Check out a leak from a brand new, unannounced collaboration between Low End Theory residents DJ Nobody and Nocando. Their duo is dubbed Bomb Zombies and has an EP due out early next month on Alpha Pup Records.

The song is called “FWUH 16,” or “Fuck What You Heard.” Either way, the message is clear: Forget last week's collabo (Nobody + Omar Rodriguez-Lopez), or the one from the week before (Nocando + Busdriver); this is the new new.

And you've gotta have it. Trust us, you do. If Nocan's raw verses don't do it for you (topical cross-section in this article's headline), we're sure Nobody's funky shuffling beat will.

The track comes courtesy of Nobody himself, who shared it via Twitter yesterday afternoon. The EP, due out November 9, is called Sincerely Yours. We're guessing the Bomb Zombies moniker hails from the Freestyle Fellowship song of the same name and not the aspiring Santa Cruz folk ensemble, Niki & the Bomb Zombies (bless their hearts).

We checked in with Nobody, a.k.a. Elvin Estela via email and he said the following: “Bomb Zombies is James [McCall, a.k.a. Nocando] and I — me on the beats and hooks and James on the raps. I actually rap on two joints, one called “Bangz” that is an homage to girls with bangs that isn't on the EP, but we are gonna drop it two weeks before as a bonus joint.”

There you have it.

DOWNLOAD: Bomb Zombies (Nocando & Nobody) – “FWUH 16” [MP3]

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