Now that chef Rick Bayless has succeeded in finally introducing Los Angeles to authentic Mexican cuisine, he's introducing us to authentic music.

The controversial Chicago chef behind (well sorta kinda behind) recently opened upscale Mexican restaurant Red O, curated a set for KCRW's Guest DJ Project.

What goes best with an arrogant attitude and a general cluelessness about L.A.'s panoply of regional Mexican cuisines? A five-song, Latin-influenced playlist that touches down in France, Cuba and the United States. Bayless “wakes up the palate” with Ibrahim Ferrer's “Marieta” and always washes dishes to Al Green. Actually, the playlist list is pretty good. Let's hope it gets better reviews than the restaurant.

“I'm a huge traditionalist, but at the same time, I have watched the evolution of Mexican cooking over the last 30 years. I've read about the evolution of Mexican cooking for the last 500 years. And anything that stops evolving tends to just die… So if you occasionally see more modern influences coming into my cooking, it's because they make sense to me. Just like when you listen to Gotan Project, it makes sense that you got Nuevo-Tango mixed with some dance beats.”

Now you know what to listen to while eating your lamb cazuela or Veracruz-style chilpachole.

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