Richardo Montalban might have gone his entire acting career as an “ethnic” character actor whose face was known by anyone who watched TV (“Hey, it's that guy again — you know, he's in everything”) but whose talent remained unappreciated. Yet he edged into the consciousness of the American Living Room through performances in two unlikely venues — that of Star Trek's greatest villain, Khan, and memorable, if much-parodied, television spot for Chrysler's Cordorba (“I request nothing beyond the thickly cushioned luxury of seats available even in soft Corinthian leather.”)

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An Associated Press obituary, picked up by the L.A. Daily News,

noted that the Mexican-born Montalban, unhappy that Hispanic characters

were little more than urban stereotypes or gun targets in Westerns,

became a driving force in creating a Latino theater in Los Angeles.

Hollywood's small-venue Nosotros Theater Company and the mid-sized

Ricardo Montalban Theater were both the results of his efforts — work

that now must be continued by his inheritors if his vision is to live


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