Former Mayor Richard Riordan endorsed fellow rich guy Austin Beutner this morning in the 2013 mayor's race.

Beutner limped into Pear Garden, a factory that makes Korean food in downtown L.A. According to his press staff, Beutner tore a ligament last week while skiing at Mammoth Mountain, where he was raising money for the Mammoth Mountain Community Foundation.

Riordan credited Beutner with righting the ship at City Hall, after

Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa hired him to be the city's “jobs czar.”

“That was the turning point,” Riordan said. “My hat goes off to Mayor Villaraigosa… He hired Austin Beutner to create jobs.”

The other candidates will no doubt go after Beutner's job creation record, what with unemployment still at 13.5% in L.A.

Beutner, who oversaw 13 departments during his 15 months in the mayor's office, said that as mayor he would continue down the path of making the city more business friendly.

“We started to listen to our customers, which had never been done before,” Beutner said, adding that work remains to “get City Hall lined up with the needs of private sector workers.”

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