Hearsay? Is it Fact? How do we know? And who’s accountable for deliberate mis-information when it’s crucial?

I’m against suicide I’m against censorship. I’m not a religious zealot and I’m not here to be politically correct. I don’t have to be, I am an American. I have freedom of speech. Now I’m practicing freedom of information.I would like to address why Heaven’s Gate did what they did at the end.To understand what appears to be death, we must also understand what appears to be life. What is life about for you? Is it about Family? Career? Hobby? Pleasure? Sensuality? Spirituality? Faith? Money? Power? Fame? Glory? Earth? Animals? WHAT? And what ever it is, how do you advance? How can we all live our fullest expression of life? What is our highest potential?

It is my understanding that some Buddhists believe there is a Spirit within our bodies that returns again and again lifetime after lifetime to learn life’s lessons. Like a school. The most important lesson is to reach a state of Nothingness. You’ve come to the point that you desire nothing more of this world. You want sometime better.

Also, it is my understanding that Jesus told his Disciples they must be Literally Born Again to learn the ways of Heaven.

Returning Again and Again and being Born Again are the same thing. These are both Reincarnation.

And when Jesus said, “You must leave everything of this world behind to follow me,” that is the same as Nothingness. Desiring Nothing more of this world.

So, Let’s say we are the Spirit that keeps returning to learn life’s lessons, What happens when you have learned all the lessons? Do you graduate?

Not yet! Because of your desire for something more than this human experience has to offer, you (the Spirit) are given what’s called a “gift-of-recognition.” This enables you to recognize your next step. The step toward the fullest expression of life, creating a Soul.

When there is a Representative from the Level Above Human (Heaven) here on Earth, you will be drawn to Him and His mission. You then will be taught the final lessons in a type of finishing school. These important lessons enable you to know how to create a Soul. A Soul is different than a Spirit. A human Spirit is Earth bond only. A Soul is “you” conscientiously choosing to evolve into a new creature that has the non-human ingredient needed for transition into the Level Above Human.

That Representative becomes your teacher and is the only one who can usher you into the higher level of existence. He knows how because He’s done it before.

This is my understanding of the mission that Jesus started. This is why He was here and said He would return.

I want you all to know that I was a member of Heaven’s Gate from 1994-1997. I know everything worth knowing about them and I can say with absolute, undeniable certainty, that Heaven’s Gate was indeed  “The Second Coming of Jesus.” I know it to be true and I have written a book about my experience called, “Beyond Human Mind – the Soul Evolution of Heaven’s Gate.” I have included video testimonials from each student in the group recorded days before the end and also a statement from DO, the Representative from Heaven. So, Why did Heaven’s Gate do what they did at the end? When a person decides to create a Soul within the body, the body is then used as a chrysalis, a type of incubator for the Soul. That becomes the body’s purpose. The human body is designed for this.  A person can partially develop a Soul and when the body dies that Soul is placed in special keeping for the next reincarnation when a Representative is present on Earth. Once the Soul is developed enough and is in the presence of the Level Above Representative, has passed the final lessons ready to graduate it means: You will not be reincarnating on Earth again!

When these students completed their final lessons of the ways and behavior of the level of Creation, they (the Souls) may “EXIT” their bodies like a butterfly does from a Chrysalis to move into a Next Level  body (vehicle) No other time is it appropriate to lay the body down to move into a Next Level body.

I am against suicide and so was the group. What happened to Heaven’s Gate was an “EXIT,” “The end of the Spirit reincarnation process and the beginning of life as a Soul in the Level Above Human.”

They “EXITED” their bodies (vehicles). and are now with their Guide and Teacher in the Spirit world (the Valley of the Shadow of Death) helping mis-guided Spirits before their ascension.

I am here to bring you the truth and to clarify information for you to examine. Also, to help with understanding the next steps, after the “Second Coming,” if that is your choice. I am not here to convince you to do anythingor to believe any of this. If it speaks to you, use it. If not, go on. No one will die from reading my book.

In it you will find my complete experience along with the lessons DO taught, how I was healed, how we knew it was the “Second Coming”…and more.

Read it and decide for yourself.

  –Rio DiAngelo“Soul Survivor of Heaven’s Gate”

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